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[ Read Online Howl and Other Poems ¶ planetary-romance PDF ] by Allen Ginsberg ¶ The Prophetic Poem That Launched A Generation When It Was First Published InIs Here Presented In A Commemorative Fortieth Anniversary EditionWhen The Book Arrived From Its British Printers, It Was Seized Almost Immediately By US Customs, And Shortly Thereafter The San Francisco Police Arrested Its Publisher And Editor, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Together With City Lights bookstore Manager Shigeyoshi Murao The Two Of Them Were Charged With Disseminating Obscene Literature, And The Case Went To Trial In The Municipal Court Of Judge Clayton Horn A Parade Of Distinguished Literary And Academic Witnesses Persuaded The Judge That The Title Poem Was Indeed Not Obscene And That It Had Redeeming Social Significance Thus Was Howl Other Poems Freed To Become The Single Most Influential Poetic Work Of The Post World War II Era, With Over , Copies Now In Print Muddled, addled and overrated In fact, any rating, even a single star or half moon, is too much for this amateur hour of a poem It might have played well when shouted out to a roomful of arrogant drunks, but on the page it droops, it teeters under the weight of all of those ungainly adjectivies and finally collapses in a fog of its own flatulance I saw the best minds of my generation ignore this long, long limerick Now, only nostalgists and know naughts still cling to its pages of ill repute Why Allen Ginsberg, a sad and lonely man, wrote this to impress Kerouac, another sad and lonely man Over the years, a lot of sad and lonely people haven t gotten over the how much that first fucking line resonates with them The whole best minds generation destroyed madness line.
Ten years ago, this was a 5 star poem Ten years from now, it will be a 3 star poem That s just called growing up, folks.
You will not like this Like we use to say, vengan de a uno.
So, Howl My rating is based mostly on my experience with that long poem.
I admire any work filled with sincerity and lyrically intense lines when found Powerful, raw images that expose an unknown world I understand this book s historical context and what it represented at the time storming in with a breath of fresh air, breaking the mold and dealing with some themes and views I also agree with Well, except for the endless references to drug abuse and alcohol, regarded, through the years, as a source of creativity and a way to express yourself against reigning social conventions a dangerously infantile waste of a life in some cases Debauchery, consumption of drugs and alcohol as a statement, a sort of protest against materialism and conformity Mindless attitudes that make you different, that kee Nothing like a bit of controversy to keep the establishment ticking over, and in Howl it s easy to see why as this was seen as a shocking and powerful piece of obscenity in the eyes of some, but for manyit s viewed as a celebrated manifesto of great importance for the beat Generation of the 1950s that helped to stick a big fat middle finger up to sexual repression and capitalism This is a vital collection of Ginsberg s work that will always stand the test of time.
My god.
Reading Howl was like getting stuck for an hour in the brain of a rebellious, pubescent, sexist loudmouth Between every sentence transpires the hubris of being THE NEW POET, and of being A COOL OUTCAST, and a member of that little BOYS CLUB Ginsberg brings up again and again although it weakens his writing every time There s a faint, insufferable music of puerility behind it all most notably when Ginsberg brings up constantly the names of his famous friends, brings down women and ew vaginas, and of course relapses into phallic metaphors every two pages Love child of an angsty teen, a 1950 s jock and a wannabe anarchist, the book is always on the verge of being good, always grazing brilliance for a word or two, for a verse or two, and then It took awhile for me to finally determine where exactly Allan Ginsberg sits in my book reviewer rating scale Truth is, I was lured in by all the hoopla this collection received in 1956 when it was seized by U.
S customs It s just not easy for me to review poetry.
Do I understand why AG set the world on fire in 56 Totally Was it the type of writing that made me HOWL Mmmm.
maybelike a whimper Goodreads Review 24 06 19 I feel similar ways about Allen Ginsberg and Adele While I appreciate the skill behind both of their work, I find both of their material overwrought, contrary to popular opinion Yes, I see how Ginsberg s poetry revolted against oppressive forces and mainstream, heteronormative America Its lack of style and nuance still frustrates me Props to him for lending fire to a revolution that uplifted marginalized voices, even if I myself find his writing unfulfilling and too frantic, despite the positive impact of its shock value.
Preface Though I enjoyed this book as a whole, the focus this evening will be on Howl Why this one alone Simply put, I am writing these jumbled thoughts as a dedication to a friend Rather, I am dedicating this to a cluster of friends, each of whom have chosen, in one form or another, to leave this earthly plain and shatter vehemently into oblivion Suffice it to say that this series of words and interpretations will be highly personal, and therefore guided by inflated emotions which have forcefully skewed my view in favor of this poem It was just too relevant, too well timed, and exactly what I needed to hear at precisely the moment I was hearing it Then again, perhaps that means that, in my raw state, I actually DID hear it and can give an experience based, honest opinion founded in emotional relevance I mean, it s poetry, right That is for I had goosebumps while reading Howl It s like nothing I have ever read

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[ Read Online Howl and Other Poems ¶ planetary-romance PDF ] by Allen Ginsberg ¶ sustanon.pro Irwin Allen Ginsberg was the son of Louis and Naomi Ginsberg, two Jewish members of the New York literary counter culture of the 1920s Ginsberg was raised among several progressive political perspectives A supporter of the Communist party, Ginsberg s mother was a nudist whose mental health was a concern throughout the poet s childhood According to biographer Barry Miles, Naomi s illness gave A