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Download Epub Format » The Circus Fire: A True Story of an American Tragedy PDF by µ Stewart O'Nan The circus tent had been waterproofed with six thousand gallons of white gasoline and eighteen thousand pounds of paraffin a disaster waiting to happen The circus played to an afternoon crowd of 7,000 people in Hartford, Connecticut It was July 6, 1944, and the circus and the city workers were both shorthanded since so many men were away fighting in the war The largest exits were blocked by animal chutes where the lions and other big cats were exiting A small fire of unknown origin quickly turned into an inferno raging out of control The crowd, mostly women and children, was in a panic and over 168 people were killed from burns and being trampled Many were hospitalized with painful burns and other injuries The disaster preparations that the state had made for the war were put to good use Plasma had been st This book was so well done in every way It was thorough without being tedious and affecting without being melodramatic There is an abundance of interesting information in here, from the details of the tragedy itself to background material on the workings of the circus and the treatment of burns Through vivid descriptions of the mayhem that occurred under the big top in July 1944, of unimaginable injuries and deaths, of parents who lost children and of children who lost parents, the events of so long ago are made very real, and I am quite sure I will make myself well aware of the nearest exit the next time I find myself at a large public event.
Review posted December 13, 2013 This is the true story of how hundreds were injured or killed during the July 6, 1944, performance of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus in Hartford, CT The author provides an immense amount of detail, painting a vivid picture of events before, during, and after the fire This is one of the most heartbreaking books I ve ever read Certainly, the fire was an important historic event in New England not unlike The Station fire in Rhode Island in 2003 , and perhaps even tragic because so many of the victims were children From the Hartford Courant, April 5, 2019 Medical examiner seeks to exhume two victims of the Hartford Circus Fire in hopes of identifying them after 75 yearsChief State Medical Examiner James Gill is seeking to have at least two of the bodies exhumed i

On July 6, 1944 one month after the Allies landed in Normandy some 9,000 people turned out to watch the Flying Wallendas in the Big Top of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus The Big Top had been waterproofed with 24,000 gallons of white gasoline and paraffin Somehow, a fire started, and the potently flammable tent went up like a Roman candle There was a rush to escape Merle Evans, the band leader, like some latter day Wallace Hartley on the Titanic, cued Stars and Stripes Forever and played it over and over Sousa s tune is known among circus types as the disaster march Big Bill Curlee, a vendor inspector, bravely handed kids over the animal chute, until his foot slipped off a bar and he was trampled by the crowd As Stewart O Nan notes drily Several survivors said the one thing they will never forget about the circus fire as long as they live is the so This is the absolutely harrowing story of a major American fire, one that took place in Hartford, Connecticut in 1944, in the big top of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus 8,000 people were trapped inside 167 people died of burns, and many, many suffered scarring and injuries, physical and psychological It was the beginning of the end of the tent circus, which was finished off by the arrival of television Author O Nan conducts an exhaustive investigation into the lives of those who lived and died, in the town and in the circus the circus had only 3 casualties He details the police s painstaking search for a possible arsonist, the attempts of the victims to take the circus to court and the resulting court testimony, verdict, and rendering of payment, and the battles to place blame inside the town s political structure and that of I have listened to almost four hours total 11 hours 17 minutes of Dick Hill s narration of this audiobook It is unbelievably gruesome Four hours focused upon the description of maimed, burned and dead bodies, human bodies Not one circus animal was killed Now I have had it That s enough It is than I can bear The Circus Fire A True Story of an American Tragedy is written and narrated to shock Others warn in their reviews that it is gruesome, but there ought to be another word to adequately express just how gruesome it was Skin falling off, trampling on crushed bodies, screams of pain and anguish, all narrated in a voice that is intended to increases the tension, suffering and misery Ughhhhhh In any case, don t choose the audiobook Unless y Bottom Line A grueling bore about a tragic event The biggest flaw with O Nan s telling of the Hartford circus fire is how he tells the story As other reviewer s have stated the book is super choppy to such an extent that it becomes unreadable He jumps from event to event in such a way that it s impossible to follow the survivor s incredible stories Terms and events are left unexplained and characters are thrown in without creating the proper context.
The silver lining I hear O Nan is a good novelist and a friend gave me his book Last Night at the Lobster Maybe he ll be redeemed.
The Acclaimed Author Of A Prayer For The Dying Brings All His Narrative Gifts To Bear On This Gripping Account Of Tragedy And Heroism The Great Hartford Circus Fire Of Halfway Through A Midsummer Afternoon Performance, Ringling Brothers Barnum And Bailey Circus S Big Top Caught Fire The Tent Had Been Waterproofed With A Mixture Of Paraffin And Gasoline In Seconds It Was Burning Out Of Control, And Than , People Were Trapped Inside Drawing On Interviews With Hundreds Of Survivors, O Nan Skillfully Re Creates The Horrific Events And Illuminates The Psychological Oddities Of Human Behavior Under Stress The Mad Scramble For The Exits The Hero Who Tossed Dozens Of Children To Safety Before Being Trampled To Death Brilliantly Constructed And Exceptionally Moving, The Circus Fire Is History At Its Most Compelling Growing up in Connecticut I have been interested in the Hartford Circus Fire since I first found out about it It was surprising to be that at the time I had first learned of this disaster there were no books published that were just about this incident Stewart O Nan, a well known novelist, took on the grueling task of writing this non fiction account of the historic circus disaster and hit it out of the park The first thing that really catches the eye of the reader in this book is the forward by the author He proceeds to explain exactly why he decided to write this book and what the story means to him This instantly connected my experience to that of the author being unable to find any books about this subject and living in the close vicinity of the disaster itself It really helps the reader to understand how important it This was an interesting account of the time back in the summer of 1944 that a Ringling Bros circus tent caught fire during one of its matinee performances in Hartford, Connecticut The tent had apparently been slathered in a mixture of paraffin and gasoline to make it rain proofbecause what could possibly go wrongslaps foreheadI listened to the audiobook which made keeping track of all the names of those injured challenging but, overall, it was an interesting account of an event of which I had no prior knowledge.

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Download Epub Format » The Circus Fire: A True Story of an American Tragedy PDF by µ Stewart O'Nan Stewart O Nan is the author of eleven novels, including Snow Angels and A Prayer for the Dying, a story collection, and two works of nonfiction His previous novel, Last Night at the Lobster, was a national bestseller, was nominated for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and was named one of the New York Public Library Books to Remember Additionally, Granta named him one of the 20 Best Young Ameri