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Ä The Bell Curve Ø Download by ↠´ Charles Murray It is totally politically incorrect to even read this book any much less give it any praise But it is one of my favorite books Statistics do not lie And this book sheds light on unmentionable subjects about race that just infuriate people I am not a racist but I still want to know the problems If I don t know the problems to be corrected, how can I correct them or add my voice to those trying to correct them Some people would simply rather bury this information and stick their heads in the sand, while collective society circles in the death spiral of the whirlpool.
This is the ultimate book that everybody knows is wrong, but nobody has read.
It s too bad It s a fascinating collection of social science We can split it up into a fact conclusions, b predictions, and c policy recommendations The fact conclusions are separated from the other parts of the book and stand on their own For me, they re the most interesting part.
The book is too expansive to summarize easily, but roughly a Fact conclusions IQ is a neglected but extremely important variable for understanding the causes of poverty, crime, achievement, etc This plays out for many issues and many variables.
One that stands out is that IQ predicts a person s chance of being in poverty better much better than parental socio economic status This is totally contrary to the received wisdom as embodied in political rhetoric and pop culture Good Will Hunting.
Actu In A Book That Is Certain To Ignite An Explosive Controversy, Herrnstein And Murray Dare To Reveal Their Belief That It Is Intelligence Levels, Not Environmental Circumstances, Poverty, Or Lack Of Education That Are At The Root Of Many Of Our Social Problems What can be said about this hateful tract disguised as science that hasn t already been said Herrnstein was once a respected animal psychologist who obviously went off the deep end before he died and Murray is a long time political hack whose main qualification is being able to hold sinecures at well funded think tanks.
The book is already based on two massive theoretical flaws, the first being that there is such a thing as general intelligence the g factor which can be measured by IQ tests and the second that race is a biologically meaningful construct The authors themselves admit there is no consensus on the first point, but just make the assumption anyway The second flies in the face of current biology and anthropology To compound this, many of their calculations could not be replicated by other researchers and they cherry pick statistical evidence on eve Nutshell epsilons are not trainable, so no need to spend moneys on them.
Authors contend that giving IQ tests of questionable merit to impoverished persons who are lacking medical care and nutrition, are limited in access to education, and are resident in tenements contaminated with lead and whatnot and then comparing their results with those from people who, yaknow, aren t, is a good measure of genetic ability The basic thesis that class however improperly defined deployed correlates with intelligence is just flat out asinine I ve known many a wealthy person, and each and every one of them is an empty headed goon.
This book was scorned when I attended college It took ten years after I attended to read the book First, there is one chapter on black and white differences in I.
Q It is not very controversial basically says the average white person has a higher IQ than the average black person Of course what makes a person black or white I could relate this to the 100m sprint, all sprinters except one that have run under 10 seconds are of West African descent This of course is not controversial There are Asians and whites that run extremely fast 10 10.
3 and faster than most Wes Africans but your average West African will be faster than your average white person sprinter from West Africa Same thing with I.
Q there are plenty of black people with higher I.
Qs than whites As a former teacher in the inner city I was a witness to the cognitive segregation of our s A controversial and misunderstood book It has been accused, unfairly, of supporting racism, yet the authors take pains to stress that the intelligence of an individual, not the average intelligence of an ethnic group is what effects personal ability and achievement After all, even if you agree with the authors that individual intelligence is most strongly an inherited trait, the average intelligence of any group is highly effected by socio economic factors, including culture, religion, opportunity, education and wealth, not genetics or family experience The average intelligence of any population is affected by the relative populations ofand less intelligent individuals Do our cultural values and social policies favor the reproductive success and therefore the population sizes ofor less intelligent individuals I m sure many would

This book created a controversy that endures today when it was published in the mid 90s Many people condemned it without having read it because it presented a thesis, backed with evidence, that blatantly violated the strictures of the nascent politically correct culture that now reigns in our society Those who find this book s ideas convincing will often be branded with the scarlet R racist , by people who are offended enough by the book s very existence that they fear to pick it up, much less read it read it through, think about the ideas, take time to understand what the authors are and are not saying read any of the several rebuttals to the book that were written in its aftermath, and then decide for yourself.
At this writing, the United States has been officially free of segregation, slavery, and anti miscegenation laws for 52 of its 234 years Though didn t Bob Jones University only just integrate in 2000 Apparently this is long enough to convince many that any argument bordering on racism is a radical, persecuted concept While all political ideas no matter how old and tired and simplistic should indeed be entertained, challenged and debated, there is something particularly perverse about American racism claiming victimhood The Klan did that George Wallace did that And armed with the epithet PC police, the new Social Darwinists continue that grand tradition so resilient in our nation s history I read this book at the end of a college course on genetics and our task quickly snowballed into tearing the methodology to pieces Not because the thes minor editing 3 10 10One would hope that decisions are made based on solid evidence and a modicum of rational thought Often that is not the case, however Sometimes rehashed data and superficial analysis, particularly in the area of social policy, appeal to society because they reflect changes in society s perceptions of reality To some extent that explains the popularity of The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray There seems to be an unconscious desire to locate society s ills in our genes Perhaps another misplaced wish is to allocate blame on something or someone else The premise of The Bell Curve is that there are inherent genetic differences in intelligence between groups and races, e.
, whites, on the average, score lo

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Ä The Bell Curve Ø Download by ↠´ Charles Murray Charles Alan Murray is an American libertarian conservative political scientist, author, and columnist His book Losing Ground American Social Policy 1950 1980 1984 , which discussed the American welfare system, was widely read and discussed, and influenced subsequent government policy He became well known for his controversial book The Bell Curve 1994 , written with Richard Herrnstein, in whi