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[ Pdf The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism é 11th-century PDF ] by Naomi Klein Û Using shock treatment as a metaphor, Klein analyzes the importance of economic dislocations and disasters to the success of Milton Friedman s free market philosophy This is an important book, and shows why the apparent stupidities of the Bush administration in Iraq and Katrina are actually deliberate measures designed to daze and demoralize people into accepting a radical free market agenda.
The lucky get Kevlar, the rest get prayer beads This is a chilling, writhing outrage of a book A hideous, squealing beast of a book that cannot and should not be ignored.
Klein has dropped the curtain on an ugly, malevolent Wizard When these kind of curtains drop, we never like what we see Like so many of these kinds of leftist exposes on conservatives, the Bush Administration, the neocons and their rabble, this book needn t have been written Orwell wrote it already But better than any other book of its kind, Klein makes it so painfully obvious that these necons who have grabbed control of the reins of this wild mustang of a country and who disdain the government so much have absolutely no business governing Something is indeed rotten when Destruction and Doom is this profitable It s Cowardly, it s Un American, it s Weak, and it is Lazy If Reading is Sexy, this book is a tour thro .
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I only got about into this I don t like the shifty way Klein argues her points I felt like I was being propagandized rather than educated.
Much of her main shock doctrine argument seems to be just sort of a tightly woven set of linguistic parallels that are meant to suggest causation Something like Hitler had the autobahn built The autobahn allowed drivers to finally race where they wanted to go Hitler crafted what he thought of as the final solution to a race problem So you see, highway systems are part and parcel of genocide.
You see, electroshock is a mostly discredited method of treating mental illness that results in profound disorientation and amnesia Electric shocks are also used to torture people in despotic regimes People recommending against gradual economic reforms have used the metaphor of shock treatment to describe rapid, all at once changes Ergo, these sorts of ec This was a very illuminating work about how chaotic situations are used, and sometimes created, as cover for the imposition of drastic economic and political reorganization in vulnerable economies The end product of these actions is a so called free market model as advocated by the Chicago School of Milton Friedman and his acolytes Examples used include Chile, China, Argentina, Bolivia, South Africa, Russia, among others The technique is for western financial powers to swoop in during a time of financial crisis and refuse to lend a struggling nation any money until that nation agrees to a radical reworking of its economy This reworking is done in a shock, with many changes instituted all at once, with little or no warning These changes, as they are draconian tow In Her Ground Breaking Reporting From Iraq, Naomi Klein Exposed How The Trauma Of Invasion Was Being Exploited To Remake The Country In The Interest Of Foreign Corporations She Called It Disaster Capitalism Covering Sri Lanka In The Wake Of The Tsunami, And New Orleans Post Katrina, She Witnessed Something Remarkably Similar People Still Reeling From Catastrophe Were Being Hit Again, This Time With Economic Shock Treatment Losing Their Land And Homes To Rapid Fire Corporate Makeovers The Shock Doctrine Retells The Story Of The Most Dominant Ideology Of Our Time, Milton Friedman S Free Market Economic Revolution In Contrast To The Popular Myth Of This Movement S Peaceful Global Victory, Klein Shows How It Has Exploited Moments Of Shock And Extreme Violence In Order To Implement Its Economic Policies In So Many Parts Of The World From Latin America And Eastern Europe To South Africa, Russia, And Iraq At The Core Of Disaster Capitalism Is The Use Of Cataclysmic Events To Advance Radical Privatization Combined With The Privatization Of The Disaster Response Itself By Capitalizing On Crises, Created By Nature Or War, Klein Argues That The Disaster Capitalism Complex Now Exists As A Booming New Economy, And Is The Violent Culmination Of A Radical Economic Project That Has Been Incubating For Fifty Years Everything under heaven is in utter chaos the situation is excellentMaoI read it once, and I couldn t believe it.
I tried reading it again and I believe it even less.
I want to, honestly And I feel as strongly as the author that The Shock Doctrine is changing the world But it runs in the face of all economics I have been taught and I find myself scorning and muttering alarmist to some of theprovocative paragraphs Thesis The history of the contemporary free market was written in shocks Some of the most infamous human rights violations of the past thirty five years, which have tended to be viewed as sadistic acts carried out by anti democratic regimes, were in fact either committed with the deliberate intent of terrorizing the public or actively harnessed to prepare the ground for the introduction of radical free market reforms.
i This is an ambitious book It tries to tie the economic politics of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia in the 1970s , Russia, Poland, China, South Africa in the 1980s and early nineties , the war in Iraq, the tsunami, and hurricane Katrina into a unified theory Obviously, certain investigative and interpretive biases are required to make this work Third world nationalism and developmentalism, in general, get off pretty easy in Klein s analysis As a specialist in Indonesia, I found her portrayal of the Suharto regime as a betrayal of the somehowviable Sukarno regime a bit evasive let us not foget that Sukarno was also an ideologue who ran the nation s economy into the ground in the name of fighting neo colonialism Making me wonder just how she d cooked the books in analyzing numerous other countries whose histories I don t know so well.
That said, it offers a ve .

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[ Pdf The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism é 11th-century PDF ] by Naomi Klein Û sustanon.pro Naomi Klein is an award winning journalist, syndicated columnist, documentary filmmaker and author of the international bestsellers No Logo Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, The Shock Doctrine The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and This Changes Everything Capitalism vs the Climate She is a senior correspondent for The Intercept and her writing appears widely in such publications as The New York T