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[ Read Online The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal Ç swaziland PDF ] by Jared Diamond Ç Jared Diamond should be required reading He has influenced my view of humanity and historythan probably anyone except maybe a history professor in college, where I was a history minor No, I think I Diamond has influenced meI stumbled across a 3 part series on PBS based on Guns, Germs and Steel a couple of years ago and was floored I bought and read the book immediately and was evenblown away Since then I have read Collapse How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed and Why is Sex Fun Both of them were also mind blowing and insightful The Third Chimpanzee was Diamond s first book and it really lays the groundwork for his three following In fact 3C read a bit like an abridged version of the other three books combined But that is not to say it did not contain things the other books didn t.
or at least that I don t remember The next time I recommend Diamond to This is a wonderful book by a great author In fact, I prefer this book to the other books that I ve read by Jared Diamond It is entertaining, informative, and every page is interesting The book covers a vast range of topics, such as how are humans qualitatively different from other animals, why do men do stupid things to impress women, why do people practice adultery, why do humans practice genocide, how did languages evolve, why do some people become addicted to drugs, why do humans produce art, and why do humans age The book ends with the ecological harm humans have done to the planet not just recently, but in ancient times as well , and the extinctions of species that we cause Diamond shows how none of these activities are unique to original review The audience called for an encore and Jared obliged The rewind was not as much fun.
Update The Homosexual Chimpanzee However, this book has some great explanations on human sexuality but does not address one which I was not able to find a satisfactory explanation for, evolutionarily speaking Homosexuality The following is an explanatory excerpt from The Extended Phenotype by Richard Dawkins I am adding this here for my own reference, but I am sure you will find it damn interesting tooConsider human male homosexuality as aserious example On the face of it, the existence of a substantial minority of men who prefer sexual relations with their own sex rather than with the opposite sex constitutes a problem for any simple Darwinian theory The rather discursive title of a privately circulated homosexualist pamphlet, which the author was kin If you ve read Guns, Germs and Steel or Collapse you know what to expect from Jared Diamond a blizzard of fascinating facts, insights and theories that will spark tens of conversations among your like minded friends and colleagues.
Diamond is a master of spinning hard fact and intriguing theory into readable books, and he does so again in The Third Chimpanzee The Evolution Future of the Human Animal, exploring the link between humans and the beings we call apes Diamond argues against such a distinction, and posits that humans are simply a third variety of chimpanzee and the evolution of human bodies, minds and culture.
If you re in the mood for an interesting and informative info dump you ve come to the right book Diamond explores high and low, illuminating research ranging from comparisons of genitalia size There s reason why Hung like a Gorilla is not a popular Excellent I m giving it four stars instead of five only because from the vantage of 2014 its age shows, mainly in the absence of some information learned since it was written about the Neanderthals and the similar but then unknown Denisovan people specifically, the presence of small amounts of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA in the modern human gene pool and in the absence of that knowledge, the author makes some assumptions about our history with those other peoples that are incomplete at best but the book is impressive in its accurate anticipation of the situations of the present and probable future The title is based on our very close genetic links with the two species normally called chimpanzees, i.
e the common chimp and what Diamond calls the pigmy chimp, normally referred to now as the bonobo Any other species

Funny that I read this book in Mexico, a country wherepeople believe in creation than evolution For the record, I think we evolved from apes For the record, that doesn t bother me in the least.
I am going to do two things, first, I will talk about what I learned from this book, secondly I am going to go on a rant about anthropology While this book was interesting, there were parts where the author stepped far beyond his area of expertise, leading to some very weak chapters Further, this was written almost 20 years ago, and it is simply amazing how quickly scientific knowledge has advanced Some parts were outdated, which I found remarkable Scientific facts seem to have a very quick expiration date.
This book details defining characters of human society symbolic langu If you want to find answers for your questions like the qualitative discrepancies between human and animals, how and why men do stupid things for attracting women, the reasons for being unfaithful among men, evolution of language, the reason for creating artworks by people, please read this book The author shows that such odd behaviors are not just pertaing to humans, but also has root in ancestral interfaces with animals.
We are all 98% chimp By that I mean that we share 98% of our genes with our closest animal ancestors Diamond patiently explains what that means and explores what makes us human.
People say that humanity is differentiated by the use of tools and language, but also by murder and genocide Actually the animal kingdom has examples of rudimentary tools, complex language, murder and genocide Perhaps it is the degree to which we indulge that makes us human no bonobo or aardvaark has a red button where, by pushing it, they could obliterate whole cities.
No penguin or gazelle lives in as diverse a range of habitats as humanity, nor do they bend nature to its will in quite the same way as we do.
So what does make us human Diamond makes the case that language of increasing complexity and abs Hayvanlardan Tanr lara Sapiens nsan T r n n K sa Bir Tarihi kitab n n ba ta idefix gibi sitelerde bilin li ve kas tl bir bi imde s rekli indirime gidip raflardan hi indirilmemesinin en b y k sebeplerinden birisi bu kitab n a k ve net bir kapitalist sistem propagandas i eriyor olmas d r lgili kitaba yazd m yorumda detaylar n ve gerek elerini g receksiniz.
Bu kitap Sapiens e k yasla kesinlikle daha kaliteli, daha tutarl , daha kapsaml ve bilimsel Sadece kaynak as 45 sayfa tutan bu kitab n raflarda s rekli yer almamas , her hafta indirime girmemesi, setler halinde sat lmamas , DR larda pohpohlanmamas , insan y celtip evrenin merkezine koyan antroposentrik bak a s yla yaz lmad ndan ve s rekli ve yo un bir kapitalizm propagandas yapmad ndand r lgin detaylarda More Than% Of Human Genes Are Shared With Two Species Of Chimpanzee The Third Chimpanzee Is ManJared Diamond Surveys Our Life Cycle, Culture, Sexuality And Destructive Urges Both Towards Ourselves And The Planet To Explore The Ways In Which We Are Uniquely Human Yet Still Influenced By Our Animal Origins

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[ Read Online The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal Ç swaziland PDF ] by Jared Diamond Ç sustanon.pro Jared Diamond is the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning Guns, Germs, and Steel He is Professor of Geography at UCLA and has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society He has dedicated this book to his sons and future generations.