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[ Read Online The Final Confession of Mabel Stark ☆ teen PDF ] by Robert Hough ï Mabel Stark a real circus performer known for her famous tiger taming acts from the 1920 s is the main character of this fictional memior by Robert Hough The story begins with the 80 year old Stark telling her life story or confession and it is a thrill for us to read Mabel has had action packed into her life than most She begins life as Mary Haynie a teenage nurse in a small Kentucky town who ends up in a disasterous marriage and as a result finds herself in a mental institution suffering from a supposed nervous breakdown When a sympathetic psychiatrist helps her to escape, she finds a job the only place she can, a cheap carnival as a dancing girl Following another disaster of a marriage she is forced to dance cooch and finally gets spotted by Al G Barnes who runs a somewhat respectable carnival It is here that Mabel encounters her beloved tigers and marries for a third time I m about halfway through and only really started caring about the character around page 200 I think this novel is shackled by the author doing too much research and trying to include it all instead of getting in deeper touch with the character s emotions Even though Mabel is brash on the outside, since it s told in first person, I d expect to see vulnerability, especially given what she lives through in the first two chapters.
The sex scenes, which are plentiful, are also distracting and feel as if written by a man, not a woman meaning there s a lack of authenticity there It s laugh out loud bewildering in places.
Despite this, it is a novel about circus life in the 1900s 1930s and the subject matter interests me enough to keep me reading on You can learn a lot by reading books t In The S And S, During The Golden Age Of The Big Top, Mabel Stark Was The Superstar Of The Ringling Brothers Barnum And Bailey Circus, And One Of America S Most Eccentric Celebrities A Tiny, Curvaceous Kentucky Blonde In A White Leather Bodysuit, Mabel Was Brazen, Sexually Adventurous, And Suicidally Courageous The Final Confession of Mabel Stark Is Robert Hough S Brilliant, Highly Acclaimed Novelization Of Her Fantastic Life It Is Mabel Is Just Turning Eighty And Is About To Lose Her Job At Jungleland, A Southern California Game Park Devastated By The Loss Of Her Cats, She Looks Back On Her Life And Her Five Husbands The Fifth Would One Day Be Tragically Mauled By Her One True Love, Her Ferocious Yet Amorous Pound Bengal Tiger Rajah Starting With Her Escape From A Mental Institution To Begin Her Circus Career As A Burlesque Dancer, Mabel S Exquisitely Voiced Confession Is A Live Wire Of Dark Secrets, Broken Dreams, And Comic Escapades It Is A Brilliant, Exhilarating Story Of An America Before Television And Movies, When The Spectacle Of The Circus Reigned And An Unlikely Woman Captured The Public Imagination With Her Singular Charm And Audacity Lions, and tigers, and menoh my After reading this book, I swear I was going to join the circus and tame tigers myself A historical fiction of sorts follows the love life and career of Miss Mable Stark She is beyond her time with independed furvior and has an often comedic interpretation of romance Her true love s are her cats, whom have sent her dangerously close to her death bed on than one occasion In addition in and out of the ring with her cats she struggles with a countries shift in interests from the star studded railroad express of tent shows to big city entertainment.
This is a fictionalized first person account of the life of Mabel Stark, a Kentucky orphan born Mary Haynie who went from nurse to hootchie kootchie dancer to top billed tiger tamer with the Barnum Bailey circus in the 1920s I found it fascinating, especially the descriptions of the circus and her relationships with the tigers I wanted to find out about circus life in general and Mabel Stark in particular What did I learn Tigers are very, very dangerous no surprise, right and Mabel has the scars to prove it The Bengal tiger she raised from a cub nearly killed her in the ring.
Highly enjoyable novel based on the true life Tiger trainer, Mabel Stark Lots of good stuff about the circus and her unusual life and marriages.
This story about the greatest American circus tiger trainer fascinated me because we often stopped at the Baraboo circus and Wisconsin Dells on the way to visit relatives each summer What I never expected was some of the confessions of this amazing woman She plowed through life, experiencing pain and pleasure with equal gusto Just when I thought she could have no of interest to tell about her circus adventures, that s when she picked up the pace.
I tried to verify the earlier life of Mabel as depicted in The Final Confession of Mabel Stark An autobiography of Mabel Stark called Hold That Tiger was written, however it is generally thought to be released only to promote the circus, and likely written by the Ringling Press Department and not Mabel at all I could not find any reference to its contents telling of her earlier life Copies of the book are selling for 200.
00 to 500.
00 Available inter loan libraries will not loan their copy So I am not likely to actually read it Mabel, it is said, embellished her life in interviews and rarely told the same story about her birth, adolescence and young adult life Her later professional life is well documented, intertwined with that of the circuses and animal exhibits that employed her There is some evidence that she had intended to write her own story She hi

4 stars It was great I loved it I always enjoy historical fiction when it is based on real people or events and this one was no exception The author took a lot of liberties with the numerous unknown parts of Mabel s life, creating such a memorable and unique story in the process First Sentence He is tall, knobby kneed, thin as a quarter pole, in his shop on Seventh Street, craned over his tailoring bench, applying white piping to a vest, when the pain in his lower right abdomen becomes a searing white hot agony.
Update dropping this to one star because I am still furious about it Ughhh This book started so strong and thenThe story repeats itself over and over Mabel joins a new circus, gets married, gets mauled by some of the big cats, repeat Repetition aside, the number one reason I greatly disliked this book was the sex Not because it was graphic or excessive I would have been able to forgive either of those faults but because it was SO POORLY WRITTEN Honestly, if you want to be flat out turned off by a sex scene, read this book I won t even go into it, but how the author could also slip in inappropriate scenes that involve a freaking tiger is beyond me The sex was also so repetitive happening about every other chapter that I found myself flinching when I turned the page, waiting to be assaulted by the next gross scene.
Also, for some inexplicable reason, Mabel begins training a jaguar by

Robert Hough

[ Read Online The Final Confession of Mabel Stark ☆ teen PDF ] by Robert Hough ï sustanon.pro I grow misty with nostalgia every time I pass beneath one of those ugly CN railway trestles of my youth In addition to novel writing my fifth, The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan, came out in April I also like spelunking, Turkmenestani thumb wrestling and babies.