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☆ The Vampire's Assistant ✓ Download by à Darren Shan The hunger inside us must be fed to be controlled Wow This one blew my reading mind all over the place, being far superior to the first Both stories were good and this was a continuation where the first left off however, this one was consistent with plot, pacing, and even richer in story detail Generally the tales of when all the big, bad begins has the most suspense and ambition, but in this case the character slowly settling into his new world ended up kicking the previous books butt and taking names.
The ensemble of bizarre circus characters was truly intriguing from his new friends and the unusual problems they face, to the leaders in charge who he must be wary of in both power and crossing lines, to some of the difficult and at times morally questionable work, Darren is also cursed with trying to accept what he now is and what he must d I really had to think about my rating for this one for quite a while I waffled between 3 and 4 stars for a few days because of one thing the heavy handed foreshadowing.
The I thought about it though, and especially after finishing the book, I realized one really important thing these books are not written for people my age Without the foreshadowing and the constant mentioning that bad things are coming, I honestly think that what happens could be severely traumatic, upsetting, and disturbing for a child to read and this is set at 12 and up, so if you re a parent I d suggest reading these first before handing them off to your kids I m being very serious when I say that this could be nightmare material The foreshadowing is therefor quite necessary because it prepare Darren Shan Was Just An Ordinary Schoolboy Until His Visit To The Cirque Du Freak Now, As He Struggles With His New Life As A Vampire S Assistant, He Tries Desperately To Resist The One Temptation That Sickens Him, The One Thing That Can Keep Him Alive But Destiny Is Calling The Wolf Man Is Waiting I didn t know what to read next, even though Blood Song was already on my currently reading list, so I decided to rearrange a part of my bookshelf I noticed book 3 lying around with a couple of other random books I then had a slight feeling of wanting to continue on with the series I heard nothing but great things, but book 1 managed to disappoint me Setting the bad past experience of book 1 aside, I decided to read the book 2 and decide after if I would finish the series or not Despite the 3 star rating I gave this, I have to admit that I can t wait to finish all of the books in the series.
This can be considered one of those YA horror books that you should ve read when you were actually a young adult I m turning 20 this year, so I didn t find anything creepy about this novel What I li What makes Darren Shan s books a great read is that even though they re over 200 pages long, I can easily finish them The action within this book is very quick and there s always something new for you to read The ending for me was a little shocking, but the way that Darren Shan writes makes you want to read the next book The Vampire s Assistant is the 2nd book in a series of seven books After reading the Dreamcatcher which was over 800 pages long this was an easy read and very quick For many this book might seem scary especially just by looking at the cover However, when you start reading personally I don t find it scary and I know it s unrealistic Even though this book is fantasy Darren Shan creates a lot of imagery for me as a reader I feel like I can imagine everything and it s like a movie playing in my head The you r .
30 2017 The Cirque du Freak series was incredibly popular when I was in junior high school, but after reading the first novel, I don t understand why The characters were all very annoying and facile, the plot dragged on aimlessly and the sentences were choppy This book was nothing special and not even worth reading.

The Vampire s Assistant Cirque du Freak 2 , Darren ShanAfter traveling with Mr Crepsley, the vampire who made him into a half vampire, Darren Shan returns to the freak show known as the Cirque du Freak and continues to fight his need to drink human blood originally published September 30, 2000 2006 1382 232 1385 9644176138 1390 9789644176135 1392 21.
The book was a quick, enjoyable, fun read I liked it Darren is miserable His master, Mr Crepsley, keeps pressuring him to drink human blood, but Darren refuses hoping to keep his humanity But with each day that passes without drinking human blood Darren grows weaker Crepsley warns Darren that if he does not drink he will die On top of all this Darren is lonely for friends his own age So Crepsley takes them back to the Cirque du Freak where this story takes place.
I am enjoying this series a lot than The Saga of Larten Crepsley series I read previously Darren seems much of a real and relatable character Though I think most boys would LOVE to be a vampire, Darren s struggle with losing his humanity feels real even for someone young To read my review of the other books in this series, use the links belowBook One A Liv

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☆ The Vampire's Assistant ✓ Download by à Darren Shan Darren Dash And in the past he has released books for adults under the names