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[ Pdf 西遊記 [Xī Yóu Jì] ✓ niger PDF ] by Wu Cheng'en ë This first volume is pretty interesting and less formulaic than the subsequent volumes, which are the pilgrims episodic adventures, rinsed and repeated Here we start with Monkey s enlightenment, how he causes chaos in Heaven and is punished the Tang Emperor makes a really trivial mistake that almost costs him his life and necessitates the commission of a pilgrimage to India to show his piety Guanyin doing the legwork of gathering all the involved parties for Tripitaka s pilgrimage.
Tripitaka, Monkey and Pigsy s backstories are pretty vivid it is kind of hilarious that Monkey is a total ruffian, much like the thugs in Outlaws of the Marsh, Pigsy is lazy, lecherous, and sinful, and Tripitaka is naggy and cowardly Sandy and the horse don t really need to be mentioned.
One annoying thing about this story is the fact that all the demons are really there just for the sake of being enemi Sorry in advance for a terrible review, I suck at writing them So The Journey to the West starts out with this stone monkey and his adventures on Flower Fruit Mountain After the first 7 or so chapters we move to a Buddhist monk and his 3 disciples one of those being that monkey going on surprise a journey to the west I found this book really fascinating and surprisingly easy to read So far in this story they haven t accomplished much and have mostly just been gathering disciples, fighting monsters, and stealing things cough Sun Wu Kung cough Looking forward to reading volume 2 I just started watching the new Netflix adaptation called the New Legends of Monkey or something like that and honestly it s really not great.
First Published In , The Journey To The West, Volume I, Comprises The First Twenty Five Chapters Of Anthony C Yu S Four Volume Translation Of Hsi Yu Chi, One Of The Most Beloved Classics Of Chinese Literature The Fantastic Tale Recounts The Sixteen Year Pilgrimage Of The Monk Hs An Tsang , One Of China S Most Illustrious Religious Heroes, Who Journeyed To India With Four Animal Disciples In Quest Of Buddhist Scriptures For Nearly A Thousand Years, His Exploits Were Celebrated And Embellished In Various Accounts, Culminating In The Hundred ChapterJourney To The West, Which Combines Religious Allegory With Romance, Fantasy, Humor, And Satire I really enjoy, as most do, Part One, the origin of Sun Wukong and his hell raising days before he is finally subdued by Buddha After that, I am often annoyed, as some are, by how weepy yet obstinate Xuanzang is especially because he is supposed to be a highly cultivated monk , how underdeveloped the characters Sha Wujing and Yulong Santaiz are, how repetitive the 81 ordeals can be, and the author s repeated use of deus ex machina Nevertheless, it is a fascinating and often hilarious adventure story of enlightenment I only wish I could read the Chinese original I m certain the poems would befluid and beautiful and the text would be full of wordplay I would also be interested in reading an annotated version.
This has to be one of the most boring books I have ever read I mean, the beginning of the book, back when Sun Wukong was free to do whatever he pleased was pretty acceptable But in the moment he is given the task of babysitting Sanzang is where the book starts to get irritating I understand that the book is supposed to be epic and full of metaphors, but imagine the case when someone asks Wukong something and instead of reading the sentence and Wukong explained everything that happened to him , he actually tells everything he had been through I feel awfully frustrated with the speed of the story I feel as if I m stuck in a boring journey.
I am going to read the rest of the books, though It s a matter of honor.
Well, this is just one of four parts to this rather enormous Chinese work that I ve been meaning to read for a long time now The Journey to the West, at least this portion, is most notably about the origins of Sun Wukong, the mischievous monkey king of folklore For the most part, even just this installation of the epic feels like it is split into two distinct subcategories, one being far supreme to the other The first thing I noticed was a return to that beautiful, distinct style of prose that marks most East Asian literature However, as this is the first Chinese novel I ve read, I notice subtle differences from Japanese counterparts Scattered selections of descriptive verse embellish the entire work and make it that mu I first started reading this book many years ago but didn t pick it up seriously until last week I m surprised at how many of the incidents I recognize in translated form from various comic books, movies and video games imported originally from Japan For being a mostly unknown story in America, this novel half folklore and half fiction casts a wide shadow across Asia with its mix of Chinese, Japanese and Indian folk elements.

5 5It s been a while since I last made my way through an extended volume set In terms of familiarity, this doesn t have the recognizable if conscious obfuscation of In Search of Lost Time , nor is it as esoteric despite its relative straightforwardness as The Arabian Nights Indeed, I compared the experience in a previous group read message to my reading of The Canterbury Tales , which is bothcontemporaneous with JttW than the previous two, and also has asimilar structure of a sequence of interlinked short stories adventures conveyed through a set case of minimally fluctuating characters There are vast differences, of course, what with JttW being far meatier in terms of theological expansion and intricate renderings of feasts and prayers and myriad poetic interjections, but while my edition doesn t have the plethora of footnotes I imag A monk and his 3 supernatural disciples set out on a journey westward to obtain buddhist scriptures Actually that description is the story eventually there s quite a bit of build up and background to get through first.
So there were a few surprises in this for me Firstly while it might well be based on ancient legend this isn t some oral tale which has simply been written down but rather a proper literary piece from the 16th century Which is quite recent from china s point of view I find it quite difficult to read fairytales so was quite glad this wasn t one.
Secondly i m a big fan of the tv adaptation of this Monkey It was a 70 s show made by japan rather than china and then dubbed into english by people who often didn t even have a script, they would just make up the story based on what seemed to be happening on screen For all of these reasons i ass I read the four volume revised Kindle edition of this book, translated by Anthony C Yu The story is the fictive rendition of a journey made by a 7th century Buddhist monk, Xuanzang, during the Tang Dynasty He undertook his famous, nearly two decade long pilgrimage in order to study Buddhism and acquire original Sanskrit texts of the religion from India When he returned to China, he translated many of the original texts to Chinese, thus leaving a decisive legacy on Chinese Buddhism Some of the pilgrim s original scrolls are saved in a pagoda inside Xingijao Temple near today s Xian.
The story starts with the mystical events of a creature becoming the Handsome Monkey King Through various twists and turns, he acquires great skills and a variety of supernatural power which

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