Download Epub Format ☆ Borges e os orangotangos eternos PDF by Õ Luís Fernando Veríssimo

Download Epub Format ☆ Borges e os orangotangos eternos PDF by Õ Luís Fernando Veríssimo One of the most purely entertaining books I ve ever read Honestly, when I finished, I held it to my chest with a purr.
I was a bit nervous at the start I mean, was this just going to be some guy capitalizing on the fact that Borges never wrote a novel Saying to all the Borgesians who are a bit glum over the fact Hey everybody over here I got your Borges novel Your Borges stamped key chains Borges coffee cozies Going fast Well the book was an homage, definitely, almost a piece of fan fiction, but an extremely respectful and astute one The guy obviously knows Borges down to his fluids and neurons At the end he crafts this letter written from Borges to the narrator, and the rhythms and diction are so spot on I had to go look at the publishing date to make SURE Borges hadn t participated somehow No, he was dead by the time this book was written, an Surely one of the best titles for a novel ever It s an enjoyable academic comedy and locked room mystery, with nods to Borges and Poe though I probably didn t get them all.
Okay you guys who ve been pushing all those bizarro novels take your favorite bizarro author, and Jorge Luis Borges will totally drink his milkshake Even as a fictional character.
Borges wrote what s called magical realism nowadays, but while his fans may think fantasy is too undignified a label, Borges himself was a huge fan of science fiction, fantasy, and pulp fiction The murder takes place at the Israfel Society Conference Edgar Allen Poe was one of Borges s favorites , so you have Borges a real person fictionally attending a fictional conference studying a real author whom Borges really numbered among his influences This book is a tribute to Borges and Borges s fiction, and Verissimo actually has the cajones to use Borges as a character in his Borges homage In fact, the narrator is an author, addressing his narrative to Borges, and in the end, Borges answers back

An absolutely fatastic, multi faceted gem of a story.
When Vogelstein, an obscure translator and would be writer, decides to attend a Poe society convention in Beunos Aires it marks a departure from his reclusive world of words On his first night he meets his literary idol, Jorge Luis Borges, and is enmeshed in a murder as gruesome and puzzling as any found in the works of Poe Soon he finds he finds himself a guest in the library of Borges as the two of them, along with the criminologist Cuervo, try to decode the clues and solve the mystery.
A pitch perfect mirror image, if you like story of the type that Borges himself was famous for full of symbolism, doppelgangers, iconography and powerful secret societies Above all it is about the ultimate power of words a power that can create and possibly destroy the universe.
A charming hommage to Borges that could stand alongside the , , , , , , , , , , The Library of Babel , , , , , , , homage , , , , Senryu Review Borges stalker solvesBorgesian murder plotwith Borges himselves B ylelikle t m ihtimaller ger e e d n ebilmek i in Borges i bekler Zekice yaz lm ve ok e lenceli Borges i ya da Poe yu seviyorsan z zaten okuyun ama k sac k iyi kurmacan n nas l oldu unu g rmek istiyorsan z muhakkak okuyun.
Jorge Luis Borges Is The Hero Of This Literary Whodunit By One Of Brazil S Most Celebrated Writers Vogelstein Is A Loner Who Has Always Lived Among books Suddenly, Fate Grabs Hold Of His Insignificant Life And Carries Him Off To Buenos Aires, To A Conference On Edgar Allan Poe, The Inventor Of The Modern Detective Story There Vogelstein Meets His Idol, Jorge Luis Borges, And For Reasons That A Mere Passion For Literature Cannot Explain, He Finds Himself At The Center Of A Murder Investigation That Involves Arcane Demons, The Mysteries Of The Kaballah, The Possible Destruction Of The World, And The Elizabethan Magus John Dee S Theory Of The Eternal Orangutan, Which, Given All The Time In The World, Would End Up Writing All The Known books In The Cosmos Verissimo S Small Masterpiece Is At Once A Literary Tour De Force And A Brilliant Mystery Novel ,.
It s a very funny, entertaining, and refreshing whodunit, withthan passing references to Borges a major character here , Poe, and Lovecraft Vogelstein is a 50 year old translator and English teacher who adored Borges with the same fanatical zeal as the narrator of the Borges story Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote His first encounter with the master was not agreeable Vogelstein translated one of Borges s stories for a Portuguese magazine but he changed some aspects of the story to fit his own preference for how the story should proceed Of course, Borges, upon learning of the travesty, was furious They eventually exchanged letters, which was the start of Vogelstein s literary hero worship.
Their second encounter wa

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Download Epub Format ☆ Borges e os orangotangos eternos PDF by Õ Luís Fernando Veríssimo Nascido em Porto Alegre e filho do tamb m escritor rico Verissimo, Luis Fernando Verissimo famoso por suas cr nicas cheias de ironia humor stica Al m de escritor, ele tamb m jornalista, publicit rio, cartunista e tradutor Entre suas paix es, est o a fam lia, o time de paix o, Internacional de Porto Alegre, e o jazz sendo praticamente insepar vel de seu saxofone.Seus amigos o definem como u