Download Epub Format ë Circus Of The Dead, Book #1 PDF by ë Kimberly Loth

Download Epub Format ë Circus Of The Dead, Book #1 PDF by ë Kimberly Loth Note I received a free soft copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Circus of The Dead presented a unique take on magical circuses, and it also presented a Gothic and mystery shrouded book that would have readers curious, amazed, and entangled at the world and characters inside The Circus aspect of the book was wonderfully written, that while it creeps me out and I wouldn t probably survive a day there, I was enthralled reading about it and imagining how magical and sinister it looks like Not to mention how everyone inside the circus are equally mysterious and are somewhat supernatural Honestly, this book is the kind of thrilling story that would make you want to know even if you re somewhat scared for the main character Speaking of the main character, I also enjoyed reading through Callie s perspective, even th A new series from the author I really like and enjoy reading her series as she can mesmerize me with her words.
I really liked this story as it had everything that I was looking for love, mystery, secrets and some angst That everything combined made Callie s story really captivating

CIRCUS OF THE DEAD Book One is the first I have read from author Kimberly Loth The imagery and scope of this novel the first in a series of four far exceeded my expectationsThere are many ways to die at the Circus of the DeadCallie is sent to help her Uncle for the summer at a carnival in the Louisiana bayou Reluctant to go from the start, when she arrives to her Uncle s obvious shock she wants nothing than to leave immediately.
Unfortunately for her, this Circus is anything but ordinary, and escape not even a possibility After only a short amount of time, some things begin to impress themselves upon her, regardless of her disbeliefIt s a circus of horrorThe characters all captivated me with their individual personalities, roles, and reasons for being there Callie s strong approach refusing to quietly submit to ENGLISH Thank you so much to the author for the book I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review.
Callie s plans for summer are ruined when her parents send her to Louisiana to help her uncle in a mysterious circus, in a dark island that hides hundreds of secrets Each show ends with death, but she can no longer distinguish what s real and what s part of the show Supernatural things start to happen, things that have no logical explanation Callie s life is in constant danger and when she finds herself trapped on the island after a really bad tarot card reading, she needs to discover the truth and find a way to escape from the Circus of the Dead before it s too late.
I loved the characters in this book Callie is a strong and determined protagonist, really brave to face so many threats She didn t know who she could trust and that created an absolu There were a couple of times I almost put this one on the shelf for later but I am glad that I went ahead and stuck it out The book does have a very tempting dark, horror feel but for some reason I couldn t quite get into the terror of it until much later in the book We have a very young heroine and it definitely shows and honestly it did put me off for a bit FMC, Callie, well she is one of the whiners I was trying to be understanding I really was, because dang, this author really threw her in there without a hi, bye, kiss my butt or anything Honestly this girl is really getting the raw end of the deal in every way, and the reader never gets enough info for it to make sense or even make the events worth it She is, however, quite the whiner and spends most of the book in denial as well as pulling the why me She does eventually pull herself together tho Wow just wow I absolutely loved it Full of suspense, mystery and so much I had a hard time putting this down trying to uncover about this uniquely twisted circus.
This book is a solid 3.
75, rounded up to a four.
I was generously gifted a copy of this book in exchange for a review I am super grateful for the opportunity to read it The premise of this book had me hocked Death, creepy carnivals, sexy men, and high stakes Count me in I was looking forward to creepy scenes laced through with sweet moments While readers are given creepy scenes, I felt as though I was just hearing about them and not actually seeing them for myself As a reader I felt as though Callie was guarded and wasn t allowing us into the story I yearned to see things through her eyes, but a lot of the times I was just told what was happening With that being said, I did find myself cheering and hoping for Callie There were moments the author was able to pull a gasp from me.
I also really enjoyed the world of the carnival I loved how the author sowed together a creepy island fi Oooooh this was good I love me a creepy story set in Louisiana with a mystery to unravel, and this checked all the boxes The Circus of the Dead is a place of nightmares I was so stressed out each time Callie walked around the island it is housed on Death and magic, but what is real and what is just an illusion I was not sure who to trust, and I really did not think Callie s chances of surviving to the end of the book were good But that ending I absolutely can t wait to read the next book and see where the story goes from there I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary ARC of this book.
There Are Many Ways To Die At The Circus Of The Dead You Re Invited To Witness Them All Mom Sent Me All The Way Across The Country To The Louisiana Bayou To Join The Circus And Help My Uncle For The Summer Except There Is Something Not Quite Right On This Swampy Cursed Island, And After Having My Fortune Told, I Can T Leave I Try To Escape, But Benny, An All Too Charming Ghost Gangster Tries To Kill Me By Feeding Me To A Tiger Thankfully I M Rescued By Samuel, The Incredibly Hot Ringmaster Who Can T Be A Day Over Twenty Can He In Addition To Avoiding The Human Scorpion, Staying Away From The Big Cats, And Having Trouble Figuring Out Who S Dead And Who S Alive, I Have To Find A Way To Escape This Horror Show Will I Get Out Of The Circus Alive Or Will I Join Their Army Of Ghosts And Become A Murderer Myself Welcome To The Circus Of The Dead Overall rating 4.
7The blurb truly did intrigue me and I couldn t wait to get my hands on this A different direction for thus author, I really loved all the mystery and suspense contains around this storyline A blend of voodoo and circus lifetotally unique Be aware, this is not suitable for readers whose mind can t handle very graphics scenes It s macabreintriguingand will totally drop you unawares off the edge of a cliff do.
be forewarned It s definitely got me waiting for the next book All my reviews are always voluntarily written.

Kimberly Loth

Download Epub Format ë Circus Of The Dead, Book #1 PDF by ë Kimberly Loth Kimberly Loth cant decide where she wants to settle down Shes lived in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Utah, California, Oregon, and South Carolina She finally decided to make the leap and leave the U.S behind for a few years Currently, she lives in Cairo, Egypt with her husband and two kids She is a high school math teacher by day please dont hold that against her and YA author by night She