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[Luke Hartwell] à Atom Heart John Beloved [computation PDF] Read Online à So weird and disturbing, and I loved it Hot hot hot view spoiler all that cum play hide spoiler 5 Stars Finally FINALLY After months of not finding the one to add to my All Time Fav shelf, I have found it I ask you to read it on your own risk It s very contra version I can t even put into words how much and why I loved this book so much But I ll try This book is not for everyone.
It was really difficult and frustrating to read at times, but in sort of a god way.
In a good way, because John, our MC, is very complex teenager, with a very unique POV, one that we don t see very often He is full of himself, he is cocky, he even say that he is Gods gift Yea, right I DID NOT buy it He is so insecure He grew up in a very religious family, yet he is skeptical to begin with, and when looking into it, he is a total none believer.
He knows he is a poor student with no promising future.
he has a girlfriend that is OK, he does not really love her, she do Rainbow Award Winner Atom Heart John Beloved Chronicles The Lives Of Two Boys Who Become Friends At Age Thirteen The Story Is Told By Eighteen Year Old John, Who Quietly Whispers To His Best Friend One Night In Bed, Do Me This Novel Is A Breathtaking Love Story And An Intense Coming Of Age Story That Resembles No Other Book John S Narrative Voice Is One Of The Most Unique In Gay Literature Atom Heart John Beloved Is Literate, Intimate, Erotic, And Delightful, Delivering Unexpected Moments Of Grace OhI am beyond pissed I am in rant mode There be cursing ahead and I am not sorry.
What did I just read A book with a misleading blurb is what I read This was a fucking mess A complete and disgusting fucking mess John our narrator is a self aware and egotistical arrogant ass He is He says it himself What he does in this book in the beginning I could forgive him for He was confused, or whatever I get it I can suspend reality for that But the shit he pulls the last half of the book is unforgivable Unbelievable Just No No No No No NOOO I thought I was getting a complicated and angst filled love story of two young boys trying to find their way to one another I did not think I was getting a story of an arrogant h John is a dick He is a conceited, self absorbed, selfish prick He s a lying, cheating fucked up 18 yr old boy I don t think I am god s gift to mankind, but I do kind of feel like I was a pretty good gift for certain people who have enjoyed me I do think of myself as a prize.
That s what John is a boy A boy who makes mistakes, lots of mistakes A boy who has to deal with evil that no one should have to deal with, especially not a young boy Evil that hides behind god and religion and self righteousness A boy who deals with a huge regret that eats at him He s a boy who is all those things I called him at the beginning but he is also insecure, confused and self loathing All of John s horrible decisions and actions come from this self loathing And they are some serious fucked up things I had always known I was nothing.
When he s t I LOVE THIS BOOK.
But it is the most useless and the most helpless review you could find So, skip it I m not going to talk about this book Because I just don t want It ll stay with me I m not going to share I m selfish Besides, I m not able to deliver well structured and reasonable reviews They are too emotional and totally meaningless to be good.
Just a few words It is about Nathan The best friend of John And it is about John A lot of about John And about some other bad and good guys And about the world, family, religion, sex, lust, church, friendship, belief, music, life And love Ah, forget it, actually it is about much muchTold from the John s POV He is chaotic, narcissistic, illogic, infidel and loyal, inconsistent, extremely conceited and intense He is just John Most of you will probably hate him But not meJohn s This was intense.
But definitely not in a good way More like just kill me now intense.
This book depressed me And made me very sad It reminded me how stupid some young horny teenagers are How reckless and selfish How inconsiderate they are to other people s feelings It s so easy to break a young fragile heart And the person doing the breaking, doesn t even think twice In fact, he doesn t think at all.
I want to pinpoint that I didn t hate the book or John Beloved We all made mistakes when we were that age But the whole package of issues touched in this book, just made me angry and upset Perhaps, I read it at the wrong time I don t mind heartbreaking stories as long as they heal me in the end, but this one had failed to make me feel good, and I did not believe in that ending for one second.
There were two things I liked about it though First, the writing This author 2012 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

I d like to offer a cogent review of this book, but I can t do it Maybe some other time For now I ll just list a few random feelings I had while reading it.
1 Anger John does things that are inexcusable.
2 Hatred John is the least likable protagonist I ve ever read I truly despised him.
3 Disgust The things that happen to John and other characters just NO.
4 Pity Eventually, I saw through the game John was playing on himself He s actually a rather pathetic boy.
More than anything else, I m offended by this book I moved from distaste to disgust to being just offended by this whole sordid mess I will never, ever read this book again.
And, yes, five stars I want to reward the author with my respect for a job very well done.
Thank you, Lena, for the recommendation.
Thank you, Mark, for reading this with me.
What have I just read My head is spinning and buzzing with thoughts And wonder.
I am going to repeat something all the other readers said John, the narrator, is not nice, John is not likable At the beginning he looks like a sort of unmovable monolith, a block of self confidence and arrogance Everything is superficial at the beginning, it s about his looks and those of the people around him, it s about casual sex and pleasure, it all seems selfish and useless Through all the book though we see John falling apart, his half lies are unveiled, his mind is revealed and his heart is shattered The self assured John of the beginning of the book, the stud, the irresistible sex on legs young man shows all his fears and self hatred John doesn t belong any where He feels his Latino heritage sets him apart from the rest a

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