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[Delilah S. Dawson] ☆ Wicked as They Come [doctor-who PDF] Ebook Epub Download ê This was last month s Vaginal Fantasy book, so you can watch the whole review on our group page if you want I picked this book under the theme Supernatural Gumbo and this book doesn t disappoint Magicians, Vampires, Steampunk, Ghosts, Carnivals, it s pretty much a pastiche of everything in the genre, but really well done I mean, yes, it s ridiculous to have rabid blood sucking bunnies infesting a world, and the lead dude is a juggler in a tophat, but despite or because of the weirdness, it s very enjoyable Will be reading in the series for sure This book has vampire bunnies.
Okay, so, I think that picture originally came from this picture of a bunny eating a cherry But still In this world, they are called blud bunnies.
There are lots of blud creatures bludrats, bludmaresLetitia is a homecare nurse who finds herself transported to another reality called Sang through a magical necklace she finds at an estate sale When she gets to Sang, she meets Criminy Stain, a Bludman who runs a traveling carnival They are forced to go on a journey to chase down a ruthless human called a pinky in Sang trying to exterminate the Bludmen women of Sang I kind of pictured a steampunk Johnny Depp as Criminy Criminy is a version of a vampire He drinks blood, he is stronger and lives longer than humans pinkies This had some steampunk elements clockwork animals, period costume it takes place in an alternate reality in the early When Nurse Tish Everett Forced Open The Pesky But Lovely Locket She Found At An Estate Sale, She Had No Idea She Was Answering The Call Of Criminy Stain, From The Far Off Land Of Sang He D Cast A Spell For Her, But When She S Transported Right To Him, She S Not So Sure She S Ready To Be Under The Spell Of Another Man It Didn T Go So Well Last Time With Controlling, Abusive, Domineering Jeff If Only Criminy Wasn T So Deliciously RakishHalf The Inhabitants Of Sang Are Pinkies Human And The Other Half Are Bludmen, Who In Tish S World Would Be Called Vampires But They Don T Mess With Any Of The Bat Coffin No Sunlight Nonsense They Re Rather Like You And Me, Just Fabulous, Long Living, And Mostly Indestructible They Re Also Very Good Kissers But When The Evil Mayor Of Manchester Formerly Bludchester Redoubles His Efforts To Rid Sang Of The Bludmen Once And For All, Stealing Tish S Locket In Hopes Of Traveling Back To Her World Himself For Reinforcements, Criminy And Tish Must Battle Ghosts, Sea Monsters, Wayward Submarines, A Secret Cabal, And Thundering Bludmares To Get The Locket Back And Allow Tish To Return Home But Has She Found Love With Criminy Could She Stay In Sang Forever read my review herehttp badassbookreviews.
com review wor below.
3 cups fantasy2 cups paranormal romance1 cup steam punk1 tablespoon of historical fiction1 teaspoon contemporaryA dash of time travelMix all together at once, add a touch of magic, a gorgeous alpha male, a woman learning to stand on her own two feet, and you ll have Wicked as They Come I LOVED this book I ve been hesitant lately giving 5 stars since every time I give 5 stars, I want it really to be a step above all other books in its genre Well there was NO hesitancy in my 5 star rating for this book I feel in love with this book at page 10 Seriously It was magic It was like I was under a spell and I literally read this book slower than I needed to just because I did not want to end.
The StoryTish s life was just beginning She left her abusive boyfrien Wicked as They Come has the following endearing features 1 The ever useful love triangle clutch,2 insta love,3 slow beginning syndrome,4 unnatural and stiff dialogue,5 contradictory characters,and the list goes on.
What I liked 1 Putting aside how dull it was for a second, the beginning was very, very exciting to read because I kept feeling it would somehow lead toI instantly loved Criminy and how the story had a slight Alice in Wonderland feel to it I was even sympathizing with and liking Letitia 2 Another noteworthy point in its favor is that the world building in Wicked as They Come is absolutely splendid The writing is compelling and descriptive, and the story simply flows from one scene into another The only reason I even finished reading the book, besides the hope that it d eventually get better, is because of how engaging the writing style is Even at its worst, I never considered If you didn t think it possible to fall in love with a gypsy king who has magic tricks up his sleeve and drinking blood on his mind, then allow me to introduce you to my newest fictional obsession, Criminy Stain He s a cunning predator one moment and a perfect gentleman the next He s lively, charming, charismatic, and romantic He s also ruthless, possessive, bloodthirsty, and dangerous He s a well rounded, well developed character and I feel like he was made just for me.
Unfortunately, he s got his eyes, and his heart, set on Tish She s pulled to him by magic and once they meet, he s determined to have her.
I watched him playing with the long blades of grass, weaving them into patterns as he hummed an unfamiliar song, a waltz What are you doing I asked him She shouldn t have really taken the locket But when twenty five year old nurse, Letitia Paisley Everett finds an antique locket in the house of one of her recently deceased patients, she s intrigued Inside is a portrait of a man Slipping it over her neck that night she falls asleep, only to wake up later, naked, with the locket still around her neck , lying on a stone in the woods Standing nearby watching her is the man whose portrait was inside the locketYou re here, he said simply Do I know you I asked, which came out haughtily than I had intended You will, he answered, kicking off the tree and walking toward me After all, you re wearing my locket And I ve been waiting for youCriminy Stain is a Bludman vampire Wan I would burn down the world for you, he whispered fiercely Your world or my own I would rip down the entire city with my bare hands without a second thought I don t need to taste anything else, I don t need a comparisonWicked as They Come is magical beginning to an intoxicating new paranormal romance series, I can t wait to dive into the next one My only disappointment with this novel is that the next book will not follow Letisha and Criminy, but it will switch to another couple, though I have faith that this author will bring another awesome couple to gush over nextThat s fascinating, he said A world where people go around giving each other blood, but no one wants to drink it You know in my world, blood drinkers are storybook monsters, I said Really he asked, delighted That s marvelousLetisha Everett is a nurse taking care of her dying grandmother while mending a broke

Tish works as a nurse and one of her clients has passed away and they are having an estate sale Tish goes to it and finds a pendant that she just must have She steals that sucker and takes it home Upon opening it a weird red liquid comes out and burns her skin and inside of it is a image of a guy You guys knew that was coming didn t you That night when she goes to sleep she realizes that she is in a different world One where Bludbunnies can bite She also is completely naked and that guy from the locket is standing in front of her Come to find out he had an enchantment placed on the locket to bring him his true love Tish is now in the land of Sang, which resembles her world back in America but there are some differences Magic, clockworks, krakens and of course the bludmen Turns out the guy that summoned her is a bludman named Criminy Stain Bludmen resemble vampi It all started with a locketI could picture it shining on some young lady s neck, part of an epic story full of romance and a Prince Charming who didn t turn out to be an overbearing, soul sucking jerkWicked as They Come is not going to be a book for everyone I understand why some people are completely enraptured, while others are not feeling the love This time, I am happy to report that I fell closer to the enraptured side Uniqueness is such a rare thing in fiction it s all been done before, right , and I felt like I d been awarded a rare treat in getting the chance to read about the magical world of Sang.
If you think magical means happy, enchanted fun think again There are ruthless KILLER BUNNIES on the loose Yes, you read that right Cute and

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