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[ Read Online Twilight Eyes Ó historical-fantasy PDF ] by Dean Koontz Ä Well, there s nothing quite like re reading a favorite book only to discover that it s no longer a favoriteI honestly think that this book is the reason that I love supernatural horror so much It s been a favorite for many, many years Unfortunately the writing is merely average, which is good normally, but I ve gotten so spoiled on Koontz s later writing that average wasn t quite good enough this time It s really amazing to see how much his writing has changed over the years The things that I think of as trademarks are completely absent in this book Mainly it s humor and hope that is missing And without humor and hope Koontz is just another author to me Albeit one who writes some totally cool and terrifying stories But it s the humor and hope that gives Koontz Favorite Author status in my mind Anyway, it s still actually a good story.
At the start of this book w 3 .
Warning there may be spoilers here and Caution that last real post on this thread was long and rambling, this one is likely to be worse Why Twilight Eyes I mean, I frequently find that even amongst Kootz fans when I say this is my favorite, I get people turning heads and going huh Let me explain what about that book affected me The first thing that I picked up on were pieces like this worked into the opening of many chaptersEvery hour the radio news told us of Kitty Genovese, who had been killed two days ago 38 of her Kew Gardens neighbors had heard her terrified calls for help and watched as her attacker stabbed her, crept away, then returned to stab her again, finally killing on her own doorstep None of the thirty eight had gone to her aid None called the police until a half hour after Kitty was dead Two days later the A masterpiece.
Dean Koontz has written many great stories, but this may be his best ever A haunting, chilling tale, following the journey of Slim MacKenzie He s a drifter, but he s no ordinary man With eyes the color of twilight, he s been blessed with a psychic gift premonitions He s also been cursed, for Slim can see the monsters hiding among us, feeding on our suffering.
And when Slim joins a traveling carnival seeking sanctuary, what he ll find is a hunting ground with humanity as the prey.
What makes it even compelling, are what he sees, the goblins hiding inside, the monsters wearing the perfect disguises, looking and sounding all too human, invisible to us, but not to him And, look around, at some of the horrible things done to people by other people, it makes the idea of goblins This book is utter shit, but when I read the sex scene near the beginning as a self exploring man child of 14 years of age, I couldn t help but think, Now THERE S something that ll happen to me painfully infrequently as an adult Don t worry, this was my one and only Koontz book I tried to read and they were just fucking awful I blame my mother for interests in these types of novels.

This has still got to be my all time favourite Koontz novel I have re read it numerous times, and will no doubt continue to do so I still feel like there should be a sequel to it Slim McKenzie and Rya Raines are two of the coolest characters in the world of fiction And this book actually made me want to run and join the carnival.
For my extended review and a parody of the writing, please visit Casual Debris.
Twilight Eyes fails on every level conception, plot, character, development, character development, setting delineation and writing Even the title is weak a misplaced 1980s pop tune The novel focuses on a seventeen year old boy who has the inexplicable natural ability to see through the disguises of certain people and recognize them for what they truly are porcine creatures bent on exterminating the human race, driven by their predisposed hatred of humankind The boy, Slim MacKenzie as he has aliased himself , is on a journey to destroy these evil creatures which he randomly refers to as goblins The novel opens with Slim sneaking onto the closed lot of a travelling carnival, which is the setting for the first half of the novel The second half of the novel is One of my Koontz favorites and also one of the first few of his I read Nightmares but I was in county jail my violent ex said I hit him too so I would go to jail too so between my wariness of carnies, the bizarre plot and my just as bad reality, mind bending Even the CO asked if I was alright when I would wake up Honestly, I finished it at a much later date But recommend it HIGHLY.
Semen So much semen But that doesn t change my love for the first half of this book, a first half that s so good, I forgive the lackluster second half completely So five stars is right, you monsters Why do I mention semen Find out that and other things here Slim MacKenzie Is No Ordinary Man With Eyes The Color Of Twilight, He S Been Blessed With A Psychic Gift Premonitions He S Also Been Cursed, For Slim Can See The Monsters Hiding Among Us, Feeding On Our SufferingAnd When Slim Joins A Traveling Carnival Seeking Sanctuary, What He Ll Find Is A Hunting Ground With Humanity As The Prey

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