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Trailer ☆ Great Apes PDF by Í Will Self Absolutely amazing.
It s shocking when you re realize that EVERYTHING is relative and if we take something as absolute, it s not because we re not subjective it s because we humbly perceive our subjectivity as superior hence we can say it s objectivity just because we can there is nobody to question that This book questions that and that s why it s so striking and deeply disturbing Sexually driven and obsessed like everything of Self Great read.
This book, if book is what you must call it, stank up my life for ten days or two weeks while I dodged all of the chimpshit Self decided to fling at me, the innocent reader Chimpshit That s all it was Four hundred pages of chimpshit.
Oh I m sorry Did I forget to mention that I thought this novel to be nothing but chimpshit Pure and fruity chimpshit Fans Of Will Self S Satirical Fiction And Stunning Prose Will Not Be Disappointed In The Latest From The Author Who Brought Readers Through The Bizarre War Between The Sexes In Cock Bull And Into The Costly World Of High Stakes Business In My Idea Of Fun With Great Apes, Self Takes Readers Into A Sort Of Planet Of The Apes With A Twist Simon Dykes Is A London Painter Whose Life Suddenly Becomes Kafkaesque After An Evening Of Routine Debauchery, Traipsing From Toilet To Toilet And Partaking In A Host Of Narcotics, The Middle Aged Painter Wakes To Discover That His Girlfriend, Sarah, Has Turned Into A Chimpanzee Simon Is Also A Chimp, But He Does Not Accept This Fact He Is Convinced That He Is Still HumanHe Is Then Confined To An Emergency Psychiatric Ward And Placed Under The Care Of Alpha Psychiatrist Dr Zack Busner Simon Finds Chimp Behavior A Bit Unnatural He Can T Bring Himself To Use Gestures Rather Than Speech To Communicate He Also Finds It Difficult To Mate Publicly Or Accept Social Grooming Dr Zack Busner Also A Medical Doctor, Radical Psychoanalyst, Maverick Axiolytic Drug Researcher, And Former Television Personality Is Prepared To Help Simon Get Used To Chimpunity It Is During Simon S Gradual Simianization That Self S True Satirical Genius Shines, As He Examines Anthropology, The Trendy Art World, Animal Rights, And Much We asked three pupils in Class 2B at Roswell High what they would do if they woke up as an ape Daniel sezI wish I was an ape in the evenings If I was an ape in the evenings I would hang around the school gates spooking the teachers I would knuckle walk up to that sandal wearing nonce Mr Almott and slap him so hard around the gums he d need a new set of teeth to learn basic Esperanto In the evenings I would sip tea on a tyre suspended from a tree and go Hoo haa while masturbating so hard my legs would snap off Phil sezIf I was an ape I would have corrective surgery and become Phil again I like being Phil because the other kids in the class know my awesomeness as Phil gets them places, gets them into social places where the cool people hang out and share nectar, Dolmio pasta sauces, back copies of New Scientist, and stylish hombergs as worn by Frank Sinatra I love being Phil an Simon Dykes is an artist on the rise, living large in 1990s London, with a flat and a girlfriend of his own, with previous work hung in the Tate Modern and an important gallery show coming up, with a new direction for his paintings that promises to provoke the best kind of outrage, the kind that cements reputations Simon doesn t really have time to party all night at the Sealink Club, mixing that dodgy coke and Ecstasy but he does so anyway Simon and Sarah quit the club close to dawn, go to his flat and try to fuck, then fall asleep perchance to dream To dream as I have too of being an apeSuch a liberating feeling I let myself become an ape, using my incredible upper body strength to climb hanging straps and r I 1st read mention of Will Self in a text by Stewart Home Home insulted Self as being something along the lines of a rich Oxford junkie who doesn t deserve his reputation as an underground writer Since I d never heard of Self before, he had no reputation w me at all Knowing Stewart s tendency to publically degrade anyone who he perceives as competition, I didn t take the negativity as representative of any substantial critical take After all, it seems that Home s usual intention is to discourage conformists sycophants from even experiencing the work of the people he puts down by making experiencing such work uncool Thusly, idiots can automatically hate Self s writing on the basis of Home s word never discover for themselves whether Self s writing might beinteresting than Home s W that in mind, when I f read the STOP SMILING interview with author Will Self ABUSE OF SELFThe Stop Smiling Interview with Will SelfBy Sally Vincent This interview originally appeared in the STOP SMILING Photography Issue The first time I laid eyes on Will Self, he was monologuing about flying buttresses to a startled and ever increasing audience of slack jawed strangers, seemingly dumbstruck by his magniloquence It was as though he couldn t help himself As though all this passion about architecture had been building up in his brain, to be unleashed at this moment simply because someone I can t remember who was having their book launch in this vaulted, elegant old building and the sheer grandeur of it all had broken a dam in his corpus callosum It was, I have to say, an entirely beguiling experience Later that evening, my best friend introd Very funny, and mucherotic than I was prepared for so be comfortable with chimp porn if you re going to read this It may sound trite and possibly is lifted from the back cover of the book , but this novel did make me think about what it means to be human And I was pleased and surprised when I didn t get the ending I hoped for.
Plus I only had to look up definitions for, like, ten words, max.

Okay, this one gets a point for concept and one for some nice prose, when the author isn t trying to beat you over the head with how clever he is and introduce you to a new twenty dollar word with each paragraph However, the ape dialogue, which is a mixture of English with simian grunts and barks, is just plain annoying There s only so many Wraaf s and Hoo Graaa s I can stand Incest and genitalia displaying may well be an important part of chimpanzee culture, but I just can t get on board with a book that contains the sentence Leave your poor aunt alone, can t you see the state of her vagina.
I read this book mainly because of that awful picture on the cover, which was also strangely intriguing, and because I d heard good things about Will Self I found myself frustrated not twenty pages in, however, by both the language which was ridiculously over written and the gimmicky nature of the plot a bunch of apes act like people, basically , both of which stood in for any meaningful plot I m giving this book one star, then, because it didn t make me feel anything at all Yes, I understand the social issues it explores and the juxtaposition of instinctive behavior with civilization an issue with which we all wrestle on some level, I suppose but an entire novel wasn t necessary to explore it This book is a gimmick, then,than a story, and I really didn t enjoy it at all.

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Trailer ☆ Great Apes PDF by Í Will Self William Self is an English novelist, reviewer and columnist He received his education at University College School, Christ s College Finchley, and Exeter College, Oxford He is married to journalist Deborah Orr.Self is known for his satirical, grotesque and fantastic novels and short stories set in seemingly parallel universes.