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[ Pdf His Monkey Wife ✓ baha-i PDF ] by John Collier ✓ Admittedly, this requires quite a leap of the imagination, but behind the highly improbable plot lies an hilarious and amazingly well observed look at human nature and relationships which is still relevant today I didn t find this a particularly easy read Some of the sentences are so long that, by the time you get to the end, you may have quite forgotten what it was actually about I m glad I persevered, though, as this is one of the most thought provoking and original books I ve read in a long time And it s also extremely funny A lovely fable and commentary of British manners and society in the flapper years The language is quite sophisticated, which will slow the reading down for many me included , but the resolution was worth the extra work This was highly recommended by my hero librarian, Nancy Pearl, Queen of Readers In The Author S Own Words This Is A Strange Book An Emotional Melodrama, Complete With A Medusa Villainess, An Honest Simpleton Of A Hero, And An Angelic If Only Anthropoid Heroine, All Functioning In The Two Dimensional World Of The Old Lyceum Poster Or The Primitive Fresco Where An Angel May Outsize A Church, And Where A Man May Marry A Monkey On A Foggy Day From John Collier S A Looking Glass When Alfred Fatigay Returns To His Native London, He Brings Along His Trustworthy Pet Chimpanzee Emily Who, Unbeknownst To Fatigay, Has Become Civilized Literate, Literary And In Love With Fatigay Himself After Emily Meets Alfred S Fianc E Amy Flint, AS Modern Woman, She Sets Out To Save Her Beloved From Amy S Cold Grip Emily Is The Perfect Outside Observer, Writes Eva Brann In Her Introduction, Because She Is An African In Europe, A Female In A Man S World, A Servant To Liberated Sophisticates, And Above All An Old Fashioned Creature In A Modern World This book is certainly an interesting premisea chimpanzee who falls in love with the man who has taken her as his pet It is also a satire of society in the 1930 s when it was written While I found the book to be really interesting and very witty in some parts, I also had a very hard time getting into it mainly because of the very flowery writing Also, I think it was a bit dated Overall, I would say it was a good read.
I had a hard time gettting into this one because of Collier s line work here, cluttered as it is with overlong preambles or setups and too many adjectives, neither of which two bad habits is present in his book of short stories.
The only aspect of this book I did not enjoy was the chimpanzee s near nauseating love for the main male character Otherwise, the chimp was an interesting and vibrant character, far surpassing the other females all human in personality A different sort of love triangle, to be sure.
Oh dear I really loved Collier s short stories and occasionally this does sparkle but setting aside the racism as both a product of it s time and something that only crops up a lot near the start and end of this novel I still couldn t get past the sexism Yes, some women are venal Yes, some men are decent enough chaps who make the mistake of marrying the kind of person who gives weight to the arguments of sexist idiots However the answer to solving the difficulty of pairing off those foolish enough to be from Mars or Venus is not to find another planet populated by docile, silent, doting females for those from Mars The answer is Well, to be honest, I don t care what the answer is I have tried to live my life with another person and, by being a person myself, not a man living

This really is quite a delight of a book, with a highly original and frequently laugh out loud narrative.
Alfred Fatigay is a young British man, out teaching in a remote village in the Congo His fiancee, it transpires, has encouraged him to goshe seems in no hurry to tie the knot Meanwhile he has acquired a pet chimpanzee, Emily And while she never masters speech, Emily sitting in on lessons soon understands everything that is said, beside becoming highly literate, all unknown to her owner.
Actually Emily is undoubtedly the superior being of the three of them, for while Fatigay is a tad dense and even lowbrow, and his intended a pretty cold and selfish type, Emily resembles nothing so much as a Charlotte Bronte heroine, quiet, virtuous and utterly devoted to her master.
Collier writes in florid, high Victorian prose and Emily s thought processes are all in this Bronteesque st This is a perfect quirky books for romantics My boyfriend swore up down that he wouldn t fall for Emily, the chimpBut he did Who wouldn t love Emily His Monkey Wife is a perfect escapist comedy What The fuck Even Okay, so a friend of mine gave books away as wedding favors and I picked this because I was curious It sounded like it could be funny, as the premise was about an intelligent monkey falling in love with an English teacher she met when he was on a mission in Africa I also wanted to get a sense of who this book was written for because, really, who wants to read about a monkey loving a man and at the very least, I figured it would be amusing.
Well I was wrong This book is crap I know it was written in 1930 but one of my favorite books was written in the 1800s, so I don t feel the disconnect is because of the difference in time and society I do think a lot has to do with Collier s prose it was so wordy and flowy and

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[ Pdf His Monkey Wife ✓ baha-i PDF ] by John Collier ✓ sustanon.pro John Collier was a British born author and screenplay writer best known for his short stories, many of which appeared in The New Yorker from the 1930s to the 1950s They were collected in a 1951 volume, Fancies and Goodnights, which is still in print Individual stories are frequently anthologized in fantasy collections John Collier s writing has been praised by authors such as Anthony Burgess, R