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Trailer ê Записки сумасшедшего PDF by ✓ Nikolai Gogol Prima di leggere Le anime morte di Gogol ho voluto ascoltare un audiolibro da un ora per farmi un idea dello stile e delle caratteristiche di Gogol essendo a me sconosciuto, ho notato la grande profondit dell autore ma il contenuto di questo romanzo di quelli secondari, non voglio dire nulla di negativo sia chiaro ma un racconto breve come ne hanno scritto tanti grandi autori Carino ma nulla di eccezionale.
L interpretazione ottima.
Diary of a Madman, the least successful of Gogol s three greatest short stories, is astonishing for the way it effortlessly accomplishes great changes in tone, shifting from the realistic to the surreal, and back again Like the two other stories, The Nose and The Overcoat , its protagonist is a cog in the bureaucratic wheel, a titular counsellor of the imperial civil service, who, in spite of his elegant title, is a flunky of low rank, a helpless drudge This time, however, he is not described from the outside, but presented from the inside the entire short story is one long, sustained monologue.
Aksenty Ivanovich Poprishchin, the hapless flunky, is hopelessly in love with his boss s daughter Sophie, who of course despises him He thinks he hears two pet dogs conversing about his beloved, and before long this hallucination of his leads, step by step, to full scale madness P Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol , Although Russian, Was Born In The Village Of Sorochyntsi In The Poltava Oblast Province Of Central Ukraine He Was Never Accepted By The Russian Public As Being Completely Russian In His Thinking And Political Ideology, And Indeed He Was Not Gogol S Ukrainian Upbringing Is Most Evident In His Early Works Which Draw Heavily From Ukrainian Culture And Folk History His Later Writing Was Subversive, Openly Satirizing The Corruption He Saw Rampant Throughout Russia S Empire Gogol Was Homosexual At Age Seventeen He Wrote Passionate Letters To A Friend Who, Being Two Years Older, Had Graduated Before Gogol, Leaving Him Bereft Gogol Eventually Exiled Himself From Russia, Living In Rome It Was Here That He Enjoyed At Least One Mutual Love Affair With A Man, But His Lover Died Within A Year Of Their Meeting Two Years Later Gogol Fell In Love With The Poet Nikolai Yazykov And Penned Love Letters To Him, But His Efforts Came To Nothing Gogol Died In Moscow And Was Buried At Davilov Monastery His Last Words Were Placed On His Tombstone And I Shall Laugh My Bitter Laugh When Soviet Authorities Decided To Demolish The Monastery InAnd Transfer Gogol S Remains, It Was Discovered His Body Had Been Buried Lying Face Down, Leading Some To Wonder If He Had Been Buried Alive I read some reviews prior to reading this short story since I knew nothing about it Many members said that it was humorous in spots guess that was with the dog and sad in others I felt that it was just incredibly sad The main character was dealing with mental health issues and they, the establishment, just treated him horribly I really love the way Nikolai Gogol just draws you into a story Five big s ,,, , ,, .
O Di rio de um Louco um pequeno conto triste e melanc lico Apesar das situa es caricatas que podem arrancar algumas gargalhadas, esse humor que serve de ve culo cr tica social e desmascara preconceitos Adaptado ao teatro in meras vezes inclusive em Portugal , trata se do mon logo de um simples funcion rio p blico, vitima da arrog ncia e do desprezo dos superiores hier rquicos e, principalmente, da filha do seu chefe, por quem nutre uma paix o n o correspondida a revolta pela forma deprimente como tratado que o lan a em del rios de grandeza e atitudes absurdas A fuga realidade onde n o encontraria sa da para as suas aspira es torna se a nica sa da, submergindo cada vez mais numa espiral de loucura que o leva por um caminho sem retorno, de viol ncia e degrada o humana.
This is a heart touching short account of a man who is mentally unstable His delusional mind is so well portrayed as he slowly sunk into complete insanity Additionally, the author also shows how isolated such a person really is from the rest of the world and then goes onto expose the inhuman and shocking treatment met by those insane in lunatic asylum It is very sad little story And even though Gogol had employed a light tone to tell the story, the underlying gravity is inevitable As always his simple and unelaborated writing help to read, feel and be connected with the story Overall, this is good thought provoking short story by Gogol I m impressed with the themes he uses for his work They are mature and timeless I may not like his style as much as of Dostoevsky s or Tolstoy s, but his use of simplici Herkes i in mi b yle bilmiyorum ama benim di er kitap karakterlerinden ayr tutup sar p sarmalad m karakterler var, mesela yle Okumaya Dickens n B y k Umutlar ile ba lad m ben, y llar boyunca en yak n arkada m Pip Pirrip oldu, yerini asla dolduramad m gibi Bir ka rnek bir daha vermem gerekirse Tolkien in Samwise Gamgee si Bront nin Jane Eyre ve bay Rochester Picoult un Jacob u Hepsinin ayr an s ve yeri var g nl mde te bu m tevazi listeme Gogol n Akakiy Akakiyevi ini ekledim resmen.
