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[Charles G. Finney] ✓ The Circus of Dr. Lao [civil-war-eastern-theater PDF] Read Online Ë A book quite unlike anything else I ve ever read It concerns the visit of Dr Lao s circus to a small Midwestern town during the Depression This is a very unconventional circus It s a collection of mythological creatures, but not everyone who sees them can agree about what they are There s really no plot at all, the book merely deals with the effects that Dr Lao s circus has on the various people who see it It s a kind of fable, with a definite touch of surrealism to it The early 1960s movie version has very little in common with the novel A disturbing but magical book, and one you won t forget originally published in 1935.
A strange tale of a circus that comes to a quiet depression era town The story itself is kind of fun in a magical realist sort of way, but where the author really shines is when he steps out of the story telling to give pretty scathing critiques of society and progress Sort of reads like Kurt Vonnegut at times, especially in the glossary defining all the characters and inconsistencies in the book Good stuff although one reviewer is mistaken that his is Charles Finney s only book A very quick perusal of the introduction of which I didn t read, and probably won t read says that he wrote books after this one, but his first novel was the only one to gain any kind of success The said reviewer also doesn t like R rated material in his books, nor effeminate actors I on the other hand either don t notice the r ratedness of book Abalone, Arizona, Is A Sleepy Southwestern Town Whose Chief Concerns Are Boredom And Surviving The Great Depression That Is, Until The Circus Of Dr Lao Arrives And Immensely And Irrevocably Changes The Lives Of Everyone Drawn To Its Tents Expecting A Sideshow Spectacle, The Citizens Of Abalone Instead Confront And Learn Profound Lessons From The Mythical Made Real A Chimera, A Medusa, A Talking Sphinx, A Sea Serpent, Witches, The Hound Of The Hedges, A Werewolf, A Mermaid, An Ancient God, And The Elusive, Ever Changing Dr Lao The Circus Unfolds, Spinning Magical, Dark Strands That Ensnare The Town S Populace The Sea Serpent S Tale Shatters Love S Illusions The Fortune Teller S Shocking Pronouncements Toll The Tedium And Secret Dread Of Every Person S Life Sensual Undercurrents Pour Forth For Men And Women Alike And The Dead Walk Again Dazzling And Macabre, Literary And Philosophical, The Circus Of Dr Lao Has Been Acclaimed As A Masterpiece Of Speculative Fiction And Influenced Such Writers As Ray Bradbury This Bison Frontiers Of Imagination Edition Features A New Introduction By Noted Fantasy Writer John Marco And Striking Illustrations By Boris Artzybasheff From The First Edition THE SEVEN FACES OF DR LAO was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I still love watching it from time to time Of course, it was based on this book Finney delivers a rather minimalist approach in dealing with his fable and trying to teach the people of a small western town a lesson I just didn t get much substance out of this novella compared to the film.
An odd, mordant phantasmagoria There are traces of sexist and racist attitudes that don t sit well with me, but leavened by the urbane wit and rich imagination It s a strange book really, frivolous but thought provoking, and blessed with a wonderful set of appendices that remind me of Ambrose Bierce in Infernal lexicographer mode.
I am fascinated by circus themes, which is why I picked up this odd little book A Chinese man brings a circus into the small hick town of Abalone, Arizona The advertising is itself funny, arousing the curiosity of the townspeople, most of whom end up going to the circus What happens there and the curiosities displayed by Dr Lao are the rest of the plot.
For a start, it was quite interesting to see what an author in 1935 would have considered outlandish in a circus, considering there were freak shows of people with all kinds of physical conditions I think the Russian who was a bear was the most interesting of them all The creatures are taken mostly from folklore and mythology I also enjoyed Dr Lao s appearances, at times ta This is a truly extraordinary book it packs into its short length commentary on human nature in both its sad and wonderful aspects than many authors would struggle to depict through vast volumes of work I believe that in a just world this book would be considered among the paragons of American letters, right up there with free thinking luminaries like Mark Twain, who Charles Finney indeed often calls to my mind while reading The Circus of Dr Lao The whole story takes place in a day and, indeed, you should be able to read this book in a few hours, and because of its brevity and depth it is one you can and should keep returning to like the best works of Twain, every new reading brings something slightly new, and a different perspective Finney s sty What an odd little book The Circus of Dr Lao is wellodd, surreal, humorous, jarring, unsettling, magical and bizarre It deserves to be than an obscure classic The book starts out strange and just gets stranger There s not much to the story, a circus comes to the sleepy town of Abalone, Arizona and the townsfolk seem unimpressed but they ve got nothing better to do, so they go.
There is a scene in which a lady has her fortune told It s so brilliant and brutal Wow Shirley Jackson would have loved it This is an easy read, for all the weirdness, and short enough to be read in a day I think I ll still be thinking about it for a long time Recommended to fans of obscure classics.

THE MOST UNSETTLING THING I HAVE EVER read As if in coda to my completion, a painter brought into my folks decorating store a dead hummingbird he found in the back of his van He brought it forward like an acolyte bearing the thin weight of his aged master, forward toward a raised dais, laying it down, then prostrating himself in supplication The painter said to me, lying the stiff, inert carcass upon my desk, I thought you could give it a good burial III just don t know how it got in there And so a soul was claimed This book is a monster It is a monster for the mirror it shines upon us all our humanity, and our vein attempts to circumvent it It begins calmly enough, an advert placed in the Abalone, Arizona newspaper, announcing the circus of Dr Lao was on its way But no one saw it on the roads And no one saw it on th This strange slender deadpan novel I think Charles Finney is the first incarnation of Kurt Vonnegut from 1935 charmed me half to death when I first read it years ago And it pretty nearly did it again just now As the years rolled by I think it s got even stranger For one thing, for a silly fantasy about a circus full of the world s most mythical beings a sphinx, a chimera, a sea serpent, a mermaid, a werewolf, a hound of the hedges, whatever that is, along with Appolonius of Tyana, a magician, and Yottle, a god, and so on and so forth turning up in a hick town in Arizona, where the phlegmatic locals suppose they may as well stroll down and check it out, and mostly aren t that impressed, and say many things like I never thought there was no sech animal and however did you catch this here satyr anyhow, Doctor and well, did you ever

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[Charles G. Finney] ✓ The Circus of Dr. Lao [civil-war-eastern-theater PDF] Read Online Ë sustanon.pro Charles Grandison Finney was an American news editor and fantasy novelist, the great grandson of evangelist