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✓ Read î Caraval by Stephanie Garber Å Full Review Update Spoiler free I cannot rave enough guys this book wins everything This has made it in to my absolute all time favorites I can t even function normally to describe it I am absolutely floored Zero complaints I enjoyed every sentence every page.
I couldn t get enough It was whimsical, off the charts electric, romantic, mysterious, enchanting, enthralling full of twists and turns So many that I thought the ending couldn t possibly live up to the mystery this created but it absolutely did.
My advice is to go into this knowing NOTHING Seriously, I wanted to throw like 10 billion quotes in my review because I loved it THAT MUCH but its going to be so much mysterious if you just dive right in But I ll say this I was hooked from the first page There s a series of letters that Scarlett writes to the Caraval master Legend over a series of years This story begins when he finally w This freaking book HOLY CRAP I have a feeling this book is going to be a huge hit when it comes out, and rightfully so This is the kind of story that you just want to devour because you can t get enough It s a beautiful story about sisterhood and adventure, full of amazing characters and a delightfully dark world It s this grotesque Wonderland like world where the Mad Hatter is calling the shots Honestly cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on this Keep an eye out for it because wow Video review to come closer to publication date Scarlett Dragna Has Never Left The Tiny Island Where She And Her Sister, Tella, Live With Their Powerful, And Cruel, Father Now Scarlett S Father Has Arranged A Marriage For Her, And Scarlett Thinks Her Dreams Of Seeing Caraval The Faraway, Once A Year Performance Where The Audience Participates In The Show Are OverBut This Year, Scarlett S Long Dreamt Of Invitation Finally Arrives With The Help Of A Mysterious Sailor, Tella Whisks Scarlett Away To The Show Only, As Soon As They Arrive, Tella Is Kidnapped By Caraval S Mastermind Organizer, Legend It Turns Out That This Season S Caraval Revolves Around Tella, And Whoever Finds Her First Is The WinnerScarlett Has Been Told That Everything That Happens During Caraval Is Only An Elaborate Performance Nevertheless She Becomes Enmeshed In A Game Of Love, Heartbreak, And Magic Before you enter the world of Caraval, you must remember that it s all a game.
5 stars I m very impressed with this book The most important thing you need to know is that, although it s marketed as such, it really isn t a competition per se I mean, it s as much a competition as THE NIGHT CIRCUS is.
Sure, it s a game indeed, a treacherous game that you can lose yourself in at any moment, but it s not a competition I m not going to elaborate, because I d have to reveal some things that will spoil some surprises, so you ll just have to trust me on that.
But it s good, so good It plays with the reader so well It s not only Scarlett who risks her life to win the game, it s also us, or so I felt I felt as I were a player myself Sometimes characters are clueless and don t see what is in front of them while we readers scream our heads off tryi Well that was disappointing.
read 2 April 2019I am hERE to reread before Finale and also am just so happy to be melting back into this world It s such a vivid, lush and gorgeous book, I pretty much can t contain myself I do think Legendary is superior to the two, but I really appreciated Scarlett s journey through PTSD this time She s absolutely fighting through the trauma of abuse to live a life where she can make choices without spiralling into fear I m just I love Scarlett Tella is my fave and Legendary is my pick of the books, but Scarlet is not weak sapling Also it s GORGEOUS And I am 10 10 here for literally every time someone mentions Dante, they re like, eh, he s pretty and he knows it He does know it Dante is the prettiest read 1 Sept 2017Okay why didn t I read this sooner IT S SO MAGICAL I totally preordered it and then immediately decided to wait 9 months to Welcome, welcome to Caraval The grandest show on land or by seaEver since Scarlett was a child, she heard tales of the wonderful, mysterious and dangerous Caraval Trapped on a tiny island by her monster of a father, Scarlett dreams of nothing but attending Hundreds and hundreds of people hope and beg for a position in the games all in the attempt to obtain the grand prize a single wish.
Much to Scarlett s delight and terror, just a few days before her wedding she receives an invitation At the insistence of her younger sister Tella and a mysterious boy, Scarlett escapes her island home and tyrannical father to enter the games Only, things do not go as planned Her sister is missing and the dangers are mounting will she be able to make it to her wedding Will she be able to make it out alive The main problem I had with this book

Whatever you ve heard about Caraval, it doesn t compare to the reality It s than just a game or a performance It s the closest you ll ever find to magic in this worldThank you to Flatiron books for sending me an advance reading copy of Caraval for review purposes.
5 STARSThis book was just absolutely ENCHANTING I didn t know how high or how low to set my expectations before going into Caraval but one thing is for sure by the time I closed this book Caraval surpassed all my expectations and I ve always been a sucker for circus carnival themed books but I never read another book that came close to one of my favorite circus tales and favorite books of all time, The Night Circus But Caraval has easily set its place righ I feel the same way about Caraval as I did about The Star Touched Queen last year In fact, many of my comments are the same, so if you enjoyed that book then it s probable you will like this one also.
Caraval is a fantasy without world building or significant character development It relies on its dreamy descriptions, purple prose, and a heavy helping of romance to make it dazzle To take a quote from my review of The Star Touched Queen, if you buy into these metaphors, put on your prose tinted glasses and let yourself get drunk on the glittering descriptions, I suppose you might be able to ignore that s literally how I feel about this.
It is about two sisters Scarlett and Tella who live on some random island in the middle of random world X with their abusive father who wants to marry Scarlett off to a count she s never met Reread this gem before picking up my arc of Finale because I m not ready for these books to end Hitting up the audio this go around, compliments of my library via Hoopla How can I write a review for this giant ball of awesome and do it justice I was intrigued by the summary from the second I found this was coming out, but had no clue if it would live up to the hype The back cover boasts ofThe spell casting fantasy destined to become a sensationand Fox 2000 has already purchased the rights to turn this into a major motion film, which claims some pretty mind blowing story is within the covers This book was even better than I could have imagined and then some Hi, my name s Chelsea and I m addicted to Stephanie

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