Trailer Ù Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret PDF by ☆ Judy Blume

Trailer Ù Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret PDF by ☆ Judy Blume For Margaret, the growing up years are starting off with a myriad of changes She moves to a new city, attends a new school, makes new friends, maintains a close relationship with her Grandma, and grapples with her lack of a defined religion all while navigating the complexities of the pre teen years Margaret is on the cusp of adolescence and all she wants is to fit in and be normal Judy Blume has done a fantastic job of relating the thoughts and feelings girls experience as they begin to make the transition to adolescence I m sure many girls would say that reading this book is like reading their own diary So much of what Margaret feels and thinks resonates with the reader A fantastic book that lets girls know that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings.
This novel discusses subjects of importance to preteen girls, like kissing, bras, boys and menstruation Presence of religion, but no exasperating preaching Parents, gift this to your children.
As a side note, Margaret is the only girl I know who is excited about getting her period The way I see it, the longer the wait, the better Because blood, cramps and no white pants.
During the final round in the 2011 Miss Universe pageant, Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup was asked this questionWould you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love Why or why notSupsup answeredIf I had to change my religious beliefs, I will not marry the person that I love Because the first person that I love is GOD who created me And I have my faith and my principles And these what make makes me who I am And if that person loves me, he should love my God too Thank youOf course, Supsup at 25, was expected to have amature answer than the 11 y o Margaret Simon in this Judy Blume s born 1938 most popular novel Are You There God It s Me, Margaret.
Supsup was a architecture board exam topnotcher and a magna cum laude and Margaret was just a 6th grader.
But I was a little scrap of a white girl, growing up, and the daughter of Midwestern parents as well Mom and Dad were sheltered, small town people who had been relocated to the subtropics of South Florida and raised their children there Our family was an island of conservatism and traditionalism among an extremely multicultural sea.
Our quiet, casserole eating crew had very good manners, and spoke quietly, but we spoke not of feelings, and we deferred always to Dad s opinions In contrast, our Hispanic, Italian and Jewish neighbors spoke with their hands, and spoke over each other, often giving kisses and full bodied hugs as they did so.
I was attracted to the wildness of these neighbor s homes, and I always felt I d have developedof a voice there, among thoseboisterous dinner tables I knew I had an innate sassiness, but I didn t know how to make it eme Oh, how I do miss the 1970 edition of this book Somehow the cute little cover girl of the new edition, what with the sparkling eyes and her head in the clouds, doesn t express the loneliness and contemplative nature of Miss M in the same way the little girl with lank brown hair and brown knee socks did And how else can one completely alarm and overwhelm a modern 10 year old about the mysteries of the pubescent female body without the mention of the belt When I first read the book, not only was I terrified of getting my first period, especially at school, but I thought I at least had the basic mechanics down of all the necessary accoutrement After reading Are You There , a frantic me had to spend 20 minutes in a Walgreens, reassuring myself that this mythical belt contraption no longer existed, and was completely unnecessary And even then, it wasn t until age 12 that I was complete

I m feeling very nostalgic today I can still remember sitting on the floor in the library and reading this book One of my favorite authors when I was young If I didn t have so much to read I would read it again now Actually if I can find my box of old books I probably will read it again I LOVED this book Find all of my reviews at Eeks am I getting behind in posting reviews Are You There God, It s Me Margaret was my final selection for Banned books Week I was extremely hesitant to re read this since it was one of my childhood favorites I was terrified my trip down memory lane would wind up filled with potholes and other bumps in the road that would lessen my enjoyment Boy was I wrong I loved Margaret just as much now as I did back then Judy Blume was my go to gal back in the dark ages and her stuff amazingly stands the test of time Highly recommended to young girls at that awkward in between age when they aren t quite a kid, but not yet a woman Oh, and in case you live in a cave and have never heard of this book before, the subject matter that made it so controversial that young humans need to be protec The first thing Margaret asks God is Don t let New Jersey be too horrible, so you know she s in for a rough time with God The second thing she asks for is boobs What makes Blume so wonderful well, there are lots of things, but one of them is that she respects her audience, which is specifically 12 year old girls and no one else She s tackling big subjects here puberty and God, so that s half of the entire list of Big Subjects and she respects their difficulty Margaret is the product of a mixed marriage her mom is Christian and her dad is Jewish and the big debate here is which God, if any, she will choose Her parents have left the decision to her, which she feels is bullshit If I should ever have children, she declares, I will tell them what religion they are so they can start learning about it at an early age Twelv Isn t it pathetic that as a girl, once you learn about periods, you just can t wait to get one, and then for the rest of your life, you just wish the effers would go away Except of course, the periods that show up JUST when you need them to like when one is perhaps a few days late and not super confident in her decision making skills during the last month Those periods are probably even better than the satisfaction of that very first one.
Margaret Simon, Almost Twelve, Likes Long Hair, Tuna Fish, The Smell Of Rain, And Things That Are Pink She S Just Moved From New York City To Farbook, New Jersey, And Is Anxious To Fit In With Her New Friends Nancy, Gretchen, And Janie When They Form A Secret Club To Talk About Private Subjects Like Boys, Bras, And Getting Their First Periods, Margaret Is Happy To BelongBut None Of Them Can Believe Margaret Doesn T Have Religion, And That She Isn T Going To The Y Or The Jewish Community Center What They Don T Know Is Margaret Has Her Own Very Special Relationship With God She Can Talk To God About Everything Family, Friends, Even Moose Freed, Her Secret CrushMargaret Is Funny And Real, And Her Thoughts And Feelings Are Oh So Relatable You Ll Feel Like She S Talking Right To You, Sharing Her Secrets With A Friend

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Trailer Ù Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret PDF by ☆ Judy Blume Judy Blume spent her childhood in Elizabeth, New Jersey, making up stories inside her head She has spent her adult years in many places doing the same thing, only now she writes her stories down on paper Adults as well as children will recognize such Blume titles as Are You There God It s Me, Margaret Blubber Just as Long as We re Together and the five book series about the irrepressible Fu