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٠Read РThe Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliott à You Have Two Days To Pass Your Audition You Better Pass It, Feller You Re Joining The Circus Ain T That The Best News You Ever Got Delivered By A Trio Of Psychotic Clowns, This Ultimatum Plunges Jamie Into The Horrific Alternate Universe That Is The Centuries Old Pilo Family Circus, A Borderline World Between Hell And Earth From Which Humankind S Greatest Tragedies Have Been Perpetrated Yet In This Place Peopled By The Gruesome, Grotesque, And Monstrous Where Violence And Savagery Are The Norm, Jamie Finds That His Worst Enemy Is Himself When He Applies The White Face Paint, He Is Transformed Into JJ, The Most Vicious Clown Of All And JJ Wants Jamie Dead I don t know if I ve ever read such an original story chock full of so much weirdness, violence, and humor Yes, humor The Pilo Family Circus was written by a 19 year old law school dropout from Australia who was diagnosed with schizophrenia Will Elliott wrote the rough draft in three months, sometimes in sporadic bursts and sometimes in a single sitting resulting in ten thousand words Pilo was written in times of sleep deprivation, using cabin fever as inspiration, and while he was coming down off anti psychotic medication This book is amazing.
One late night an Ordinary Joe named Jamie spies three menacing clowns on the street One throws a bag of something behind a bush, and when Jamie gets it home he discovers some weird beads in the velvet bag His ingestion of some of the I almost hate to recommend this book because what does that say about me The Pilo Family Circus is both completely creepy and absolutely fascinating If you like clowns, you might change your mind after this If you already don t like them, you ll probably think I knew it Jamie almost runs down an odd looking clown and quickly finds his life changing forever He has 48 hours to pass his audition and failing is not an option With some creativity, he finds himself in a circus that s strange even for circus standards and deadly Monsters lurk in dark corners and out in the open too and you don t even want to mess with the proprietor of the whole thing.
Then there are the factions, some of whom absolutely despise each other, such as the Clowns and the Acrobats and what happens in the circus, even a death or two, is overlooked for the most part.
Couple the imaginative world building with a kna read it That is all.
Jamie is minding his own business when he spots some creepy clowns about town acting than a wee bit strange One drops a small bag containing some suspicious powder When the coast is clear, Jamie picks it up and brings it home.
Well, wouldn t you This little incident of finders keepers brings the clown smack down upon Jamie and his roomie after the two accidentally ingest some of the clown powder And there s nothing funny about it These clowns aren t the happy go lucky, nose honking types and they do some unimaginable gross nasty things to Jamie s abode It s pretty scary what they accomplish in a short span of time and from there on out Jamie s life gets seriously messed up Jamie finds this note tucked into the mouth of a dead bat Sleep tight Thirty hours to pass your audition Make us laugh, feller That s the assignment We don t ca Interesting take on the psycho clown genre I would like to have seen some background to a few of the characters I was disappointed that the story ended, leaving me with some unanswered questions.
If I learned anything from The Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliott, it is that you cannot trust the Internet to tell you if a book is good According to my research, this will be the first negative review of a book that won all sorts of weird Australian awards for fiction, and earned a blurb, through no fault of the author I understand likening this novel to the works of David Lynch and Chuck Palahniuk I m here to tell blurbologists that just because a writer smears feces on a wall doesn t make him anything like Chuck Palahniuk In fact, this is exactly the sort of book that shouldn t be reviewed by anyone It s not worth it It is the equivalent of a stack of trade paper copies with the title scrawled in lipstick, featuring a high heeled shoe as t Now The Pilo Family Circus isn t your usual slapstick circus affair and you don t find it intentionally, whether you re looking or not And trust me when I say you really don t want to visit this place, every act has a purpose and it definitely isn t to entertain the Fuck out of you Jamie, driving home from work late one night, almost runs down a pedestrian No ordinary bystander this guy s dressed in clown getup right down to the white face and fake red nose What he remembers most was the absolute look of total bewilderment on the clowns face From this moment on, Jamie s life changes to the surreal, clowns plague his nightmares, someone s fucking with him and pretty soon he s got an audition, he s been chosen for a role not of or even in this w What a wicked, intoxicating combination of weird, creepy, horrific and funny the last thing I expected when I picked up this book was to laugh my ass off in parts, doing so was such a bonus So I can t say this book is going to be for everyone, but if you re looking for something truly different, that s well written and a bit depraved, then this just might be for you The setup Jamie is a bit of a wanker a well meaning guy, but without much ambition or direction in his life Let s say he s surviving by being spectacularly dull, hoping Fate will leave him the hell alone if he keeps flying under the radar unnoticed, unnoticeable He then makes a stupendous error in judgment when he spies on some nefarious clown activities late one evening and retrieves a small bag one of them discards and brings it home with him.
This act Back in 2010, my family and I were camping in my favorite province, Nova Scotia We stopped at this little thrift shop My sister and I went into this back room, and on the shelves, was something we never expected to see, something horrible, something terrifying, devastating, evil over fifty porcelain clown dolls were on the shelves, staring back at us You know those clown dolls that no matter where you are in the room, it always seems like they re looking right at you Yup, there they are We quickly left, and never forgot it It was especially scary because two weeks ago I had watched Stephen King s It for the first time, with the killer clown Stephen King s It, eat your heart out This book doesn t just have one evil clown, it s got thr

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٠Read РThe Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliott à sustanon.pro Will Elliott born 1979 is an Australian fiction writer who lives in Brisbane, Queensland Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.