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[Mark A. Rayner] ↠´ Marvellous Hairy [yaoi PDF] Read Online õ Marvellous Hairy A Novel In Five Fractals So Hair Is Sprouting In Unspeakable Places And You Can No Longer Carry A Tune, But If You Re A Surrealistic Artiste With An Addiction To Freudian Mythology And Guilt Free Sex, Turning Into A Monkey Has Its Upsides Nick Motbot May Be Evolving As A Novelist, But His Friends Aren T Too Sure About His DNA At Least, Not Since Gargantuan Enterprises Started Experimenting With It And Once They Figure Out What S Hap Pening To Him, They Decide To Set Things Right Marvellous Hairy Is A Satirical Novel About A Group Of Friends Sticking It To The Man The Only Way They Know How, With Equal Parts Grain Alcohol And Applied Chaos TheoryLiterary Fiction Fabulist Satire I won I m excited to have won this book in a giveaway This book was very different than most others I have read It took me a while before I opened it to begin reading The size of the book was difficult to handle, it was very small The picture on the front of the book didn t intrigue me, and actually scared me a little The story was not what I would have expected by the title or the cover picture It was basically the story of a guy who works for or at least until he quit a scientific corporation The company is doing some research and one of his friends signs up as part of an experiment and he is given shots of monkey DNA Very hairy I do have to say I was interested in the outcome, and this kept me reading I wouldn t go out of my way to recommend the book to anyone, however, I did offer it to a friend and asked him to give me his thoughts after he read it.
Not sure if this was a ro This book was simply a joyous romp about life, love, and of course monkeys When reading it Douglas Adams, Ron Goulart, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
, and Fredric Brown all came to mind, and those are not names I throw around lightly the book is that good folks The book starts out at a wedding ceremony that is soon turned into chaos when the Reverend and his accomplice, an aspiring writer, let loose a horde of monkeys and a Komodo Dragon I knew from that completely absurd yet sublime beginning I could well fall in love with such a tale, and the author did not disappoint me one iota It tells the tale of a rag tag group of friends, and when one of the group suddenly starts devolving into a monkey, they band together and with otherworldly help attempt to take

I can t help but see shadows of both Shakespeare s A Midsummer s Night Dream for the cast of Rayner s living characters and Dicken s A Christmas Carol for the dead ones in this great story And I specifically mean shadows, because it s mostly the darker, edgier bits that make it into Marvellous Hairy creating a thoroughly modern tale of genetics, marketing, sex and pheremones that still somehow feels as familiar as any classic fairy tale.
Mark Rayner s descriptions are vivid Every character is larger than the story Everything jumps off the page as HIS imagination takes the wheel and gives you the Grand Tour of his story.
Overall, the pacing of this book is perfect I found it very hard to stop reading once i started When I stopped, I looked forward to picking it back up There are typos scattered throughout t An enjoyable book, with a likable main character and several laugh out loud moments The ensemble cast of eccentric characters reminded me a bit of some of Philip Dick s work, particularly Through a Scanner Darkly.

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[Mark A. Rayner] ↠´ Marvellous Hairy [yaoi PDF] Read Online õ sustanon.pro The Fatness, a satire of the obesity epidemic It won an IBPA Benjamin Franklin silver award for humor, and an IndieReader Discovery Award for best humor in 2018.You can read of his fiction for free at his website where you can also dig into his irregular and explosive blog, The Skwib