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✓ Read ☆ That Time I Joined the Circus by J.J. Howard ↠´ I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story There were some parts where I just didn t want to put the book down I think when I first tried to read this a few years ago I couldn t get past the first few chapters but the story really kicks off when Lexi gets to the circus I loved the kind of family camaraderie among the people who worked behind the scenes for the circus There was also a good female friendship between Lexi and two girls in the circus I loved the way they empowered each other and encouraged each other to not give up on the things they wanted, no matter how big or small The alternating time line was interesting because we get flash backs of Lexi s life in NYC However, I didn t really like that it dragged out these big secrets I would h A sweet fluffy read that leaves a smile on your face with a lovable main character,not so obvious romance plus lots of great music references like Radiohead which is pretty much my favourite band Lexi Ryan Just Ran Away To Join The Circus, But Not On PurposeA Music Obsessed, Slightly Snarky New York City Girl, Lexi Is On Her Own After Making A Huge Mistake And Facing A Terrible Tragedy Lexi Has No Choice But To Track Down Her Long Absent Mother Rumor Has It That Lexi S Mom Is Somewhere In Florida With A Traveling CircusWhen Lexi Arrives At Her New, Three Ring Reality, Her Mom Isn T There But Her Destiny Might Be Surrounded By Tigers, Elephants, And Trapeze Artists, Lexi Finds Some Surprising Friends And An Even Surprising Chance At True Love She Even Lucks Into A Spot As The Circus S Fortune Teller, Reading Tarot Cards And Making PredictionsBut Then Lexi S Ex Best Friend From Home Shows Up, And Suddenly It S Lexi S Own Future That S Thrown Into QuestionWith Humor, Wisdom, And A Dazzlingly Fresh Voice, This Debut Reminds Us Of The Magic Of Circus Tents, City Lights, First Kisses, And The Importance Of An Excellent Playlist I did not enjoy this one as much as I thought I would, having read some of the author s other works.
Can t put my finger on any one thing it just wasn t an enjoyable read for me.
It s weird, I really liked this book after I finished and had originally given it a four star rating But now the I think about it, the angry I get at this book After a sudden tragedy and a mistake that has left her friendless, Lexi Ryan finds that she has no choice but to leave New York in search of an estranged mother She goes looking for her in Florida where she thinks that her mother has joined a traveling circus She doesn t find her mother but has no money and has run out of options so she decides to join the circus herself I was originally wrapped up in this book because of its setting the circus I don t normally see many books about this any, so of course I was enchanted by the idea of it all I wanted to be a part of all the magic along with Lexi The beginning is great, it s all very realistic towards how circus life isn t all that glamorous I like Lexi s personal originally at Review 1.
5 starsOh God I hate giving negative reviews This pains me, I ve literally put off having to review this for a month and half s i g hThat Time I Joined the Circus and I did not get along very well.
Here s a thing you need to know about me I love the circus Love As in, When I Was Younger I Trained To Be A Trapeze Artist sort of love, and that all didn t work out i know you don t care i m stopping now, but it left me with a deep appreciation for the art and a chronic need to see the Cirque du Soleil whenever it came to town aka broke.
All of this to say that when I heard of CIRCUS I was beyond excited YA Circus Pretty Cover Yes, please I want to sat it was my high expectations that stopped me from liking this book but I don t think that was it CIRCUS just angered me.
Here you have Lexi or X or Xandra or whatever deer gawd just pick a name an A circus book Lions, tigers, tight rope walkers, bearded ladies andteenage runaways Fun, right Well, mostly While I didn t absolutely love That Time I Joined the Circus, it was a nice, quick read that I think a lot of people will love A lot of my bigger problems with That Time I Joined the Circus had to do with my overall feeling I really liked runaway Lexi, and the cast of secondary characters we meet along the way The circus was an interesting and different setting, one I thought really made my overall impression a positive one Still, I came away feeling half empty with the way each and every one of Lexi s relationships were resolved There was so much potential for Lexi to make decisions in her life that put her first, and I felt that Howard neglected certain opportunities Lexi had a strong presence throughout That Time I Joined the Circus that I really appreciated, bu Lexi utterly alone but oh so strong I loved Lexi She was a fascinating main character with a fresh voice and a story that made my cry and laugh so much Lexi had to go through so much, and it made me gasp when I realized how utterly alone this poor girl is going to be But it wouldn t be Lexi if she wouldn t find a way to deal with her situation and tries to make the best out of it This is when she joins the circus as this might be the only chance for her I love her vulnerability, but at the same time I admired her incredible strength Others in her situation would have crumpled down Even , I loved her voice She was snarky, but also sweet and I loved the mix Circus Love and FriendshipI absolutely adored the setting Lexi is traveling with the Circus now and finds not only friends there, but also something which feels like family It was heart warming to see all these relationshi

This book, oh this book It starts off rather nicely It certainly is very readable and the protagonist, Lexi, is initially rather relatable and importantly, easy to empathize with Her life falls apart completely and she has no choice but to hare across the country ish to find her mother who, according to her sources, is working at a circus Only the circus comes along without her mother in it.
The trouble I had with this book is the lack of realism in the characters and the events occurring and the decidedly Mary Sue ishness of the protagonist I am totally cynical so I did not believe that Louie, the owner of the circus, accepts Lexi into the circus out of the goodness of his heart Just like that I do not believe that he would concern himself with the details of what she s doing as long as she was doing something I do not believe that Lexi would remain unscat Initial reaction Despite an atmospheric implied promo, That Time I Joined the Circus really doesn t quite match up to the mark of what the story s about, and was a bit of a lukewarm read for me despite several problems Lexi s a young woman who, after a series of difficult blows in her life, searches for her mother, who might have joined a circus She finds than she bargained for in her journey, including three guys she has conflicted feelings for, and a mother who didn t leave under the measures that Lexi thought she had The music pop culture references in here were a little overmuch, but I did like some attempts of intimacy addressed with them.
Full review I think That Time I Joined the Circus could ve been an even potent coming of age coming to terms novel that it was In the aftermath of reading it, it was largely forge

J.J. Howard

✓ Read ☆ That Time I Joined the Circus by J.J. Howard ↠´ sustanon.pro J.J Howard writes YA and MG books She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida Her assistant is named Willow a miniature dachshund with a lot of great ideas most of them involving dinner or at least snacks Her books include the young adult novels THAT TIME I JOINED THE CIRCUS and TRACERS Her middle grade novels include SIT, STAY, LOVE, Z ON LOCATION an American Girls Book , PUGS AND KISSES, PUGS IN