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[Pam Jenoff] ï The Orphan's Tale [world-war-ii PDF] Ebook Epub Download ï Cleaning the tiny German railway station for food and a bed was all sixteen year old Noa was able to do her Dutch father had disowned her after she told her parents she was pregnant Then her child was taken her grief she kept well hidden it didn t pay to make the Germans notice, she knew that But the decision she made on the night she heard noises from the rear car of a nearby train was to change her life forever.
Snatching the baby from the train was a spur of the moment decision but Noa knew she had to run If the soldiers found them, the baby would probably die and her own life would than likely end At least this way she would give him a chance But the snow was thick the weather freezing she couldn t keep going Rescued from certain death, Noa woke unsure where she was But her and Theo s saviour was a German Circus, currently in their winter quarters And so it b Mel o dra maDEFINITION a sensational dramatic piece with exaggerated characters and exciting events intended to appeal to the emotionsThis book felt like it was written by a novice writer, not a seasoned respected author It was filled with unnecessary melodrama, incredibly simplistic dialogue and scenarios that were simply not believable The setting was WWII and a traveling circus attempting to shelter several Jewish individuals Do we really need extra drama Don t believe the hype, this novel is not on par with Water for Elephants or The Nightingale Not even in the same league.
NOW AVAILABLE At the age of 16, Noa is forced to leave the home of her parents, her family, when they notice her belly swelling with child Unmarried, impregnated by a German soldier, she struggles to find a way to survive She finds a cleaning job at a train station, which will become a path that changes everything for her In her haste to leave this town, which has suddenly become unsafe for her, she runs away into the darkness one night As she continues to trudge on through the snow, the cold has reached through her skins to her bones, and the snow continues to fall She needs to find a place to hide, to rest, but there is none to be found Still, she keeps going, forcing herself to step once , and once again until her body refuses and she and the infant she s carrying fall into THE ORPHAN S TALE by PAM JENOFF is an emotional, heartwarming, and heartbreaking Historical Fiction novel bringing together a tale about a traveling circus in Europe during World War II and of the friendship and sorrow of two women aerialist performers from the circus I found the circus theme to be quite enlightening, fascinating, and interesting as I haven t read too many books about traveling circuses during this time period We also learn through The Author s Note that this story was inspired by real people that the author met during her research for this novel and that the circus was a way to hide some Jewish people to help keep them safe during the Holocaust, although it was not a biography it was purely fiction.
PAM JENOFF delivers an intriguing, fascinating, and beautifully written tale here told in dual points of view of our two main characters, Astrid a Naturally this is another book where apparently my rating opinion doesn t line up with the popular one The plot sounds addictive, and it even involved a circus hard to go wrong with that As morbid as the subject is, I enjoy reading historical stories focusing on World War II and the horrible time in human history we must never forget and keep hopefully learning from Told through two main points of view, the ambitious story focuses on one woman who lost a child and reclaimed a new one when she runs into a new future, and another woman who is living in the present, hiding from her past, and refusing to think about the future.
The biggest obstacle for me was the writing style I have little chemistry with it While I m one of those readers who actually prefers introspective first

Noa is a sixteen year old Dutch girl who cleans a German rail station in exchange for food and shelter She is alone and destitute after being after being disowned by her family Noa became pregnant by a Nazi soldier during the occupation She was forced to give up the child for adoption and her parents could not forgive her transgressions One evening she hears noises coming from a railway car in the station She finds it filled with Jewish infants, some dead and some clinging to life Still grieving and in shock from her own loss, she makes an impulsive decision to rescue one baby Noa finds refuge with a traveling German circus troupe She trains to be an aerialist under the supervision of the lead performer, Astr I really enjoyed this World War II novel with a different setting I knew nothing of the German traveling circus, nor the fact that it hid Jews amongst its performers during the war I thought the book did an especially good job of showing how the war impacted not just Jews, but those associated with Jews, and to a lesser extent, all German citizens A beautiful story of family, friendship, and trust This is my first novel by this author, but it won t be my last.
I ve owned this audiobook but have put off listening to it for over a year I was worried it might be too depressing The good news is that while it touches on depressing topics, it s got multiple moments of human love, strength and decency Telling the story of Noa, forced to leave home at 16 when she becomes pregnant by a Nazi soldier, she eventually ends up at a circus Astrid, the Jewish wife of a Nazi Officer, was forced into a divorce by the Reich and also ends up at the same circus They each bring secrets They form an uneasy friendship which continues to be tested At times, the story becomes predictable I preferred the secondary characters, especially Peter and Herr Neuhoff to either of the two women I found this story decent, but I wasn t in love with it the way so many others were I think partially that I m somewhere between 3.
5 4 stars on this book.
I enjoyed this WWII story told through the unique perspective of the traveling circus I read a lot of Holocaust novels and it always amazes me when I discover a completely different wartime perspective where brave men and women risked their lives to do the right thing by hiding Jews knowing it would end with prison, torture or death for themselves if they were caught It always makes me question myself would I have been that brave during that time I can only hope I would have had even a small amount of the bravery of these unsung heroes I was shocked to learn that the circus sheltered Jews during the Holocaust circus owners and performers took major risks hiding Jews within their acts and in the backstage staff, knowing they could be searched and found out at any A Powerful Novel Of Friendship Set In A Traveling Circus During World War II, The Orphan S Tale Introduces Two Extraordinary Women And Their Harrowing Stories Of Sacrifice And Survival Sixteen Year Old Noa Has Been Cast Out In Disgrace After Becoming Pregnant By A Nazi Soldier And Being Forced To Give Up Her Baby She Lives Above A Small Rail Station, Which She Cleans In Order To Earn Her Keep When Noa Discovers A Boxcar Containing Dozens Of Jewish Infants Bound For A Concentration Camp, She Is Reminded Of The Child That Was Taken From Her And In A Moment That Will Change The Course Of Her Life, She Snatches One Of The Babies And Flees Into The Snowy Night Noa Finds Refuge With A German Circus, But She Must Learn The Flying Trapeze Act So She Can Blend In Undetected, Spurning The Resentment Of The Lead Aerialist, Astrid At First Rivals, Noa And Astrid Soon Forge A Powerful Bond But As The Facade That Protects Them Proves Increasingly Tenuous, Noa And Astrid Must Decide Whether Their Friendship Is Enough To Save One Another Or If The Secrets That Burn Between Them Will Destroy Everything

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[Pam Jenoff] ï The Orphan's Tale [world-war-ii PDF] Ebook Epub Download ï sustanon.pro Pam is the author of several novels, including her most recent The Lost Girls of Paris and The Orphan s Tale, both instant New York Times bestsellers Pam was born in Maryland and raised outside Philadelphia She attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and Cambridge University in England Upon receiving her master s in history from Cambridge, she accepted an appointment as Speci