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[Darin Strauss] ñ Chang and Eng [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download à This is a powerful and frequently moving book about Chang and Eng, the 19th century conjoined twins who lived in North Carolina for much of their lives, married two sisters, and fathered roughly 20 children Although the historical record is scant, Darin Strauss has imagined his characters well they are very different in temperament and do not get along well at all Chang is the outgoing, less thoughtful brother, while Eng the narrator is an introvert who longs to be separated from his gregarious twin I can t imagine being physically anchored to another person for my entire life, but Mr Strauss goes a long way toward suggesting how difficult, impossible, and yet rewarding it can be.
UGH I have no problem with people writing stories outside their own race and culture, but only if they do it properly, with compassion and understanding This is not that book, and instead becomes a tedious exercise in what the worst of cultural appropriation looks like It might not have been so bad if the author decided to write in third person narrative instead of first, but because he chose the latter, the writing and the voice is all wrong I got through two chapters before wanting to throw the book or burn it and I had to put it down I don t have time for this kind of bullshit writing Nobody does.
In This Stunning Novel, Darin Strauss Combines Fiction With Astonishing Fact To Tell The Story Of History S Most Famous Twins Born In Siam In On A Squalid Houseboat On The Mekong River Chang and Eng Bunker Were International Celebrities Before The Age Of Twenty Touring The World S Stages As A Circus Act, They Settled In The American South Just Prior To The Civil War They Eventually Married Two Sisters From North Carolina, Fathering Twenty One Children Between Them, And Lived For Than Six Decades Never Than Seven Inches Apart, Attached At The Chest By A Small Band Of Skin And CartilageWoven From The Fabric Of Fact, Myth, And Imagination, Strauss S Narrative Gives Poignant, Articulate Voice To These Legendary Brothers, And Humanizes The Freakish Legend That Grew Up Around Them Sweeping From The Far East And The Court Of The King Of Siam To The Shared Intimacy Of Their Lives In America, Chang and Eng Rescues One Of The Nineteenth Century S Most Fabled Human Oddities From The Sideshow Of History, Drawing From Their Extraordinary Lives A Novel Of Exceptional Power And Beauty I just finished the book this morning and was very saddened by the lives of Chang and Eng I went online and looked at a couple of websites with factual information and found that the book followed their lives closely, although adding bits of what could have or might have happened to the storyline In the end, Eng and Chang had a complicated relationship and wanted to be separated on the one hand, and on the other, they didn t They needed to tour the world as a freak show in order to make money, and they hated the humiliation that came with posing in front of a crowd of people who stood gawking in the best of cases, and throwing things at them in the worst They wanted to love women, have a home, bring up c First of all, I have to admit that I m interested in the thoughts and life story of anyone who is out of ordinary Serial killers, lunatics and so on, and so forth So, when I saw this book, I knew I would be interested in it.
It was a bit different than what I expected, but still, I could not put it down I was always intrigued about how Siamese twins could live together, how they decide on things and I realised that I was right when I thought it was a really hard thing Because these twins are just like any other pair of brothers all over the world, having different identities and personalities, and how they struggled with their condition I was shocked by how hard their life was at some points, because of not agreeing on something whether to go on tours to get money, or no it seems an easy debate for us, but for them, it me This fictionalized account of the lives of the original Siamese Twins is an entertaining beach read Strangely, I heard an author on NPR yesterday arguing against the influence of genetic determinants of behavior by citing fictionalized parts of the story as fact.
I had a voyeuristic interest in reading this book, and was surprised that in reading it, I learned something about myself, or about people in general Our privacy is precious To not have it for a lifetime would be tragic Perhaps the most interesting thing to me was how each brother allowed the other to remain an individual For example, though Eng was vehemently against alcohol and even physically affected by Chang s drinking, he didn t put a stop to it though he was the bigger and stronger of the two Chang was described as endearing, funny, and likeable, though he undoubtedly suffered inwardly, thus his drinking He was a man who tried to see the cup as half full Eng, the serious and pessimistic of the two, saw it as half empty It was hard for me to understand Eng s attraction to Adelaide given her treatment of Chang She seemed like a harsh I LOVED THIS BOOK FROM BEGINNING TO END I was a little disappointed after reading it to find out it was a fictional account of their life, but still an interesting read I find siamese twins and other medical mysteries completely fascinating and I loved the way the author imagines how life might have been for these two This was a very easy read for me and hard for me to put the book down The VERY first paragraphs sucked me in from the start and wouldn t break me away This is the end I have feared since we were a child Eng wakes to find Chang cold against him The smell conjures the muddy stink of the Mekong in this double wide bed half a world from Siam Chang, the left is dead Eng is the right Then I too am done, Eng thinks, and his heart twists like a cluster of wild vines How AWESOME is that beginning

I love Darin Strauss writing and a friend lent me Chang and Eng shortly after I raved about Strauss s latest, his memoir called Half A Life, also superb This may be my favorite reading experience of this year, and quite different from all the War or the Roses Tudor French Revolution historical novels I tend to gravitate toward In this almost unbelievable yet remarkable story, our improbable characters gently teach lessons of resiliency, love and loss wrapped inside a background of pathos, but not misery Chang and Eng also presents a fascinating picture of America in the first half of the 19th century through the eyes of two foreigners who reveal timeless lessons about ambition, greed, temptation and the human longing to belong.
Kept me enthralled all the way through I am enad with Strauss writing and can t believe I just found him Find him One evening while I was reading and complaining about Chang and Eng, my husband asked, How can you write a bad book about conjoined twins who fathered 21 children between them It s a miracle, but Darin Strauss did it The book was pretty boring due to Strauss s odd structural and stylistic choices Why go back and forth between the twins childhood and thier married life Sometimes shifts like that add intreague to a book, but here it was pointless Midway through the book I fixed this problem for myself by skipping chapters and going back to them in order to put the story in chronological order for myself And why tell it all from Eng s point of view One of the most interesting things about the story was imagining what it would be like to live permanently attached to

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[Darin Strauss] ñ Chang and Eng [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download à sustanon.pro A recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship and a winner of the American Library Association s Alix Award and The National Book Critics Circle Award, the internationally bestselling writer Darin Strauss is the author of the novels Chang Eng, The Real McCoy, and More Than It Hurts You, and the NBCC winning memoir Half a Life These have been New York Times Notable Books, Newsweek, Los Angeles Ti