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Trailer ê Burned (Donovan Circus, #2) PDF by ↠´ Liz Long Tell Sheffield That Medved Is Hunting Him The Bear Is Coming Nearly A Month After Lucy Sullivan Saved The Donovan Circus From Certain Death, She Discovers That Dr Felix Hardy Wasn T The Only Bad Guy Around When Lucy Is Attacked On Home Ground, Sheffield Donovan Reveals That There Are Bigger Foes In Their World, Gifted That Use Their Powers To Kill Others Including Her Own Family, As She Learns From Her Ringmaster Mentor Medved, A Russian Thug And Powerful Shapeshifter, Is Intent On Outing The Gifted World And Will Stop At Nothing To SucceedIn Order To Survive, Lucy And Her Friends Must Travel To Another Show, The Grayson Circus, For Help The Uneasy Alliance With Owner Albert Grayson Comes With Potential New Friends And Dark Secrets About Their Competition, Including A Troublemaker Named Mel And An Old Flame Of Lucy S Father Lucy Must Also Contend With Her Feelings About Keegan And Gabriel, As Well As Learn How To Contain Her Rampant Emotions Or Risk Setting The Entire Place AblazeWill Lucy Be Able To Save The Donovan Circus Again Or Will Medved And His Men Slaughter Everyone In Their Path On The Way To Gifted Domination Oh man, there is never a dull moment in the Donovan Circus The excitement and the danger just keep on coming Poor Lucy has just started to get comfortable with her new family in the circus after her terrible meeting with Dr Hardy and now they all have a new enemy to face And he s a freaking BEAR This is only the beginning of all the trouble surrounding Sheffield Donovan and Lucy s father I m amazed that Lucy doesn t go completely crazy after learning all the things from her past and having to face everything that gets thrown at her She is amazingly brave and strong I can t wait to see what s next for the whole crew I m not going to pull any punches here I don t like who Lucy ended up with This is because I think she chose the person who was convenient rather than the one who ahem set her on fire But BUT since Lucy s story looks like it s far from over, I can hold out hope that she ll come to her senses and go for the person she has real chemistry with.
Hope is a glorious thing, is it not Also, point to me for making a fire related pun in the first paragraph Beyond Lucy s relationship issues, once again, she finds herself in the middle of something that affects all the gifted Here s what I keep coming back to part of me feels like she needs to push harder for answers because I don t think she has the entire story Yes, I think she s fighting on the side she s supposed to be fighting on, but people cough Sheffield cough keep brushing aside her TOTALLY VALID ques

Another 5 star review for Liz Long Book 2 just blew book 1 out of the water for me, can I rate it 6 stars Full review to follow My Thoughts on Burned Confession I binge read Burned, I should probably be ashamed But I am not I m Ethan and I have a problem I Love The Donovan Circus Series Everyone reading this Be you a man, woman, child, teen, adult, American, Russian, or from another planet read THIS SERIES I cannot stress this enough If there was a 6th star, this novel is it I already explained my love of all things circus and paranormal in my last post, so this one will be a little shorter as I am going to jump right in with my thoughts on Burned When it comes to new characters, Burned has it all, PLUS some The book s new vil I really enjoyed the feel of the first book and was excited when I learned that the sequel was out When the author approached me about reading it, I of course said yes right away.
I have only ever read a handful of books involving the circus in one form or another but like I mentioned in my review of Gifted, the first book in the series, I have loved all of them Even though I don t ever intend to become part of a circus, I do love reading about how people from all walks of life come together to form one gigantic family The love, friendship and loyalty they have for one another is truly something to be desired and appreciated I was really looking forward to jumping right back into Lucy s world and her lif

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Trailer ê Burned (Donovan Circus, #2) PDF by ↠´ Liz Long Liz Long is a USA Today bestselling author of YA and urban fantasy, most recently The Brighton Duology She is a magazine editor in Roanoke, VA, and when not writing, can be found drinking happy hour prosecco, attempting hand lettering, or cuddling her dog, Fisher She is the Director of the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference and the annual Roanoke Author Invasion, as well as a public speaker,