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Download Epub Format ↠´ Showtime PDF by ò Chloe Kayne Wow That was.
amazing It was wonderful and vivid and it made me want to go to the circus so bad Can I have the next one right now Please Overall, 3.
5 StarsWhat I did like about this book 0 It came to me free from Goodreads Giveaways 1 The characters all had interesting and diverse back stories Laila, herself, was the progeny of a prostitute, though her parents did fall in love Her father attempted to commit suicide when she was 8 years old, and failed, leaving himself mentally crippled in an asylum Her mother raised her in a brothel, where she continued to work as a prostitute to pay her husband s way in the asylum 2 The romantic interest, Dex He may have been a bit overly violent towards others who he saw as a real threat, but he had self control, and he never ever did anything to make me think he was a danger to Laila In fact, her friend s insistence that he was a danger to The Grandeur Of The Traveling Circus Is At Its Peak In The Early S When Sixteen Year Old Laila Vilonia Is Searching For An Escape From Her Bleak Future Behind The Gates Of The Legendary Marvelle Circus, She Is Thrust Into A Mysterious World She Never Knew Existed A Paradise Populated With Outcasts It S In This Glamorous New Home That Laila Sparks A Controversial Romance With Notorious Sideshow Performer, The Disappearing Man, And Learns Just How Dangerous Her New Life Can Be Touring The Picturesque Eastern Coast Of America, Laila S Immersed In Friendship, Vaudeville, Festivals, Sequins, And Serial Killers But Behind The Curtain, A Sadistic Plan Is Brewing That Will Crack The Very Foundation Upon Which She S Become So Dependent The good, the bad, and the ugly with a tip of the hat to the movie by the same name First off, two disclaimers The author offered me a free copy for a honest review however, I actually purchased a copy I didn t receive a free copy, but this is my honest review The second disclaimer is that I am not prejudiced against self published authors Many very famous authors Mark Twain, Carl Sandburg, Virginia Woolf, Beatrix Potter to name but a few and books The Celestine Prophecy by Redfield, Ulysses by Joyce to name a few have been self published and are considered excellent reads In fact, I know a few self published authors and am impressed by their works.
Okay, having added my disclaimers, here goes.
The good It is a unique story espe When you were younger, did you always dream of running away with the Circus Me too until I read Showtime.
Let s start with the story lineLaila Vilonia is the protagonist in Showtime Right away she finds herself in a bad situation that she s in no way responsible for She ends up getting rescued by some roustabouts from the Marvelle Circus Lying about her dysfunctional past, desperate to leave it behind, she is taken in and looks forward to a chance at a new life Things start out well enough but a circus doesn t contain the most trustworthy people She does make some strong bonds with some of the other circus inhabitants as well as a few enemies Some of these enemies are obvious than others Danger is definitely waiting to pounce on Laila There is a love interest, the dis I read this book for an Author Requested Review I hate when I have to tell a woman she has mustard on her face or lipstick on her teeth But I do it anyway to save her from further embarrassment Well, ahem, Chloe, you have just a littleright there.
up higherhere, let me help youI enjoyed four aspects of this book the beginning, the end, the idea, and the cover The ENTIRE time I was reading, I felt so frustrated by the repetitious syntax that I could hardly concentrate on the story at all Over, and over, and over again, the author followed the pattern of past tense, comma, participleor participle, comma, past tense Drawing the wagon, Laila set off toward the arena, leaving the two bickering girls in her wake A cold breeze tickled her scalp, pulling wefts of her hair in the current Approaching the long set of doorways wrapping around the back of the arena, she started to A dark and eerily beautiful love story Love for a new life Love for belonging Love for new family And love that will make you run away with the circus.
Lose yourself in a world of wonder and deceit as you get to know Laila Vilonia and her crew of misfits in the Marvelle Circus It s 1918 and Laila suddenly finds herself thrust into a world that demands hard work, strength, tenacity and that you always check over your shoulder.
I absolutely love how author Chloe Kayne portrayed life in a traveling circus From the outside looking in, it is all glamour, beauty and the big white top But circus life is dark, mysterious almost haunting Kayne portrayed this so well in Showtime giving it an edge and bitterness making the most spectacular show come alive.
There were a few moments, where I felt the story lost its hi

I credit this book to getting me out of my reading funk Until this book came along I was reading Mary Higgins Clark and nothing else simply because it kept my mind busy, not because I was actually into the story And then came a period of not reading at all Until I came home to a package on my porch and unwrapped it to find a copy of this lovely novel The detail is extraordinary The circus and the characters come to life in this novel I was captivated by the romance between Laila and her Disappearing Man , her friendship with the animal trainer, and her spot in the show The details were genuine and unlike other period novels I never forgot that I was reading a book set in the 1920 s I have always said that you know that you read a great book when the story sticks with you for days, weeks even, after reading it Wh I won a copy of this book in Elle Casey s 2013 January Anniversary Indie Book Giveaway.
I thought the description sounded amazing, but this book wasn t really for me I can t speak to questions of realism or historical accuracy about circus life in 1918, so I ll just say it s clear that the author has a great passion for her subject matter I can speak to other things For one, the over long, repetitive descriptions set a certain dream like tone, but I m not sure whether the dreaminess was intentional It actually detracts from the plot because the descriptions tend to be so oddly placed and paced Every time I read a line such as she swept into view, cascading waves of chestnut hair whispering , or some variation thereof, it kicked me right out of the story And I was already having trouble caring about any of the characters in the first place.
Another thing that kicked me out o NOPE I cannot even with this unedited, unresearched, unrealistic, unreadable piece of nonsense I knew what this was ten percent in, but I finished it out of spite But UGH to these undistinguishable characters, this vacuous excuse for a main character, this Mary Sue story disguised by a vaguely intriguing synopsis But there is so much wrong here The strange preoccupation with school exams despite being in a traveling circus in the early 1900s Running water in a train Unrealistic interactions between ANYONE Characters doing absolute about faces in their motivations with absolutely no explanation Flat, unimaginative villains And don t even get me started on the Mary Sue qualities in the main character and the cookie cutter bad boy excuse for a love interest And maybe my inner Veronica FitzOsborne is coming out, but I do not understand how y

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