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El s lo hecho de que un ruso de Petersburgo quiera ser el Rey de Espa a, demuestra la maestr a con la que Gogol dominaba el absurdo para aplicarlo a un cuento Con La Nariz, llega a su plenitud Admiro mucho a Nikolai Gogol s anti heroThe Madman tries to make sense of the world with one eye Maybe the lesser seen the better THEI read Russian authors, theI seem to be enamoured by them I read Nikolai Vesilievich Gogol s The Overcoat last year and loved it Today I read Diary of a Madman and loved it as much Here I should also mention that Gogol was a Russian language writer of Ukrainian origin.
Geoffrey Rush on stage as the anti hero Madman Is it really a madman who is writing his diary or is it a genius who is doing so Is it theatre of the absurd like Samuel Beckett s Waiting for Godot What is certain is that it is innovation at its best just like Italo Calvino s Invisible Cities Besides, it is so humorous that I was laughing throughout while

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Trailer ê Записки сумасшедшего PDF by ✓ Nikolai Gogol was born in the Ukrainian Cossack village of Sorochyntsi, in Poltava Governorate of the Russian Empire, present day Ukraine His mother was a descendant of Polish nobility His father Vasily Gogol Yanovsky, a descendant of Ukrainian Cossacks, belonged to the petty gentry, wrote poetry in Russian and Ukrainian, and was an amateur Ukrainian language playwright who died when Gogol was 15 years old.In 1820 Gogol went to a school of higher art in Nizhyn and remained there until 1828 It was there that he began writing Very early he developed a dark and secretive disposition, marked by a painful self consciousness and boundless ambition Equally early he developed an extraordinary talent for mimicry which later on made him a matchless reader of his own works.In 1828, on leaving school, Gogol came to Petersburg He had hoped for literary fame and brought with him a Romantic poem of German idyllic life Ganz K chelgarten He had it published, at his own expense, under the name of V Alov The magazines he sent it to almost universally derided it He bought all the copies and destroyed them, swearing never to write poetry again.Gogol was one of the first masters of the short story, alongside Alexander Pushkin, Prosper M rim e, E T A Hoffmann, and Nathaniel Hawthorne He was in touch with the literary aristocracy , and was taken up by Vasily Zhukovsky and Pyotr Pletnyov, and in 1831 was introduced to Pushkin.In 1831, he brought out the first volume of his Ukrainian stories Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka , which met with immediate success He followed it in 1832 with a second volume, and in 1835 by two volumes of stories entitled Mirgorod, as well as by two volumes of miscellaneous prose entitled Arabesques At this time, Gogol developed a passion for Ukrainian history and tried to obtain an appointment to the history department at Kiev University His fictional story Taras Bulba, based on the history of Ukrainian cossacks, was the result of this phase in his interests Between 1832 and 1836 Gogol worked with great energy, though almost all his work has in one way or another its sources in his four years of contact with Pushkin Only after the presentation, on 19 April 1836, of his comedy The Government Inspector Revizor that he finally came to believe in his literary vocation.From 1836 to 1848 he lived abroad, travelling throughout Germany and Switzerland, as well as spending the winter of 1836 1837 in Paris.Pushkin s death produced a strong impression on Gogol His principal work during years following Pushkin s death was the satirical epic Dead Souls Concurrently, he worked at other tasks recast Taras Bulba and The Portrait, completed his second comedy, Marriage Zhenitba , wrote the fragment Rome and his most famous short story, The Overcoat.After the triumph of Dead Souls, Gogol came to be regarded as a great satirist who lampooned the unseemly sides of Imperial Russia However, Dead Souls was but the first part of a counterpart to The Divine Comedy The first part represented the Inferno the second part was to depict the gradual purification and transformation of the rogue Chichikov under the influence of virtuous publicans and governors Purgatory.His last years were spent in restless movement throughout the country He intensified his relationship with a church elder, Matvey Konstantinovsky He seems to have strengthened in Gogol the fear of perdition by insisting on the sinfulness of all his imaginative work His health was undermined by exaggerated ascetic practices and he fell into a state of deep depression On the night of 24 February 1852, he burned some of his manuscripts, which contained most of the second part of Dead Souls He explained this as a mistake, a practical joke played on him by the Devil Soon thereafter, he took to bed, refused all food, and died in great pain nine days later.