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☆ Snow Crash í Download by ☆ Neal Stephenson In Reality, Hiro Protagonist Delivers Pizza For Uncle Enzo S CosoNostra Pizza Inc But In The Metaverse He S A Warrior Prince Plunging Headlong Into The Enigma Of A New Computer Virus That S Striking Down Hackers Everywhere, He Races Along The Neon Lit Streets On A Search And Destroy Mission For The Shadowy Virtual Villain Threatening To Bring About Infocalypse Snow Crash Is A Mind Altering Romp Through A Future America So Bizarre, So Outrageous You Ll Recognize It Immediately Written in the present tense, which is awkward and unengaging, brimfuls of technological deus ex machina remove all tension from an already slow plot line The characters are interesting, hence the two stars, but even they felt lacking and emotionally disengaged from their own story, which had the futile makings of something original.
The ending is atrocious, preceded by wastelands of chapter length explanation, and a fairy tale misinterpretation of Neurolinguistics that seems to have been written solely to remind us that not everyone is cut out to be a scientist, as some people must invariably grow up to write pop fiction.
If you re looking for cyberpunk, read Altered Carbon Disliking this book seemed quite impossible After all, it had all the necessary ingredients the pervasive air of nerdy geekiness or, perhaps, geeky nerdiness , an unexpected take on linguistics, a kick ass female character, a parallel virtual reality, a hefty helping of admittedly, overexaggerated satire, and just enough wacky improbable worldbuilding to satisfy my book loving soul Or so it seemed.
But awesome ingredients do not always add up to a satisfying dish as my horrible cook self knows much too well Remember Friends episode where Rachel tries to make English trifle for Thanksgiving desert, but because of a couple pages unfortunately sticking together ends up making half English trifle and half the shepherd s pie Joey was baffled that the rest of the gang found the dish unpalatableI mean, what s not to like Custard, good Jam, good Meat, goodI did NOT come to this

Wow Wow, wow, wow I had thought that William Gibson s Neuromancer was the alpha male of the cyberpunk genre the template upon which all others would be drawn Turns out, Gibson was the prophet, but Stephenson was the barbarian, breaking ground with a riveting, relentless new age thriller Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is a wild trip A fun conglomerate of Hunter S Thompson, Philip K Dick, Anthony Burgess and John Brunner, written 8 years after Neuromancer and 19 years before Ready Player One this is a bright light on the cyberpunk literary landscape Set in a near alternative future, Stephenson introduces a world where governments have collapsed and societies are held loosely together by anarcho capitalism The book was nominated for a Prometheus Award but what could be a libertarian dream may also be seen as a laissez faire nightmare This Cyberpunk s next generation pretty much began here Written by someone who unlike William Gibson actually knows computers, this anime in novel form is one of those rare SF books that is read by many non SF readers On a personal note, this is probably the only book I ll ever read whose main character is half black and half Japanese, just like me When I first read it, I was working at a pizza place, just like the protagonist, and I actually got fired around the same time I got to the point of him losing his job as well Also, my first name is Hiroshi and he goes by Hiro Cool, huh OK, aside from those neat little coincidences, we are not at all alike It just made reading it all thefun for me Plus I hated that job.
Admittedly, there are certain aspects of this book that are a tad dated now it was written in 1991 , and he can t quite get past certain stereotypes of Japanese people that many Wes

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☆ Snow Crash í Download by ☆ Neal Stephenson Neal Stephenson is the author of Reamde, Anathem, and the three volume historical epic the Baroque Cycle Quicksilver, The Confusion, and The System of the World , as well as Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Zodiac. He lives in Seattle, Washington.