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å Pantomime  Download by ë Laura Lam 3 1 2 stars, but rounded down because of the pacing I am not sure what I can say about this book without giving away the central twist And on the one hand, that twist is so unusual that it deserves to come as a surprise rather than given away in reviews and most of the reviews for this book do give it away, so avoid them if you want to read the story unspoiled DO NOT read the GR blurb, either But on the other hand, keeping the twist secret gives the marketing of this book a troublesome identity crisis The jacket blurb is downright misleading, and worse, it s BORING It makes this sound like a fantasy romance with Chosen Ones, which I expect we ve all pretty much read before, and zzzzz Plus, the book is almost certainly not getting into the hands of the readers who might most appreciate it Instead, this is a story ab original review posted on The Book SmugglersAna s Take I will start by simply saying Pantomime s cover copy is supremely misleading One would think that this is a run of the mill PNR YA featuring two protagonists that seem to be about to fall in love with each other whilst a secre zzzz, BORING I would never had picked up this book based on this blurb had I not known from the get go what it is really about.
Allow me to rephrase the blurb slightly R H Ragona s Circus of Magic is the greatest circus of Ellada Nestled among the glowing blue Penglass remnants of a mysterious civilisation long gone are wonders beyond the wildest imagination It s a place where anything seems possible, where if you close your eyes you can believe that the magic and knowledge of the vanished Chimaera is still there It s a place where anyone can hide.
An intersex teen, Iphigenia Laurus, or Ge In A Land Of Lost Wonders, The Past Is Stirring Once Gene S Life Resembles A Debutante S Dream Yet She Hides A Secret That Would See Her Shunned By The Nobility Gene Is Both Male And Female Then She Displays Unwanted Magical Abilities Last Seen In Mysterious Beings From An Almost Forgotten Age Matters Escalate Further When Her Parents Plan A Devastating Betrayal, So She Flees Home, Dressed As A BoyThe City Beyond Contains Glowing Glass Relics From A Lost Civilization They Call To Her, But She Wants Freedom Not Mysteries So, Reinvented As Micah Grey , Gene Joins The Circus As An Aerialist, She Discovers The Joy Of Flight But The Circus Has A Dark Side She S Also Plagued By Visions Foretelling Danger A Storm Is Howling In From The Past, But Will She Heed Its Roar OH MY GOD When you get this book, you must follow my instructions.
exactly First SIT DOWN IN A CHAIR it doesn t matter where.
Second OPEN THE BOOKTHIRD Optional Smell the scent of dark, edgy sucess Four Strap on your seat beltBecause this is an emotional roller coaster ride, BABY I don t read many books that don t have sex in it This book doesn t have sex And I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDD this book You won t read a book that is this amazing again To describe the main character is to give the spoiler awayand then even when you know the spoiler, STILL, you must read this book One can not truly spoil this character s journey, and it is a journey The character is learning about its own identity, and as the character learn, we learn We 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum can I first just say how misleading the description of Pantomime is and how blatantly it underrates the value and extent of its content Honestly, it does not do this book justice One look at it gives the unsuspecting reader the impression of a Young Adult paranormal romance, featuring a story of star crossed love between a daughter from a noble family and a low born circus scalawag, perhaps But no, no, no, that s just all wrong That s the problem with publisher descriptions, I suppose I understand about wanting to save some surprises for the book I get that, I do But it s another thing when it makes a book sound so average and conventional, when in reality it s anything but Hiding behind the official synopsis here is a story that s a lot significant and extraordinary Yes, I was surprised and I loved this book for being so 4.
75 StarsThis Book is seriously underrated and people need to read it It is honestly one of the best Young Adult books I have ever read Anyone who knows me, knows that I love circuses and I think this book does an excellent representation of showing the magic and mystery surrounding a fantasy circus I mean what s not to love about bearded women, creepy clowns and contortionists However, what really set this book apart from a few other circus books I have read, is that there are Chimaera I just think that Chimaera fit so neatly into the setting of a circus and really add to the dark, creepy and imaginative atmosphere it should have Putting my slight circus obsession aside, this was still a highly enjoyable read and had a very intriguing plot throughout I found the pacing to be perfect, as I was never once felt bored, but at the same A runaway youth, fleeing the comfort and constrictions of a wealthy home A circus, with its own society and rules A peculiar city, with an underlay of an ancient, not fully understood magic prevailing And the classic adolescent question, Who am I, really There is obviously to come in this story, but there is still a satisfying arc, and promise for much of the world to unfold.
I love this cover When I saw it, I was like, Cover lady, you look so great, you can shush me anytime.

Comments on this thread are heavily moderated, meaning I am trigger happy with the delete and block buttons For a similar but less ranty viewpoint, check out this review by The Book Smugglers.
UPDATE I am not only the who took issue with the book description Shoutout to book bloggers The Book Smugglers and LGBT author Malinda Lo.
UPDATE 2 The book has been re released with a new book description So half of this review doesn t apply any, but I ll just leave it up as it is for record s sake And no, I did not petition the author or publisher or anything How the Description is Offensive to me I m offended that the description for Pantomime misled me into thinking this was a story about star crossed lovers It is not THIS IS NOT A SPOILER I repeat, THIS IS NOT A SPOILER Gene and Micah are the same person This is a story about an intersex protagonist THIS IS NOT A SPO Man alive, this book was just as wonderful as when I had first devoured it.
I just cannot stress how incredibly unique this book is I ve literally never read anything like it, and possibly never will The writing was beautiful, the world was enchanting, the characters were lovable, and I adored how the story was told in a non linear fashion But I think the thing I love the most above all is that I have no idea what to expect in the future of this series I m starting Shadowplay in just a moment and I honestly don t even have an inkling of how the story is going to go, and that gets me so excited.
The only thing, my only small peeve was that there was no map at the beginning of the book I wish that there had been a map of Ellada or the Archipelago so I could have better pictured the world and where everything was, because I needed that extra sense of scale Laura Lam definitely cre

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å Pantomime  Download by ë Laura Lam Please contact me via the contact page on my website as opposed to GR mail.Laura Lam was born in the late eighties and raised near San Francisco, California, by two former Haight Ashbury hippies Both of them encouraged her to finger paint to her heart s desire, colour outside the lines, and consider the library a second home This led to an overabundance of daydreams After studying literature