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Download Epub Format ç Wonder When You'll Miss Me: A Novel PDF by ç Amanda Davis I m not really sure how to begin with this review I found the book to be alright The structure of the writing was very clear and fluent I think that s one of the main reasons why I finished it The storyline of the book seemed to be very slow I did enjoy the different topics it touched on circus life, psychological trauma, acceptance of self, etc However, I found it a bit slow.
I really liked this book sad main character but ends well wish it didn t end.
This was a very frustrating book There were many things to like, but there were also a couple of problems.
16 year old Faith struggles to reclaim, then reinvent her life after a horrific experience, eventually running away to join the circus Faith s other self, the fat girl, follows her around, sometimes helping, sometimes an obstacle Faith s not being able to fit in with her peers, becoming even isolated after a suicide attempt, is heartbreaking Particularly when she realizes one of the few who is nice to her betrayed her The overwhelming message seems to be To Thine Own Self Be True, but Trust No One But Thyself Rather tragic message, but nearly everyone Faith wanted to rely on or should have been able to rely on lets her down in some way This isn t set in any particular time that I could figure out, and this is a problem for a story such as Wonder This book illustrates why I disl I liked this well enough, but was not wowed by it It definitely transcends its plot outline fat teen Faith is sexually assaulted by a group of high school boys, spends time in the psych ward, loses weight, returns to high school, seeks revenge, runs away from home, joins the circus Along the way the author sprinkles in a number of other overused tropes the emotionally distant mother, suicidal roommate, and most irritatingly, the personification of Faith s unresolved issues as an alter ego fat girl who won t go away Until she does Given the heavy handedness of some of these devices, the surprise is that the novel works as well as it does But Davis does a good job with the main character, for the most part the inner fat girl wore out her welcome well before the book ended She also did a pretty good job in overcoming the triteness of the whole run away to join the c This is easily in my top 5 favorite books ever It has probably been said a million times that it s a shame that Amanda Davis died before getting to publish But I seriously feel that now You know when you find a good writer and you want to devour everything they ve written With Davis, we just have the 2 But damn Girl did not waste any time bringing the goods I m admittedly a sucker for a coming of age story, and this book is definitely that And the coming of age process is so subtle and well executed You almost don t realize until the end of the book that the girl whose head you ve been in throughout the story has grown so much until the end of the book And I love Davis definition of what coming of age means for her protagonist She says For the first time ever, I felt self contained, and my words were made of stones The protagonist s happiness and sense of self isn t contingen

Wonder When You ll Miss Me by Amanda Davis is a richly complex novel with at least three plot arcs By definition, the arcs are not presented in a linear fashion The reader is aware that Davis is uncovering all three plots at the same time Elements of each plot march forth for reader examination at unexpected times Each plot is complex and invites reader reflection This means that the novel is not a fast read As I mulled over each element of a plot and its relation to the entire story, the novel falls short of description as a page turner I was happy to read an entertaining story that is also intelligent All plots deserve a five star rating.
Faith Duckle was lured by cups of red punch into a situation that ended in a horrible rape While all rapes are horrible, there are some acts that have dark and horrible elements than others The act described in This tale of a troubled runaway teen has some promising features the experience of struggling with mental illness is depicted in an intriguing way, the settings of small Southern towns and eventually a traveling circus provide colorful scenery Unfortunately, this book still fell flat for me The characters still seemed broadly drawn, the action was sometimes slow and motivations were hard to decipher I was particularly surprised to learn that this was a book targeted at young adults I would think only a mature teenager would be able to appreciate this journey of familial neglect, living on the streets, sexual abuse and drug use.
The unusual backdrop of a traveling circus might draw some readers in, younger or not If you re looking for tales about t Easily one of my favorite books The novel centers itself around Faith, an adolescent girl who has returned to her high school after a suicide attempt She had previously been very overweight and was tormented for it while she is now a thinner version of herself, her alter ego fat girl self follows her around, taunting her.
I found this one of the best descriptions of the loneliness of adolescence, especially because of the externalized self critical voice that serves both as a source of comfort and as a tormentor Amanda Davis writes Faith s voice so well, making it one of the most sincere girl interrupted stories I ve encountered I love books that are able to take young women and their struggles seriously, and this one is absolutely at the top of that list Breath taking, heart breaking, and a great reminder of the power of f I just finished reading Amanda Davis first and only novel It was published in 2003, so I am late to this wonderful work Better late than never though and I urge everyone who loves language and a good story to read this book.
Wonder When You ll Miss Me is a heartfelt coming of age story full of brutal honesty and beautiful, lyrical prose Sixteen year old Faith Duckle has just returned from a stint in a mental hospital after a failed suicide attempt Her classmates, including the group of boys who sexually assaulted her at homecoming, barely recognize then new thin Faith With her significant weight loss Faith now must contend with the fat girl, a girl only she can see and hear, who is hellbent of revenge and running away.
Faith finally gets retribution and leaves town in a hurry on the trail of the former busboy, whom she befriended, from her job at the restaurant Faith doesn t find her fri At Fifteen, Faith Duckle Was Lured Under The Bleachers By A Bunch Of Boys And Brutally Attacked Now, Almost A Year Later, A Newly Thin Faith Is Haunted By Her Past And By The Flippant, Cruel Ghost Of Her Formerly Fat Self Who Is Bent On RevengeFaith Eventually Turns To Violence For Retribution, Forcing Her To Flee Home In Search Of The Only Friend She Has A Troubled But Caring Busboy Who Is The Lover Of A Sideshow Performer And To Tumble Into The Colorful, Transient World Of The Circus But As She Dives Headfirst Into A World Of Adult Passions And Dreams, Mercurial Allegiances, And Exhilarating Self Discovery, Faith Must Also Face Some Disturbing Truths About Herself And The World Around Her

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Download Epub Format ç Wonder When You'll Miss Me: A Novel PDF by ç Amanda Davis See this thread for information Amanda Davis was born in 1970 and was a writer She released one collection, Circling the Drain, and one novel, Wonder When You ll Miss Me Davis died at the age of 32 in a plane crash on March 14, 2003 The plane was piloted by her father and crashed in McDowell County, North Carolina She had just begun a book tour.