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ã Read ì Gifted, A Donovan Circus Novel by Liz Long å Even In A World Of Freaks, Being A Firestarter Is Considered A Dangerous GiftLucy Was Born With The Ability To Create And Control Fire She Longs To Leave The Human World For One Filled With Earthshakers, Transporters, And Chameleons, To Name A Few When She Rejoins The Circus, It S Everything She Hoped It Could Be New Friends, A Potential Love Interest Or Two, And A Place Where She Can Be HerselfWhen Troupe Members Begin Turning Up Dead, However, Lucy Is Suspected Of Foul Play She Must Not Only Prove Her Innocence But Also Realize The Full Extent Of Her Power To Find The Real Murderer, She Must Uncover The Truth Behind Her Father S Fiery Legacy While Figuring Out Whom To Trust Within Her New Circle Little Does She Know The History Of The Donovan Circus And Its Enemies Might Actually Destroy The Entire Gifted World I love LOVE finding awesome new authors and Liz Long is certainly one to watch.
Gifted is Liz Long s debut novel and I have to say, what a promising debut Gifted is well thought out, has likeable characters I love Lucy , No, I am not plugging the old sitcom right there, although I do love I love Lucy too and the pacing is great.
At the very beginning, I was afraid that it was going to turn into a slow book, which I personally don t like However, I was pleasantly surprised when the pacing picked up and turned into a suspenseful, action packed book.
Seriously Lucy can create fire with her hands There s going to be action And what a delightful setting I mean, what book wouldn t be interesting when it is set in a circus A previous reviewe OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG read THIS read THIS RIGHT NOW DOOOO IT IF YOU AREN T READING THIS BOOK YOU ARE MISSING OUT so now that i had wait no i got a little in me REEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD IIIIIIITTTTTTTT okay so now that i am done gushing and having my little freak out on how awesome this book was i will tell you alllll the many many many many many many many many many many reasons why it was so AWESOME Okay so first and for most the plot oh how i loved the plot I am pretty hard to trick, and i don t mean that as to boast myself or anything but a lot times i am like psst i got this too easy, and i know a lot of readers out there can say the same thing, well maybe you would catch somethings that i didnt but man oh man did Liz Long trick me and do i love her for it Why yes, yes i do Okay so aside from the fact that this book will keep you Lucy has now lost both her mother and her father so she is running away to the circus The Donovan Circus is full of Gifted people and Lucy feels that may be the only place she will truly belong With the gift of being a Firestarter, it may be a little harder fitting in, especially being a female Firestarter, which is rare Returning to the circus life is anything but easy though She must earn the trust of the other members and work her way up Thankfully she is not the only new person starting Gabriel is the new guy, but he isn t keen on sharing his life s history or his Gift In fact he is kind of a jackass Not long after arriving there is a murder within the troupe Of course suspicion is zeroed in on Lucy due to her talent and the lack of trust others have in her Now Lucy has to do all that she can to clear her name and find the killer Why is the kill From a GlanceI had so much fun reading this book It got better and better with each page Gifted has an original concept that makes you sit up and take notice The GoodHere s the StoryLucy is finally home Going back to the circus after the death of both her parents seems like the perfect idea It s a place where she can be herself once again No hiding her fiery gift She will finally fit in among people like her, the gifted Just as her life starts to fall into place new friends and new love everything falls apart Gifted circus members start showing up dead burnt to a crisp and the troupe can t help but point fingers at the new firestarter, Lucy Lucy has no choice but to find the murderer and clear her name And in her pursuit of the culprit, she uncovers some hard truths about her family and the circus she has come to love A Hidden GemI love finding gems like this book among self published What it s about Gifted is the story of Lucy Sullivan, a young woman grieving the semi recent loss of both her parents The book opens as she contacts Sheffield Donovan, owner and Ringmaster of the Donovan Circus, to ask if she can join up Lucy was raised in the circus until her parents left to have a normal life Now that her parents are gone, Lucy is anxious to re enter a world where she can feel comfortable, accepted, and understood She s never felt truly at home in the world outside the circus, and knows that Donovan Circus is where she truly belongs.
You see, Donovan Circus isn t your everyday circus Because most of the performers in the Donovan Circus are Gifted They have special powers that set them apart from the outside world And Lucy is n I gave it a chapter, but despite being about a circus full of superpowers, I was bored The writing was a touch on the stilted side, but not terrible I could have put up with it if I d cared about the story.
I grabbed a paperback copy of Gifted on after watching copies fly off a table at a book signing conference There was this innate need inside me to find out what secrets were hidden on the pages Full disclosure I m a total geek over X Men Total Geek I used to play the video game at the arcade Storm was my favorite character to play as , I own all the movies, and I love supernatural ability stories I m also a huge Heroes fan Why did I bother telling you all that Because if you love those kinds of things, you re going to adore this book Now, let s move on to the review so I can regale you with all the awesome.
From a Reader s Perspective I both loved and hated the main character, Lucy She was spunky, smart, a bit weak at first, and someone I d love to hang out with in real life A couple of her tendencies irritated me at the beginning of the book, but once I realized where her actions were This was pretty good, not quite my thing and I won t go on to the next book Nonetheless, a well written novel.
Before I review, you must know something about me I have a whole collection of books I ve started reading and never finished My attention span is quite short, so if a book doesn t suck me into the story almost immediately, I move on to something else Life is too short to read bad books.
I was captivated in the first few pages The story doesn t start off slow and ease you into this supernatural world It assumes you re an intelligent reader who can figure it out as the story moves along I love that One thing I really like is that the love story love triangle part of it is really secondary to the main story While I can already hear the teenage girls battling over Team Gabriel or Team Keegan, it wasn t the main story line at all Okay, even though I said the love story is secondary, I have to say I think I

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ã Read ì Gifted, A Donovan Circus Novel by Liz Long å sustanon.pro Liz Long is a USA Today bestselling author of YA and urban fantasy, most recently The Brighton Duology She is a magazine editor in Roanoke, VA, and when not writing, can be found drinking happy hour prosecco, attempting hand lettering, or cuddling her dog, Fisher She is the Director of the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference and the annual Roanoke Author Invasion, as well as a public speaker,