î Masculine Beauty ê Download by Ò Walt Whitman

î Masculine Beauty ê Download by Ò Walt Whitman Contains Only Those Poems Whitman Wrote Exploring Masculine Beauty And Or Same Sex Affection Contains An Abridged Introduction By John Burroughs Placing The Work In Its Historical Context As Well As A Contemporary Preface By Michael Wilson Sometimes Gay Readers And Scholars Have Occasion To Seek Out The Homoerotic Passages Of Whitman, Whether To read For The Pure Pleasure Of The Experience Or For Scholarship This Need Has Been Problematic In The Past Because Leaves Of Grass Is A Huge Volume To read Through To Find What One Is Seeking, Shorter Editions Of Selected Whitman Poems Are Generally Apt To Omit His Homoerotic Material Than To Include It And Certainly Do Not Highlight It , And If One Turns Only To His Calamus Section, His Most Homoerotic Chapter, One Misses Out On A Great Deal This Volume Seeks To Give Readers And Scholars A Single Source To Consult When The Aim Is To read Whitman S Homoerotic Verse

Walt Whitman

î Masculine Beauty ê Download by Ò Walt Whitman Emerson, whom Whitman revered, said of Leaves of Grass that it held incomparable things incomparably said During the Civil War, Whitman worked as an army nurse, later writing Drum Taps 1865 and Memoranda During the War 1867 His health compromised by the experience, he was given work at the Treasury Department in Washington, D.C After a stroke in 1873, which left him partially paralyzed, Whitman lived his next 20 years with his brother, writing mainly prose, such as Democratic Vistas 1870 Leaves of Grass was published in nine editions, with Whitman elaborating on it in each successive edition In 1881, the book had the compliment of being banned by the commonwealth of Massachusetts on charges of immorality A good friend of