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[ Pdf Menagerie ↠´ occult PDF ] by Rachel Vincent õ I enjoyed this book and would give it 3.
5 stars I would probably read a sequel without rushing to do so The Menagerie of the title is in a world where cryptids are showcased in much the same way as the freak shows of days gone by There was a fantastic array of creatures shapeshifter, a Minotaur, werewolves, mermaids, oracles, ifrits , sirens, succubi, satyr, centaurs and fae It was interesting to see these creatures in this urban fantasy setting None of the creatures are treated well and there is a scene when a female centaur is led past the main character wearing a tatty greying sports bra for exampleWe get some snippets about the larger world largely through information at the start of chapters I definitely like to see if the author gives us details MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListMY FIRST FAVORITE BOOK OF 2016 Okay, on with the review In this traveling circus there are all of these beautiful cryptid creatures they live in horrible conditions You only have a few that are really dangerous Some stuff went down way back when the government stripped all cryptids of their rights they were under no protection, even the hybrids They were treated so horrible in this place I couldn t hardly stand it I loved almost all of the characters, well the good ones, but my favorites were Delilah, Gallagher, Claudio the werewolf, his daughter Genevieve Eryx the Minotaur So on Delilah s 25th b day, her boyfriend got her tickets to go to see the circus two of their friends came along Delilah was going to go into a crypto veterinary school but she dropped out because the only jobs were performing experiments on them FromNew York Timesbestselling Author Rachel Vincent Comes A Richly Imagined, Provocative New Series Set In The Dark Mythology Of The Menagerie When Delilah Marlow Visits A Famous Traveling Carnival, Metzger S Menagerie, She Is An Ordinary Woman In A Not Quite Ordinary World But Under The Macabre Circus Big Top, She Discovers A Fierce, Sharp Clawed Creature Lurking Just Beneath Her Human Veneer Captured And Put On Exhibition, Delilah Is Stripped Of Her Worldly Possessions, Including Her Own Name, As She S Forced To Perform In Town After Town But There Is Breathtaking Beauty Behind The Seamy And Grotesque Reality Of The Carnival Gallagher, Her Handler, Is As Kind As He Is Cryptic And Strong The Other Attractions Mermaids, Minotaurs, Gryphons And Kelpies Are Strange, Yes, But They Share A Bond Forged By The Brutal Realities Of Captivity And As Delilah Struggles For Her Freedom, And For Her Fellow Menagerie, She Ll Discover A Strength And A Purpose She Never Knew Existed Renowned Author Rachel Vincent Weaves An Intoxicating Blend Of Carnival Magic And Startling Humanity In This Intricately Woven And Powerful Tale But if monsters could look like humans, and humans could look like monsters, how could anyone ever really be sure that the right people stood on the outside of all those cages This is the first book in the Menagerie Series and this one is a winner It is a dark fantasy.
Deliah Marlow visits a carnival and something happens really bad and she gets arrested She thinks she is human but what happened at the carnival made people believe that she was a monster She is then sold to Metzger who owns the carnival, and circus She is now his property and she has no rights She is padlocked onto a wagon and treated like she is a monster They call them cryptids She is stripped of her worldly possessions, including her own name, as s 4.
5 5 stars I am very, very happy with this book.
Menagerie is one of those books that completely split my opinion Some things I thought were great, others had me barrowing my face in my hands with frustration But first thing s first The book s concept is unique and intriguing, and I am happy to say that the execution didn t make me think differently The plot is fresh and that, combined with the fact that this novel is devoid of romance, makes Menagerie stand out from other generic books from the genre But if monsters could look like humans, and humans could look like monsters, how could anyone ever really be sure that the right people stood on the outside of all those cagesMenagerie starts out with a bang It is set in a paranormal alternate America in which various supernatural creatures known as cryptids exist These cryptids, although sentient beings and sometimes completely human looking, have no fundamenta Reviewed by Rabid Reads.
I knew precisely two things about this audiobook going in Rachel Vincent wrote it, and she published a blog post stating that Menagerie is not urban fantasy, nor is it romance, nor is it YA And, that was enough to hook me because 1 Vincent can write And 2 I wanted to sample this genre bending story first hand.
I ve read a couple of reviews that have compared it to Anne Bishop s THE OTHERS series, and that s not too far off base, albeit not 100% accurate either It s dark, life after The Reaping made sure of that, and has an alternate universe vibe to it because of the strain between humans and Cryptids Delilah Marlow s tale is particularly poignant because she s free one moment, only to be trapped behind bars the next with fewer rights than a household pet and her injustice unfolds live before our eyes.
While the first half of this book was ROUGH for me I was looking at a 1 star rating for this book, to be honest , I slowly got used to all the disturbing things that went on oh my gosh am I a psychopath That sounded really bad , and started to get into the story itself.
Basically, once you can get past human captivity, torture, forced labor slavery, and some sexual harassment you can enjoy this one Which makes me feel like a psychopath because HOW CAN ONE JUST GET USED TO THAT KIND OF STUFF It shows how well Vincent wrote it I was soooo disturbed , but at the same time, it was off putting and horrifying Review posted on The Eater of books blog Menagerie by Rachel VincentBook One of the Menagerie seriesPu

this is my first rachel vincent book.
i d heard good things about her, but always from readers who like urban fantasy or that kind of YA fantasy romance that i m just not into this book sounded like a departure from her usual style, and i ve had a lot of luck with sideshow carnival novels this year, so when i saw it listed as a giveaway on the reading room, i figured might as well, and then there was WINNING but i did not expect to love it as much as i did because, yeah it s pretty much urban fantasy, BUT it s urban fantasy with all of the romantic elements removed which, since it s the desultory romancey bits i don t usually dig in urban fantasy, is like getting a box of lucky charms that is ALL MARSHMALLOWS it takes place in an alt version of our world where cryptids and human cryptid hybrids walk among us or, they would wa Hey, guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that with Menagerie coming out soon Sept 29, 2015 I m seeing lots of reviews and shelving of the book here on GR Unfortunately, lots of people are shelving it as YA, and Menagerie is NOT YA Nor is it romance My publisher classifies it as fantasy commercial fiction.
While Menagerie addresses some very serious issues I tend to return to in my work, it is a very different kind of book than I ve ever written It s not simply one woman s story struggle The scale is much larger than that, and the stakes are both personal and expansive Here s what Publishers Weekly had to say about Menagerie An alternate world where cryptids protohuman hybrids are second class citizens provides the perfect context for this deftly told dark fantasy, which reflects on what makes humans human Oklahoman Delilah Marlow, who was raised as a human

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