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[ Pdf The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb · star-trek-voyager PDF ] by Melanie Benjamin ☆ In Her National Bestseller Alice I Have Been, Melanie Benjamin Imagined The Life Of The Woman Who Inspired Alice In Wonderland Now, In This Jubilant New Novel, Benjamin Shines A Dazzling Spotlight On Another Fascinating Female Figure Whose Story Has Never Fully Been Told A Woman Who Became A Nineteenth Century Icon And Inspiration And Whose Most Daunting Limitation Became Her Greatest StrengthNever Would I Allow My Size To Define Me Instead, I Would Define ItShe Was Only Two Foot Eight Inches Tall, But Her Legend Reaches Out To Us Than A Century Later As A Child, Mercy Lavinia Vinnie Bump Was Encouraged To Live A Life Hidden Away From The Public Instead, She Reached Out To The Immortal Impresario P T Barnum, Married The Tiny Superstar General Tom Thumb In The Wedding Of The Century, And Transformed Into The World S Most Unexpected Celebrity Here, In Vinnie S Singular And Spirited Voice, Is Her Amazing Adventure From A Showboat Freak Revue Where She Endured Jeering Mobs To Her Fateful Meeting With The Two Men Who Would Change Her Life P T Barnum And Charles Stratton, AKA Tom Thumb Their Wedding Would Captivate The Nation, Preempt Coverage Of The Civil War, And Usher Them Into The White House And The Company Of Presidents And Queens But Vinnie S Fame Would Also Endanger The Person She Prized Most Her Similarly Sized Sister, Minnie, A Gentle Soul Unable To Escape The Glare Of Vinnie S Spotlight A Barnstorming Novel Of The Gilded Age, And Of A Woman S Public Triumphs And Personal Tragedies, The Autobiography Of Mrs Tom Thumb Is The Irresistible Epic Of A Heroine Who Conquered The Country With A Heart As Big As Her Dreams And Whose Story Will Surely Win Over Yours Lavinia Warren was only 32 inches high, but had ambitions that were not limited by her diminutive size She was a real person, popularly known as Mrs General Tom Thumb the wife of P T Barnum s famous oddity In the midst of Civil War, their wedding was front page news They were received by Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln, and heads of state around the world They were befriended by the Astors, Vanderbilts and other high society families They were the Brad and Angelina of their day, mobbed by crowds wherever they went, written about by reporters, the subjects of gossip and rumor, and victims of their own fame All of this is true, but this book is a work of fiction.
Benjamin does a wonderful job of bringing Vinnie t The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb is a historical fiction based on the real life of Lavinia Bump Warren, an extraordinarily small person.
Lavinia participated in P.
T Barnum s museum, traveling acts and circus, becoming one of the most popular acts of her era Her wedding to Charles Stratton, another little person, was such a huge story that it bumped the Civil War from the front pages for a time.
Melanie Benjamin speculates at the end of the book that Lavinia had a pituitary gland problem and today would receive appropriate treatment But, in the 1800s, no such treatment existed.
As a journalist, I appreciated the actual stories and newspaper headlines from the time period It shows just how far we ve come and how the public appetite for sensational stories has never changed.
Benjamin writes a heroine that is so easy to love Lavinia is different but determined, small and brave She doesn t le

If you don t see the A Novel part of the title, don t confuse this novel for an autobiography or a biography Ms Benjamin aka Melanie Hauser has taken the bits of available knowledge about Mrs General Tom Thumb s life, and woven it into a fictionalized and highly entertaining story Apparently, the actual autobiography read like a travelogue and was a bit boring.
At 32 full grown, Vinnie did not want to be defined by her size, wanted to make her own way in the world Unfortunately, there were few options for almost all women other than housewife, school teacher, or spending a life dependent on family It was no comfort when a doctor consulted by her parents when she was a child likened Vinnie to an excellent example of Nature s Occasional Mistakes He assured my increasingly distressed parents that this was not a bad thing, for it made the world a much inter I love this book I remember seeing a picture of Mrs Tom Thumb, aka Mercy Lavina Warren Bump Stratton aka Vinnie, and wondering about her marriage Was she happy This was years ago Then when I saw this book, I had to know as much as possible.
From the first page I was hooked, even though the book is 412 books long, it galloped along The I learned about Vinnie, the that I wanted to know I could not stop reading about her adventures, thoughts and feelings How can I do justice to this book in this review The best that I can say is read It.
Melanie Benjamin has done an excellent job of pulling together Vinnie s letters, and information about her from the day that Vinnie was born to forty years before her death How did a woman only 32 inches tall become known around the world Vinnie could have very easily stayed at home under her parent s protection with her younger and even shorter sister, Minn

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[ Pdf The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb · star-trek-voyager PDF ] by Melanie Benjamin ☆ sustanon.pro Melanie Benjamin is the author of the New York Times bestselling novels THE SWANS OF FIFTH AVENUE and THE AVIATOR S WIFE, as well as the national bestseller ALICE I HAVE BEEN, and THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MRS TOM THUMB and THE GIRLS IN THE PICTURE MISTRESS OF THE RITZ, a captivating novel based on the story of the extraordinary real life American woman who secretly worked for the French Resistance