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[ Read Online The Immortal Circus: Act One é world-war-i PDF ] by A.R. Kahler Ï Murdered Contortionists Aren T Exactly What Vivienne Signed Up For When She Ran Away To Join The Circus But Like Most Things Under The Big Top, Nothing Is What It Seems With A Past She Can T Quite Remember, Vivienne Finds That Running Away Forever Might Not Be As Appealing As It Once Sounded Especially Not When She Realizes The Devilishly Attractive Ringleader, Mab, Is The Faerie Queen Of Legend And That She And The Rest Of The Troupe Are Locked In An Age Old Rivalry Between The Otherworldly Courts Aided By Her Friends Kingston A Feisty Stage Magician Whose Magic Is Quickly Stealing Her Heart And His Smart Ass Assistant, Melody, Vivienne Finds Herself Racing Against The Clock To Discover The Culprit Behind A Series Of Deaths That Should Be Impossible However, The Answer She Seeks Might Reveal About Her Own Bloody Past And Future Than She Bargained For The Show S Just Beginning Step Right Up This book took me in straightaway.
There was magic and intrigue.
Death and conspiracy.
We have a female protagonist, Vivienne The new chic Grrrl power.
Except, this one is diluted by her constant pining over our Male lead, Kingston.
The first 1 4 of the book I really was not sure I was going to get through.
Vivienne s power appeared solely in her ability to drool and drop her tongue to her shoes whenever Kingston came about.
Then something shifted.
It got darker It got grittier.
The focus was taken off the drooling the love interest remained and moved into a true plotline.
Summer Court and Winter Court.
True magic.
Demons unleashed inner and metaphorically.
This book won me over.
Our female lead became stronger and intriguing.
Our male second came along as well.
The most interesting character, Mab, our SM Goddess from S I am shook.
RTC bitches The Immortal Circus Act One was so mindblowingly good No really, that ending took me some god damn surprise I never saw it coming Heck, I didn t see a lot coming although I did have an inkling about who the villain was.
Now this book is about our dear sweet innocent Vivienne She joins the circus which could be innocent enough but what is she running from Well, she does seem to have a troubled past and when she meets some of the members from the circus she finds out that they all have one thing in common a troubled freaking past.
Of course some mysterious shit starts happening I didn t really think I could trust a bunch of people either I was worried about Vivienne because she was trusting everyone no matter what Like slow ya roll girl Besides Vivienne, there s Melody and Kingston Now Melody I liked Nah, I loved th

The Immortal CircusCirque des Immortels, Book 1By A R KahlerNarrated by Amy McFaddenThis is a WOW book, supernatural beings are the players in the circus and Mab is the owner Mab, yes the fae queen The main character is the has no idea what her past is, or why she is there There are murders, attacks from the Summer Court, and lots of small mysteries Great characters, twisted plot, and This is so good The narrator is marvelous The emotions and voices are wonderful Creepy as heck Love this book Used my kindle prime WTF did I just read I feel like my girl, Alice, peering into some hole watching creepy crawlers, and I m not sure I want to go down that mf r and play, or not I m not sure So, the norm is that one reads a book and can then give a brief synopsis of what the plot entails Well, I read it and still have no mfing clue what s what, but I ll try to sum it up There s a circus of paranormal beings It s run by some hard ass fae queen who makes the troupe sign magically powered contracts The female mc remembers signing this contract, but nothing before it or what the contract itself contains She s not even sure if she s mortal or immortal she s basically one confused bitch The only thing she seems to know is that she lust.
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