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Trailer ☆ The Circus in Winter PDF by Î Cathy Day From To , The Great Porter Circus Makes The Unlikely Choice To Winter In An Indiana Town Called Lima, A Place That Feels As Classic As Sherwood Anderson S Winesburg, Ohio, And As Wondrous As A First Trip To The Big Top In Lima An Elephant Can Change The Course Of A Man S Life Or The Manner Of His Death Jennie Dixianna Entices Men With Her Dazzling Spin Of Death And Keeps Them In Line With Secrets Locked In A Cedar Box The Lonely Wife Of The Show S Manager Has Each Room Of Her House Painted Like A Sideshow Banner, Indulging Her Desperate Passion For A Young Painter And A Former Clown Seeks Consolation From His Loveless Marriage In His Post Circus Job At Clown Alley Cleaners In Her Astonishing Debut, Cathy Day Follows The Circus People Into Their Everyday Lives, Bringing The Greatest Show On Earth To The Page A series of interconnected short stories, this collection is about a small town in Indiana than a circus Yes, at one point in the town s history, the circus did winter there, but that hook is never given the space and room it deserves Honestly, the premise could have been anything There s nothing that makes the circus a necessity, which is a problem when that s the supposedly unifying element of a short story collection.
As for the stories themselves, they re not bad But they aren t great I lived in Indiana for a few years, and other than a brief comment about the weather and how utterly depressing winter can be, there s nothing in the book that captures Indiana s unique character.
Another problem, for me, was lack of character diversity by which I mean personality In the last story, there s a comment about there being two types of people those who stay and To be fair, this review must be prefaced by disclosing a personal preference possibly a passion, certainly a strong like for all things circus Ok, not all things circus, certainly not the animal cruelty, but most things circus just seem positively magical to me and sparkle accordingly So I was predisposed to liking this book and ended up absolutely loving it Taking the write what you know advice, Cathy Day did just that and created a book inspired by her place of birth, Peru, Indiana or Lima, Indiana aptly enough as it is known in the book A small town whose claim to fame besides being Cole Porter s birthplace is serving as a winter quarters of a traveling circus Day s got circus in her veins, her grand or great grandfather operated one, so this book is a sort of mish mash of fictionalized accounts of his show a The Circus in Winter is a thoughtful collection of interwoven stories that come together the you read While some of the figures are left as caricatures, a few are fully fleshed out with comic, disturbing, or heartbreaking narrative The final piece is a beautiful meditation on what it s like to leave the small town you grew up in.
I went into this book with little to no expectations The plot was interesting, sure, but this was a book I wanted to get through to get to the other side, so I could interview the Ball State group working to turn its themes into a musical.
Talk about a fantastic surprise to have discovered such a gem of short stories Obviously these are all the poignant to me since I m a Hoosier and Day herself grew up in Peru, Ind.
, the town not too far away from me that, at the turn of the century, was home to the very circus she based these stories on What I didn t expect was how great the characters in each story would be from Jennie Dixianna, the beautiful acrobat whose Spin of Death captivated audiences, to Hans Hofstadter, whose evil treatment of animals he cared for would backfire on him in the worst way, I loved every one of them Rich, layered charact This beautifully written book contains many interwoven stories that all somehow relate to a circus that wintered in Lima IN beginning in the late 1800s While short stories are not my thing, this book weaves them all together so that it s not really short stories at all, but almost like listening to an elderly relative tell you stories about the past Highly entertaining.
This is one of the most unique books I ve read in years The book is comprised of a collection of stories of several characters, whose stories all intertwine by the end of the book With the exception of one story, The Lone Star Cowboy, which only relates to a story near the beginning of the book I am in awe of how Day introduced each character and how each one impacts the lives of all of the others Each story can easily stand on its own, which is refreshing in its own right.
Overall, the stories are all very sad, very much depicting the realities of life and not those that you read of in other works of fiction There is no main character, per se, but rather a town Lima, Indiana which is the focal point of the book I am impressed with how Day I originally heard about this book while listen to NPR several years ago The author read an exerpt from a chapter about a flood hitting Lima, IN Lima is where the circus stayed in the winter I was excited to finally find the book and was eager to read the other chapters Day read a scene in which an elephant was seeking safety along side the house of a circus worker as the water continue to rise The elephant had stretched its trunk up and into the house in an attempt to continue to breath and anchor itself again the water.
But what started off as the tale of what happens to a circus when not traveling the country, turned into a historical overview of what happened after the circus stopped traveling and how intertwined the lives and legacies of the original circus crew was with Lima As the story gets further and further away from the original group of characters, I grew tired of Beautiful and evocative yet often not the glamorous facade the traditional circus entices with, this book will definitely be a favourite with fans of I might say four and a half stars actually The stories in this book transcend the fantastical setting of circus life and are woven together within universal themes of of humanity I found myself incredibly moved by each story and additionally relating to them as well As a person who also ran screaming from my hometown, the last two stories resonated with me especially loudly It is so difficult to leave one s hometown and even difficult to ever go back I feel a connection to mine and at the same time know that I don t fit in there at all, nor would I ever want to The narrators of these two stories capture these sentiments beautifully.

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Trailer ☆ The Circus in Winter PDF by Î Cathy Day Cathy Day was born and raised in Peru, Indiana, which is best known as a circus town, but is also the birthplace of Cole Porter and the Spanish hot dog She is the author of two books Her most recent work is Comeback Season How I Learned to Play the Game of Love Free Press, 2008 , an immersion memoir about life as a single woman set during the Indianapolis Colts 2006 2007 Super Bowl season Her