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[Jonathan L. Howard] Ä Johannes Cabal the Necromancer [harlequin-presents PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ó A funny, slightly pretentious, very clever, Faustian story There was no way in hell I wouldn t enjoy this Faust has been one of my favourite books since I read it for my German course in school I loved and still do love it enough that for several years I wanted to get a quote from it tattooed on the outside of my foot and would have done so if not for the three tattoo artists who told me the location is impossible Now I am kinda glad I did not get that tattoo, because WOW that would have been pretentious without end So yes, I enjoyed this book immensely I still get a kick out of the fact that Johannes vampire brother is named Horst which must be THE most unfitting name for a vampire ever especially because Horst is used as the nicest possible way of insulting somebody, at least in the part of Germany where I am from.
The premise is brilliantly funny This book turned out to be a delightfully evil tome that retells the Faustian adventure in a clever, dry and imminently British way Add a bit of Bradbury and the evil carnies, a dash of the detective mystery, and a very liberal dose of the classic beating the devil at his own game and we ve got this tale I am pretty much delighted through and through, to tell the truth It reads like the lightest of Urban Fantasies, it has the darkness of the most evil of tales, it has the glimmer of hope and the joys of brotherhood until they turn sour , and it has the most delightfully sinful romp of paperwork in hell that I ve ever see If only all such travels to hell could be so organized and planned PDefinitely a fu A Charmingly Gothic, Fiendishly Funny Faustian Tale About A Brilliant Scientist Who Makes A Deal With The Devil, Twice Johannes Cabal Sold His Soul Years Ago In Order To Learn The Laws Of Necromancy Now He Wants It Back Amused And Slightly Bored, Satan Proposes A Little Wager Johannes Has To Persuade One Hundred People To Sign Over Their Souls Or He Will Be Damned Forever This Time For Real Accepting The Bargain, Jonathan Is Given One Calendar Year And A Traveling Carnival To Complete His Task With Little Time To Waste, Johannes Raises A Motley Crew From The Dead And Enlists His Brother, Horst, A Charismatic Vampire To Help Him Run His Nefarious Road Show, Resulting In Mayhem At Every Turn In a bid to win back his soul, necromancer and scientist Johannes Cabal runs a demonic carnival in order to win the souls of a hundred people to exchange for his own With the help of his vampire brother, can he find one hundred people willing to sell their souls This is one of those books that I m having a hard time verbalizing my opinion on I ll give it a shot, though.
The Necromancer is a funny tale about a man trying to win back his soul I found the dark British humor right up my alley Johannes Cabal is a delightful asshole and his relationship with his brother Horst was one of my favorite parts of the book I like the idea of a demonic carnival Who knows where carnies go after they leave your town I m surprised Stephen King hasn t written something about that with his recent carnie obsession.
The dialogue is great and, as I said befo 3ish stars.
This is a good, clever, quick genre bender It even has a few laugh out loud moments It s very enjoyable, intelligent and endlessly quotable but a little too light weight for my tastes despite its dark nature with a protagonist who is hard to care about The audiobook performance by Christopher Cazenove really elevates the story and is highly recommended Johannes Cabal is a necromancer He s sold his soul to the devil Now he d like it back There s humor in many varieties, as well as fantasy, lite horror, mystery, some great characters and a wonderful carnie style setting There s no denying it s a good book Why 3 stars and not 4 The pace is a little inconsistent It s a little twee which is funny considering the juxtaposition with the dark subject matter, but not deep enough to become invested in the story itself The protagonist is unlikeable, which is fine, There weren t very many laugh out loud moments for me in Jonathan Howard s Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, but this dark comedy put a smile on my face during big parts of the book Characters, such as Johannes Cabal and his vampiric brother Horst are presented with a light touch even though Cabal s goal is to gather 100 souls for Satan so he can get his own soul back There is no real new ground broken here, unless you count demons running a carnival as a twist, but it was an amusing and well written read with lots of really good dialogue 3.
5 stars.
Edit after re read Wile I enjoyed this book immensely both first and second time around it doesn t showcase quality of the rest of the series It s from second book that writting becomes polished, everything clicks this becomes one of my all time favorite series.
original review Somewhere between 4 and 5 stars but little closer to 4.
Writing style and humor reminds of Terry Pratchett but with lot darker tone Humor here is dark and our protagonist isn t a hero or even anti hero Johannes Cabal is straight up villain and horrible person with flashes of redeemable qualities now and then which made him intriguing and interesting to me.
This book follows his funny misadventures in trying to sign 100 souls to devil in order to get his

The darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss, but those which choose to break free from the abyss and move silently among us Although the above quote is from the movie Halloween, it sums up this book almost perfectly Because even though The Necromancer may at first dazzle readers with its sharp wit and cleverness, it has a dark heart, mostly due to its eponymous leading man, Johannes Cabal.
Cabal has a problem, you see A while ago, he sold his soul to Satan and now Well, he s having second thoughts The only thing to do is take a brief journey to hell and strike up a bargain with none other than Lucifer himself in return for his soul, Cabal must convince 100 other people to sign their souls to eternal damnation If he fails, though, Satan gets the souls he s collected, as well as Cabal s soul and his life And so, wit Woohoo Time to Bring Back the Dead Buddy read WTtBBtDBR with the MacHalo Necromaniacs The thing you are about to read is as crappy as the book it hopelessly tries to non review is fantastic Consider your little selves warned and stuff.
There s a slight chance this book might or might not be the mostest funniest one I have read in the entirety of this entire year Maybe Perhaps Also, I m fairly almost certain I haven t come across such a joyously delightful mix of Fantasy, dark comedy, delicious British humor, and Weird Wacky Stuff at any time in the last nine months, so there s a good possibility this book might actually be one of my top ten favorite reads of 1956 2018 Mayhap.
The Necromancer is a heart warming little tale that tells the story of one Johannes Cabal this in case you are even clueless than the average Clueless Barnacle quite a feat, that and sort of miss I loved this book.
I loved its weird characters.
I loved Johannes Cabal even at his worst I should be worried, I knowImage source I loved the beginning, the plot, the ending I would admit that Johannes Cabal is an acquired taste There are things here that might make some people squirm not in a good way, but there are those too and make them feel uncomfortable at best, horrified at worst The first half of the book is a bit lighter than the second If you thought Something Wicked This Way Comes was too tame, The Necromancer and its protagonist will not disappoint you If Terry Pratchett wrote morbid and horrifying stories, you would probably get this book Also, there are so many moments that reminded me of Monty Python s Flying Circus And we

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[Jonathan L. Howard] Ä Johannes Cabal the Necromancer [harlequin-presents PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ó sustanon.pro Jonathan L Howard is a game designer, scriptwriter, and a veteran of the computer games industry since the early 1990s, with titles such as the Broken Sword series to his credit.After publishing two short stories featuring Johannes Cabal Johannes Cabal and the Blustery Day and Exeunt Demon King in H P Lovecraft s Magazine of Horror, Johannes Cabal the Necromancer was published in 2009 as his