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Trailer Þ The Book of Speculation PDF by Ö Erika Swyler I fell asleep at my desk, having spent the last day teaching myself about curses and searching for Ryzhkova The National Archives were lacking in ship manifests pre 1800, but allowed me to track bibliographies that led to the New York Public Library s archives and manifests from 1600 on This is a book about a whiny narrator doing research And also about tarot cards.
The Book of Speculation is a strange novel and, really, that s its greatest merit Many different flat and lifeless characters have their own weird stories overlapping in this book and behind it all is the story of Simon Watson s family and the curse that may take the lives of all its women.
The book seems to promise dark family secrets, books, carnivals and magic a blend which sound 4 stars to Erika Swyler s The Book of Speculation, a beautiful story full of intense imagery and powerful connections among the many characters With a slight border into the fantasy realm, this tale is well woven and provides an opportunity to feel the impact the past has across a family s descendants and relationships The book alternates chapters weaving the past and the present together while challenging the reader to determine the connection between the two stories Story In the past, a traveling carnival and circus heads up and down the Eastern seaboard in the mid 18th century lead by the incomparable Peabody Along the way, he takes in stray who become part of his acts and his own life When he s forced to choose between some of the older members and the The story of The Book of Speculation takes place in two time periods Modern day and a setting in the 1700 s Simon is our present day main character A lonely research librarian that lives in his family home due to the fact that he can t bare to leave it His mother walked into the water one day and killed herself and his father grieved himself to death Simon raised his younger sister Enola and then she left Simon s family is a special family All the women in it have been able to hold their breath for long periods of time but they all have died at an early age From drowning Simon receives a book from a collector that unlocks links to his families past He becomes obsessed with breaking the curse of the mermaids carnival mermaids that haunts his family.
Then you have the rest of the story Amos was the wild boy in a car

I m bored So much dullness and uneventfulness that I can t take it any I ll just read something else and leave this to people who don t mind one dimensional characters, unending unnecessary descriptions and a depressive atmosphere Ugh, DNF.
Average Rating 3 Stars Past Chapters 4 Stars Present Chapters 2 starsI felt like this book was a gyp The blurb oversold this as interesting than it actually was The mermaids here are not the kind that transform and have a fish tail, they are just mundane people who can hold their breath Ugh I get that this is magical realism and everything, but that just feels cheap.
The most interesting story takes place in the past and involves a fortune teller This is the backbone of the book and the only part that s entertaining, TBH.
The chapters that take place in the present are so heavily weighed down with melancholy that I started hating when the story would shift back into today It s really just awful and depressing, and weirdly romanticize 3.
5 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Simon Watson, a librarian, is unexpectedly gifted with a mysterious old book out of the blue, from a man he s never met a badly damaged record from a traveling circus In another unanticipated development in his life, Simon enters into a romantic relationship with his longtime friend and next door neighbor, Alice, though for now they re keeping it secret from their co workers and her parents Unfortunately everything else in Simon s life is crumbling his career, as he s laid off from his job at the library his house on the edge of a bluff, which is in danger of sliding into Long Island Sound his relationship with his only living family member, his younger sister Enola, who ran off to join the circus six years earlier Worse yet, as Simon begins to research and explore the Wow Wow Wow This book was simply amazing I m not usually drawn to books of this nature but I thrive on how the author uses one book, a book that began with one man who ran a carnival with 3 people in it that change the course of the characters lives Swyler braids these families together in the book with nothing out of place, no hairs loose Truly a captivating story about family and love and how our roots can help us grow wings read this novel it doesn t disappoint and is magical in a way that makes your heart twinkle A Sweeping And Captivating Debut Novel About A Young Librarian Who Is Sent A Mysterious Old Book, Inscribed With His Grandmother S Name What Is The Book S Connection To His Family Simon Watson, A Young Librarian, Lives Alone On The Long Island Sound In His Family Home, A House Perched On The Edge Of A Cliff That Is Slowly Crumbling Into The Sea His Parents Are Long Dead, His Mother Having Drowned In The Water His House OverlooksOne Day, Simon Receives A Mysterious Book From An Antiquarian bookseller It Has Been Sent To Him Because It Is Inscribed With The Name Verona Bonn, Simon S Grandmother Simon Must Unlock The Mysteries Of The Book, And Decode His Family History, Before Fate Deals Its Next Deadly Hand The Book of Speculation Is Erika Swyler S Gorgeous And Moving Debut, A Wondrous Novel About The Power Of books, Family, And Magic Simon works in the reference section at a struggling library in Maine, whose biggest draw is a whaling archive He s hard up for money and his historic home on the coast is in such disrepair that it s about to fall into the ocean.
One day, Simon receives a very old book in the mail Strangely, it has some of his family member s names in it.
The text describes a circus, a boy who can t speak, and a girl who can hold her breath so long that they call her a mermaid.
But, what does this have to do with his family And why do so many of the people in the book die on the same day In addition to the mystery, The Book of Speculation includes one or two love storiesRedheaded and pretty, Alice has her father s smile and a way with kids She s It took me a while to get into this one, I didn t take to Simon right away and the pace started out very slow It was the mysterious book that did it Imagine being sent a book, with pictures of tarot cards, descriptions of traveling show acts and realizing you are reading about your own family.
Told in two separate time periods, the present and the late 1700 s,this is a book that has a little of everything.
A mute boy who is originally a wild boy in the traveling show but than is taught to read cards.
Tarot cards, and a curseLove and murder,Mysterious drownings,Strange occurrences at certain births.
Family loyalFriendshipsA man who can light up bulbs with his bodyFamily secretsAll this comes together rather brilliantly in the end Some very ori

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Trailer Þ The Book of Speculation PDF by Ö Erika Swyler Erika Swyler is the bestelling author ofLight From Other stars, and The Book of Speculation Her essays and short fiction have appeared in Catapult, Literary Hub, VIDA, The New York Times, and elsewhere Erika lives on Long Island, NY, with her husband and a petulant rabbit She writes, bakes, is a casual runner, and has very strong feelings about typewriters.