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☆ Full Tilt ó Download by ☆ Neal Shusterman I really enjoyed the theme park setting of this book, and the idea that surviving rides at this theme park would take you to another dimension and another reality I was glad at the ending view spoiler when Quinn was saved from his coma and his ordeal at the theme park hide spoiler YAAAAAAY CARNIVALS ARE FUN Except when they re trying to steal your soul.
Neal, Neal, Neal How I love you Yes, in the creepiest way possible As in, I want to stalk you to get your autograph.
Seriously, though This is the 9th book by Shusterman that I ve read, I believe None of his books have disappointed me They re all amazing If you haven t read any of his books, I suggest you read Unwind, Bruiser, and the Skinjacker Trilogy Everlost, Everwild, and Everfound above all But even though I didn t love Full Tilt as much as those books, I still think it s worthy of the 5 star rating.
Here s the story Teenage brothers Blake and Quinn are polar opposites Blake is the responsible one, the one who gets good grades and is about to go off to Columbia University Quinn is the risk taker, the kid with a million piercings in his face, the one who is always putting himself in danger Sixteen Year Old Blake And His Younger Brother, Quinn, Are Exact Opposites Blake Is The Responsible Member Of The Family He Constantly Has To Keep An Eye On The Fearless Quinn, Whose Thrill Seeking Sometimes Goes Too Far But The Stakes Get Higher When Blake Has To Chase Quinn Into A Bizarre Phantom Carnival That Traps Its Customers ForeverIn Order To Escape, Blake Must Survive Seven Deadly Rides By Dawn, Each Of Which Represents A Deep, Personal Fear From A Carousel Of Stampeding Animals To A Hall Of Mirrors That Changes People Into Their Deformed Reflections Blake Ultimately Has To Face Up To A Horrible Secret From His Own Past To Save Himself And His Brother That Is, If The Carnival Doesn T Claim Their Souls First Final rating 4 5 starsI love Neal Shusterman Especially after reading Bruiser, Unwind and UnWholly i really need to find time to read his other books especially skinjacker D I love that his works are always deep and quite psychological Full Tilt didn t disappoint This is a story about trauma, despair, guilt and much It s a ride through the fears of all people who get stuck in that carnival Like i said, it is quite psychological, because characters are faced with their worst fears, and they don t know how to beat them That carnival is a definition of creepy as well Although the characters were the best part of the book, i found that story had it s flaws Till the end it remained a mystery about Carnival and Cassandra, the one behind the scenes I was too obsessed with characters and story to not notice the background one The rides were quite interesting The way it connected w Full Tilt was a strange book that centered on a brilliant teen s night of self analyzation and self discovery I love this author, but this story with its interesting synopsis was justmeh .
WOW This was my first time reading Neal Shusterman, and I was not disappointed The main plot revolves around a kid named Blake, who is going off to college at an Ivy League school When he goes out with his friends, he meets an irresistable girl named Cassandra, who promises great thrills at her theme park Strangely enough, one of Blake s friends says that the park appears to never be in the same location twice He finds when he enters the park that he must ride seven rides that represent his greatest fears in several hours, no less in order to escape the park alive Will he pull through Definitely one of my favorite books A must read 3.
5 Stars I really liked the messages as I always do with Neal Shusterman books I think he addresses some of them better in some of his other books though like self image and confronting your past, and I think it was too short to fully pull me into the story and make me feel for the characters I liked Blake, but he d forget about his friends and brother a lot which I found weird since his brother is the whole reason he s there in the first place Overall I m still happy I read it and I think people can definitely pull some important themes away from this I d recommend it if you haven t read a lot of his other stuff or if you re a die hard Shusterman fan like myself.

I finally finished this After one month I menaged to finish 200 pages of pure nothing I didn t have any expectations but it was a pointless read.
First of all this book should have at least 400 pages Not 200 It doesn t make any sense since the plot is all condensed and the pace was weird and there was no time for character development or anything like that Second thing this wasn t scary The rides weren t scary Nothing was scary or creepy or whatever I just felt awkard through the entire book because I wasn t getting the point of it.
I really couldn t care less about this book, I m sorry to say this since it has so many good reviews but apparently it s just me.
To be completely helpless in the face of life powerless to do a single thing that s what I d always feared than anything3.
5Neal Shusterman is my favorite author and I promised myself I will read all his books even his earlier novels as long as I can find a copy Fult Tilt is one of his earlier novels and my 12th book of him.
The time I started the book and it was in an amusement park and this is a suspense thriller of sort, I thought this will be something like Final Destination, but it wasn t Anyway, it s okay since after finishing the novel I was satisfied on what this book made me feel.
Basically, this is a bizarre, life or death story of Blake and his struggles to face his fears and deepest, horrible secrets in a carnival Yep, a twisted carnival owned by a bewitched, peculiar girl named Cassandra The thing is, Blake an This clearly just wasn t for me I felt like there was a lot of potential, with the setting being a creepy haunted carnival, but unfortunately everything just fell flat Nothing was scary, or even remotely creepy, and with the book being so short, all of the characters felt underdeveloped.

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☆ Full Tilt ó Download by ☆ Neal Shusterman Award winning author Neal Shusterman grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where he began writing at an early age After spending his junior and senior years of high school at the American School of Mexico City, Neal went on to UC Irvine, where he made his mark on the UCI swim team, and wrote a successful humor column Within a year of graduating, he had his first book deal, and was hired to write a