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[Daniel Quinn] ✓ Ishmael [denmark PDF] Read Online Ä My biggest problem with primitivism as a philosophy is its inherent hypocrisy Notice how it s always highly educated white dudes insulated from the world who clamor for a return to some idealized simpler life In the case of this book, it s a distinguished professor haughtily preaching about how we should learn some lessons from hunter gatherer people, channeling his philosophy through a gorilla character who converses with an everyman character Ishmael the gorilla makes a passing derogatory mention of the noble savage idea, then spends the rest of the book romanticizing and idealizing the hunter gatherer cultures, trying to get across the idea that modern Western people have trouble seeing merit in such cultures because we ve been brainwashed by our industrialized society.
But the thing is, going back to a hunter gatherer lifestyle would mean a goodbye to literacy, to Lessons in Metaphysics for Recovering IdealistsThe conventional translation of the name Ishmael from Hebrew is God hears But there is an equally plausible alternative Man is God This could well be Daniel Quinn s satirical intent First called Goliath, then renamed Ishmael, but acting like Socrates, Quinn s central character is a gorilla who teaches his idealistically minded, now middle aged, seeker that God is precisely what Man is not And he does this expertly.
The term metaphysics in understandably confusing to most people It does after all refer to that which is beyond rational knowledge Esoteric philosophy and religious mysticism are probably the first things that come to mind But metaphysics is neither esoteric nor mystical Rather, it is the very straightforward stories we tell ourselves about how things have This book gets many 5 star reviews and is touted as life changing.
My comment GET A LIFE This could possibly be THE WORST book I have ever read I have been reading this book forever I am so glad I am finished It s 200 pages of torture This size of book I would normally devour in 1 2 days It s a sociology lecture a cringingly horrible, horrible, didactic book And to top it off, it s horribly written.
This telepathic gorilla pontificates on culture, his take on the book of Genesis, and re evaluates mankind s philosophy on life and how we re killing the world His canned banter with his obtuse human student isthan annoying it s offensive It s condescending, full of piteous prose, even worse philosophy and false history, not to ment

The reason I like Quinn s style in Ishmael is that he doesn t assume a pedantic perch atop humanity and force feed a philosophically driven, A Z laundry list of how to make yourself a better human being and save the world one person at a time mantra down the reader s throat His style of writing is intimate Reading Ishmael kind of reminds you of sitting in lecture with that one professor in college whose class you earnestly enjoyed and looked forward to attending each week those lectures where you felt as if taking notes wasof an inconvenient distraction than simply opening your ears and listening for 60 minutes You gotout of it by just sitting there like a blob taking it all in as opposed to fretting over particulars You can tell Quinn is or was a good teacher A good teacher defined as one who guides his her students to the answers to their ques A little story about Ishmael by Daniel Quinn I first read this back in the fall of 99 for a college course It was a time in my life where for a variety of reasons, including a breakup of a long relationship I was first began to think for myself, instead of think what others wanted me to think This book completely wiped away the world view that my parents, friends, and teachers had put into my head for so many years, and then began the formation of my own view Since then I have been a seeker.
Synopsis Alan Lomax responds to an ad in the paper that says Teacher seeks pupil Must have an earnest deisre to save the world Apply in person The ad turns out to have been placed by gorilla who then through telepathi This book was recommended to me from my Ecology teacher on Saturday I bought it the same day because i really needed a decent read i having been craving this all the time lately I did not put it down until i was done with it two days later The premise is a man talking to a gorilla however simple and idiotic that may seem to you, this story reveals so eloquently what i have always believed to be the reasons for the way we live in modern society It details the way in which our society has enslaved us and forced us to enact a story we have been told since the dawning of the agricultural revolution, one which we still are enacting today Some things just don t sit right with a person, until they are fully spelled out, and then they REALLY don t sit right with you I couldn t cry for this book, though i should have seve Step right up, ladies and gentlemen Behold the majesty of Curious George as he gets all dialogue y on your ass Your encounter will leave you changed You, too, may find yourself flinging poop at civilization along with our simian saviorA telepathic gorilla develops something like consciousness, is happily able to flower under the attentive stewardship of a George Soros type philanthropist and waxes philosophical to a disenchanted idealist This book stinks of anthropological and ecological platitudes which I think you would be better served acquiring by taking a few puffs of the wacky weed and watching the Pearl Jam video for Do the Evolution And something that seems to be missing from every review of this book I ve read Librarian S Note An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereTEACHER SEEKS PUPILMust Have An Earnest Desire Tosave The World Apply In Person It Was Just A Three Line Ad In The Personals Section, But It Launched The Adventure Of A Lifetime So Begins Ishmael, An Utterly Unique And Captivating Novel That Has Earned A Large And Passionate Following Among Readers And Critics Alike One Of The Most Beloved And Bestselling Novels Of Spiritual Adventure Ever Published I haven t finished this book yet but I probably won t because it sucks First of all, it s supposed to be a novel but it s entirely didactic The author has simply substituted this gorilla to preach at us in the author s voice The viewpoint character is simple minded and vacuous to the point of not existing In fact, he s just there as the foil or receptacle for the gorilla s teachings The central thesis of the gorilla s thoughts, which he presents as unassailable fact, is the supposition that human population will ALWAYS increase to use all available food supply, something that simply isn t true in any of the developed countries If it weren t for immigration, of course, the U.
S and most of Western Europe would have falling populations The author dismisses this massive flaw in his edifice of cards by say Although, purposefully didactic, it was beautiful It read incredibly fast, but it sits with you for a very long time Imagine eating something quick and cheap like a taco bell burrito only to discover that once it reached your stomach, it felt like a 7 course meal at a 5 star restaurant Definitely plenty of intellectual bang for your buck Lately, absurdly leftist books such as the previously reviewed Illuminatus Trilogy have just pissed me off with their all we need is to love each other propaganda Human existence can not encompass and explain all emotion And Ishmael doesn t even try to do that But it does, and very simply, lead the main character and through the main character, the reader, down the path of enlightenment Much like describing the laws of gravity and aerodynamics, this book takes on the daunting task of coming up with a human law A real human law Th

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[Daniel Quinn] ✓ Ishmael [denmark PDF] Read Online Ä sustanon.pro I had and did the usual things childhood, schools, universities St Louis, Vienna, Loyola of Chicago , then embarked on a career in publishing in Chicago Within a few years I was the head of the Biography Fine Arts Department of the American Peoples Encyclopedia when that was subsumed by a larger outfit and moved to New York, I stayed behind and moved into educational publishing, begin