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[Frans de Waal] à Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex among Apes [copts PDF] Read Online ✓ Chimpanzee Politics by Frans de Waal is an attempt to provide a valid overview of what the author believes can be coined as politics among our closest genetic relatives, the chimpanzees He does an excellent job, mostly.
By following a popular definition of politics, he describes it as a social process determining who gets what, when, and how, and further says that there can be little doubt that chimpanzess engage in it Subsequent chapters describe a chimpanzee colony in the Arnhem Zoo, the Netherlands, and its relation to social interactions, such as reciprocity and strategic intelligence.
Reader s main concern is raised early in the book, with the author s parallel between his study and island biogeography De Waal rightly points out that the relativ Fascinating narrative about social interactions and power struggles in a chimpanzee colony in a Dutch zoo This book is at its strongest when chronicling events dispassionately and allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions about analogues to human behavior, and weaker when the author draws heavy handed explicit comparisons and ventures into sociological studies on human gender and hierarchy The author references Machiavelli several times, and I think this book is well read in conjunction with The Prince Well worth a read for those interested in biological explanations of human nature.

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This book covers the introduction of a chimpanzee colony into a large Arnhem zoo habitat during the late 1970 s Because the zoo provides food and a safe territory it is not natural environment but it allows for close observations of internal group dynamics The core of the colony are the females with their offspring who above all seek stable peaceful internal group dynamics along with good food and secure territory Chimps but like humans and baboons are unique among the great apes in that the males work together to achieve this territory control yet this cooperation is balanced by their competition for the females This competition is the main story of this book and it ispolitical instead of violent relying on coalitions between two males or between a male and a larger group of females Consequently extensive soc If we look straight and deep into a chimpanzee s eyes, an intelligent, self assured personality looks back at us The author, Frans de Waal, is a primatologist who for several years studied a colony of chimps in Arnhem zoo Although studying them out of the wild like this is not an entirely natural setting, the zoo visitors are kept well back, and the chimps have been found to act very much like they do in the wild in most respects In addition the setting allows them to be watched close up without danger.
We get introduced to the key players in the chimps community and feel like we are getting to know real individuals Then the author covers their behaviour in detail Factual but never boring or superficial.
IntelligenceChimps behave with surprising intelligence In the b This book was recommended reading by an old college professor of mine a politics professor I never had a course with him in which he used this book, but he referred to it all the time, eliciting my interest as well as attracting the derision of other faculty members, who referred disparagingly to his love of the chimp book I ve been out of college for a while now, but when I saw a copy in the library I knew it was finally time Chimpanzees are considered by many to be the species closest to mankind in terms of psychology, personality, and social structure, and the observations of this book make it easy to see why Like humans, chimps have distinctive and very noticeable personalities which are often distinguished by t , 4 5 , , , , ,6 1975 81 , , Chimpanzee politics, ,, , .
Back in the 1970s, primatologist Frans de Waal conducted one of the first extensive studies into the social structures of chimpanzees Chimpanzee Politics is the result, establishing facts now taken for granted, namely that chimpanzee populations are organized by rank, which for males influences how successful they are are spreading their genes It also illustrates their startling intelligence, both social and physical de Waal witnessed chimpanzees collaborating to overcome obstacles, like electrified wire wrapped around the base of a tree that could provide a bounty of food in leaves, as well as engaging in Machiavelli level manipulation to increase their status within the community Admittedly, some of this is subjective, but only some, and de Waal s ideas were confirmed by other researchers observations of different In This Revised Edition, De Waal Expands And Updates His Story Of The Arnhem Colony Of Chimpanzees De Waal Reminds Readers Through His Account Of The Chimps Sexual Rivalries And Coalitions, And Intelligent Rather Than Instinctual Actions, That The Roots Of Politics Are Older Than Humanity This is a revised version of Frans de Waal s widely read work Chimpanzee Politics At the outset, de Waal notes that he uses the term politics very consciously He says If we follow Harold Lasswell s famous definition of politics as a social process determining who gets what, when, how, there can be little doubt that chimpanzees engage in it The events depicted in this volume come from the Arnhem Zoo chimpanzee colony That itself is problematic, since chimpanzees and other animals in artificial environments can have their behavior altered thereby still, similar things have happened in the wild, so de Waal s work is probably of value and relevance.
One of the threads of this work is the ongoing triangular relationship among three adult males Luit, Yeroen, and Nikkie The record of their shifting alliances and the gruesome murder of one of these three later on makes telling and chilling readi

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[Frans de Waal] à Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex among Apes [copts PDF] Read Online ✓ sustanon.pro Frans de Waal has been named one of Time magazine s 100 Most Influential People The author of Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are , among many other works, he is the C H Candler Professor in Emory University s Psychology Department and director of the Living Links Center at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.