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Ü Read Ì Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions by Daniel Wallace é Edward Bloom is dying But he s taking his time about it Time enough, in fact, to have four run ups to the actual event itself and to recount the varied adventures, myths and fables which have attached themselves to the Bloom name since not long after he was born For son, William Bloom, having a legend for a father is not easy Firstly it s a lot to live up to but, there s also the problem that no one knows where the fairy tale that is Edward Bloom s history ends and the reality begins.
Edward Bloom always felt himself to be a big fish in a small pond and he was determined that one day he would swim away from his small town and see the wider world and he d make a name for himself and no mistake about it From small town sporting hero to giant tamer from reclaimer of magic eyes to dog vanquisher from gallant knight to real estate mogul from myth to fa BookTube A Thon Challenege 2016 3 read a book you discovered through BookTube I found this over with Ashley from saidthestory.
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He Could Outrun Anybody, And He Never Missed A Day Of School He Saved Lives, Tamed Giants Animals Loved Him People Loved Him Women Loved Him And He Loved Them Back And He Knew Jokes Than Any Man AliveNow, As He Lies Dying, Edward Bloom Can T Seem To Stop Telling Jokes Or The Tall Tales That Have Made Him, In His Son S Eyes, An Extraordinary Man Big Fish Is The Story Of This Man S Life, Told As A Series Of Legends And Myths Inspired By The Few Facts His Son, William, Knows Through These Tales Hilarious And Wrenching, Tender And Outrageous William Begins To Understand His Elusive Father S Great Feats, And His Great Failings On the day I was born, there was a big typhoon The water was seeping through the ceiling of the hospital room and there was a dripping pan catching the falling raindrops beside my mama s bed I was the youngest in the family and my papa did not bother to wait and see me right after I was born I guess he was no longer excited to see another mouth to feed in addition to my two older brothers and a sister Three days after my mama s caesarian operation, my papa picked us up but the streets were still flooded so we had to ride on a banca to cross the street and flag a jeepney a few blocks away from the hospital.
30 years after.
On the day my daughter my only child was born, I waited in front of the delivery room I got nervous when the doctor went out the first time She told me that m I bought this novel based on my enjoyment of the Tim Burton film, but was surprised at how slender it was considering the vast amount of material the film got through Once I started to read Wallace s novel, it became obvious why The film was greatly padded out, using the material from the book as a backbone the book reads like a collection of concept notes for the film than a full novel The film also made several changes in Edward Bloom s character making him likeable , for example, in the novel, it is confirmed that Bloom did have an affair, where the film had the woman deny that there was any infidelity despite her attempts to seduce him Wallace s choppy, flitting style, like flicking distractedly through various TV channels all showing different episodes of the same vast biography, also makes it hard to foster a bond with any of the characters and the I m not a big fan of magical realism, but if it s done well, by an author who can make you believe in anything, just by the quality of his writing, it can be something special Big Fish did that for me I was under Daniel Wallace s spell from the first word I guess a lot of people feel that way, because it has been turned into a film and a Broadway production.
Please, read this book Once in a while, like The Five People You Meet in Heaven, comes a book that is original, full of wonder, Chronicle of Narneish, so full of meaning and beauty that all must buy it, read it, and pass it on This is perfection Oh, also see the Tim Burton version of this As a matter of fact, just see all of Burton s movies How else to do such a story Great

A book I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend I watched the movie many years ago, and liked it albeit I now only have very vague memories of it The film adaptation diverged in some ways from the book, while still keeping the core concepts, concepts I enjoyed both watching and reading about This story is about a son coming to terms with the inevitable death of his sick father as well as trying to come to terms with the mythic life of the same man and trying to make sense of who exactly is his father.
It s a testament to the book s writing that despite me ultimately disliking the father, I was still wholly interested and invested in the father son relationship, that I could even understand the sort of strained, frustrated affection the son had for this flawed man who Big Fish A Novel of Mythic Proportions, Daniel WallaceBig Fish A Novel of Mythic Proportions is a 1998 novel by Daniel Wallace It was adapted into a film, Big Fish, in 2003 by Tim Burton A musical adaptation starring Norbert Leo Butz premiered in Chicago in April 2013 A young man William Bloom , at the deathbed of his father Edward Bloom , tries to reconcile his memories of his dad with the person he really is Whereas he always saw his father as an irresponsible liar, he comes to understand his dad s exaggerations and their roots in reality The various stories are Will s retelling of tales that Edward has told about his life The My Father s Death Take chapters are William planning out his final conversation with his father in his head and how it will go, so that when the actual conversation takes place, he will be abl I m glad to read this amazing book actually than book teach you stuff and nothing impossible in this life but just don t give up and finally my favorite book this year

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