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ê Blind Faith Ï Download by É Ben Elton This book explores many issues that are prevalent in today s society such as vaccinations, religion, privacy, education, personal appearance, going with the mob, Blind Faith too much to delve into in this review Blind Faith is a very apt title as most characters in this book are following faith blindly, just because someone says this is the way something is then it is believed and accepted and we have a lot of sheep living life aimlessly Elton exaggerates what can happen if we lose ourselves and become one of the mob, if we keep nothing private and showcase our lives to everyone and if we disregard reason and follow blindly.
At times this book is hilarious, completely satirical as is Elton s way, but also sad and scary It s sad and scary because who knows, we could end up like this okay, maybe a bit f At first, the book was rather a shock to the system Just the language not really swearing and the world setting it was quite disturbing Due to its dystopian nature, it s reminiscent of Orwell s 1984 and I thought, this morning, this post apocalyptic world is quite contrary in nature to others like Atwood s The Handmaid s Tale in that everything is supposedly exposed from private body parts to thoughts It is actually a very uncomfortable read especially since I m a very private person butPersistence pays Those twists at the end nearly brought this book up to 5 stars but because it wasn t easy to adjust to the language, I just took it down a notch It s a well worth reading book especially for a bookclub as I think it will generate a lot of discussion from faith to evolution

why can t i give a book zero stars this book gets zero stars maybe even negative stars.
also i would like to add that if you think this book is good you should try to read better books so that you have some sort of standard of comparison seriously people are probably talking about this behind your back.
Are you wondering what the disadvantages could be of a world with no privacy and where sharing is imperative Then you should definitely read this book Blind Faith describes one of the futures that could happen to mankind as a result of the evolution of technology It will constantly make you think about everyday stuff and makes you without a doubt appreciate your privacy It is well written from beginning to end Once you start reading, you just cannot stop While approaching the end of the book, the tension is building up and you simply have to know the end Although the end was a little bit predictable, it did not diminish the value of the book and that is the art of a skilled author that Ben Elton definitely is I devoured the book and could not put it down It gets a hold of you and you can relate to what the c This was my first Ben Elton, and I ll definitely be reading .
Whilst being funny, this book was actually a little scary Ok, so this is a gross exaggeration of the way our society seems to be headed, but it s still the way our society is headed nonetheless.
Privacy is a thing that many people claim to hold dear, yet many of us also use sites like MySpace and Facebook on a regular basis This, however is through choice How would people feel if they were forced to upload every TINY detail about their lives to these sites including photos of yourself stark naked, compulsory videos of you giving birth etc etc This book explores the extreme of our worldwide growingly obsessive nature with knowing everything about everyone The characters in the book are forced to blindly follow a faith that someone seemingly thought of one day I do feel slightly guilty for disliking things Ben Elton writes After all, he is one of the people behind Blackadder Unfortunately, it turns out he s not exactly a great novelist.
Blind Faith is set in a future where climate change has flooded much of the Earth, overcrowding is everpresent, and people have turned their back on science and reason Instead, society is a voyeuristic, exhibitionist, faith based, reality TV like mess Everyone live streams almost every moment of their lives on the web everyone has videos compiled of their most private memories losing virginities, giving birth, etc and is sharing them with the entire world and faith leaders control the society with an Inquisition and barbaric methods, while people are quick to form angry mobs that turn on individuals, screaming pedo and teari This book made me feel like I had just watched an entire series of big brother which is kind of the point but I m sure you can be satirical about the dumbing down of society without dumbing down your book to the same level It is crass and revolting Totally uninspiring text, not funny, not enlightening in the slightest, and the ending is about as anticlimactic as they come At least it is relatively short and only wasted half a day of my life For a much better satirical look at where the current degradation of society is leading read Feed by M T Anderson.
I found this book in a large metal dumpster outside my dormitory, right next to the German translation of the book of Mormon and a book called How to Live with a Huge Penis The tacky, tasteless cover made me want to slide it back in, together with the other two, but I m glad I didn t, because this is one of the most interesting books I ve read so far this year as in February, 2019.
It starts off rather simple I d even say, a bit primitive like a poor man s version of the Brave New World, offering a world without nuance, a world that is just bad It felt like Ben Elton crammed everything he hates about the world today into an exaggerated madness that is the London in Blind Faith However, soon plot picks up the pace and you realize you can t let go of the book Even though the initial ideas Imagine A World Where Everyone Knows Everything About Everybody Where Sharing Is Valued Above All, And Privacy Is Considered A Dangerous PerversionTrafford Wouldn T Call Himself A Rebel, But He S Daring To Be Different, To Stand Out From The Crowd In His Own Small Ways, He Wants To Push Against The System But In This World, Uniformity Is Everything And Even Tiny Defiances Won T Go UnnoticedBen Elton S Dark, Savagely Comic Novel Imagines A Post Apocalyptic Society Where Religious Intolerance Combines With A Sex Obsessed, Utterly Egocentric Culture In This World, Nakedness Is Modesty, Independent Thought Subversive, And Ignorance Is WisdomA Chilling Vision Of What S To Come Or Something Rather Closer To Home In much the same vein as Farenheit 451, A Brave New World, and 1984, Elton takes the theme of total government control through current technology with well developed characters and spins a masterful, if not terrifying tale After a cataclysmic flood caused by Global Warming occurs, society is run by a government with The Temple at its head The Temple seems to be an ammalgamation of various belief from Christianity to Green Mythology, with the exclusion of Islam Science is Evil Everlasting love through The Temple is sacred Privacy is illegal Complete openeness into each others lives is demanded through mandatory posts on social media websites, mandated streams of specific events, limited clothing encouraged, and multiple sexual partners marriages are encouraged It is socially unacceptable to ostracize Eddificatio

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ê Blind Faith Ï Download by É Ben Elton Ben Elton was born on 3 May 1959, in Catford, South London The youngest of four, he went to Godalming Grammar school, joined amateur dramatic societies and wrote his first play at 15 He wanted to be a stagehand at the local theatre, but instead did A Level Theatre Studies and studied drama at Manchester University in 1977 His career as both performer and writer encompasses some of the most memo